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Commerce in Poland

The main aim of providing a commerce degree to students is to inculcate managerial skills in them as well as give them exposure to the general business principles and make them learn accounting, economic and quantitative skills. Thus the degree prepares them towards venturing out a successful career in any of the fields like management, financial accounting, banking and information systems.

Commerce studies can be divided into 3 spheres:-

  1. Bachelor’s Degree- Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in Polish universities is an internationally recognized undergraduate business qualification which provides an extensive and thorough knowledge about business and helps develop a range of skills in you like verbal and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, negotiating skills as well as collaboration and time management skills. Thus, not only you will be gaining immense knowledge from theory but there will even be practicals also. The teaching staff of Polish universities is experienced and that’s why a student can get to learn the best from them. Although first year studies are mandatory for all commerce students, however they can go on for specializations in any of those subjects during their second and third year. The degree encompasses class presentations, group work, discussing case studies, workplace assignments as well as examinations. Thus, overall a Bachelors degree in Commerce from any of the Polish universities is surely a worthy experience.
  2. Master’s Degree- The master’s degree in Commerce offers a higher level of education and knowledge when it comes to studying subjects like accounting, finance, business management and many more. The students who want to enhance their education level can enroll in the course. After completing masters’ level course in commerce, a student can look forward towards finding employment as qualified accountants as well as in the areas of banking and finance, stockbroking, funds management, management consulting, electronic retailing, auditing etc. Thus, there is a lot of scope after completing a postgraduate degree in Commerce.
  3. PhD degree- A student enrolling in a PhD degree in Poland can look forward towards gaining knowledge about advanced studies and research in Commerce. This degree will help a student achieve his dream of teaching at university level or get into government research or other organizations where there is a requirement of his advanced analytical and research capabilities. Upon completion of PhD level, a student is termed as a scholar and he will be called up by various multinational companies to work with them and make him a leader in the field of research.

Thus, being a student, you can go on completing different levels of Commerce education program offered by Polish universities. The curriculum of these universities is of international standard and that’s why a student can work in any of the countries of the world upon completion of his studies.