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Arts courses in France

Bachelors and Masters degree programs in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in France have always caught the fancy of international students. With the passage of each year, more and more students are being drawn towards French institutes to study Humanities. In fact, it is the culture of France that forms a major determinant in evaluating its growing popularity among foreign students wishing to study there.

The major benefit of pursuing a degree in Arts is that it enhances personal and professional skills of a student. Moreover, having a degree in Arts, one can be rest assured that he has gained the right knowledge for a fruitful career ahead.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Arts

A bachelor’s degree in Arts is awarded for completing undergraduate course in liberal arts, sciences or both. The course curriculum and duration of Bachelor’s degree varies depending the institution in which the student is seeking admission. The following are the bachelor’s degree programs that are offered in French universities.

  1. B.A. International Business
  2. B.A. Communication
  3. B.A. International Hospitality Management
  4. B.A. Psychology
  5. B.A. Fashion Design and Technology
  6. B.A. Fashion Marketing
  7. B.A. Art Broker
  8. B.A. Cultural Mediation
  9. B.A. Events, Facilities and Catering Management

Master’s Degree Courses in Arts

Admission to the master’s degree in Arts is conferred only on passing the Bachelor’s degree in Arts with a fixed number of credits. Master of Arts is the next level (after Bachelor’s) in the universities’ list of academic programs and comes with a range of specializations.

  1. M.A. International Relations and Diplomacy
  2. M.A. Digital Marketing and Social Media
  3. M.A. in Middle East and Islamic Studies
  4. M.A. Fine Arts
  5. M.A. Fashion Marketing, Design and Brand Strategies
  6. M.A. Cross Cultural Communication
  7. M.A. International Education
  8. M.A. French Language and Culture
  9. M.A. Films
  10. M.A. French and Comparative Literature
  11. M.A. Post Colonial Studies
  12. M.A. Modern History
  13. M.A. English and American Literature
  14. M.A. Architecture and Cities
  15. M.A. Modern French Studies
  16. M.A. History and Philosophy of Art
  17. M.A. Creative Writing
  18. M.A. History and Business of Art and Collecting
  19. M.A. History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market
  20. M.A. Economics of Globalization and European Integration
  21. M.A Cultural Translation
  22. M.A. Cross Cultural and Sustainable Business Development
  23. M.A. International Affairs, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society
  24. M.A Public Policy and International Affairs
  25. M.A Global Communications and Civil Society

France offers a number of scholarship programs for meritorious students coming from abroad so as to attain a tag of the most popular educational destination among them.

The tuition fee for both bachelors and masters degree programs in Arts in French institutes is comparatively lower than that of other institutes spread across the world.

Thus, if it is pursuing any of the Arts courses that is on your mind, then opt for studying in France.