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Arts in Ireland

Arts or Humanities is a broad subject encompassing various fields of studies. Bachelor’s degree in Arts is the foundation for applying to postgraduate courses or even for jobs. Different reputed universities of Ireland offer this degree program and are known for their excellent teaching faculty and infrastructure facilities. The degree ranges from 3-4 years and allows one to develop an interest in a range of subjects. Engaging in the program will invoke a sense of discipline in you and you shall become a creative thinker who can organize his thoughts more clearly and work towards the upliftment of the society as a whole.

Some of the Bachelors Degree in Arts available in Ireland’s universities are:-

  1. B.A Liberal Arts
  2. B.A Psychology
  3. B.A Hospitality Management
  4. B.A Social and Community Management
  5. B.A International Business and Languages
  6. B.A Early Childhood Education
  7. B.A Applied Social Studies in Social Care
  8. B.A International
  9. B.A Photography
  10. B.A Anthropology
  11. B.A Music Education
  12. B.A European Studies
  13. B.A Finance and Economics
  14. B.A Journalism
  15. B.A Tourism Management
  16. B.A Print and Digital Media Technology Management
  17. B.A Business Information Systems with Cloud Computing
  18. B.A Leisure Management
  19. B.A Media Studies
  20. B.A Fine Arts
  21. B.A Drama
  22. B.A Music Technology
  23. B.A Multimedia
  24. B.A Culinary Arts
  25. B.A Design
  26. B.A Politics
  27. B.A English
  28. B.A Business Management
  29. B.A Product Design
  30. B.A History
  31. B.A Business Information System
  32. B.A Sociology
  33. B.A Social Care
  34. B.A Culinary Entrepreneurship
  35. B.A Creative Industries
  36. B.A Interior and Furniture Designing
  37. B.A Law within Arts

After completing the Bachelor’s degree program, the students can go on pursuing advanced level education through applying for Master’s degree programs in Arts. The M.A degree programs in Ireland ensure that students get the right education suitable for making a career in the field. The duration of the Masters program ranges from 1-2 years and is based on the European Credit Transfer System. While a student has to complete 60 European Credits in a one year program, he has to complete 120 European Credits in a two year program.

Some of the M.A degree programs available in Ireland’s universities are:-

  1. M.A Integrative Psychotherapy
  2. M.A Modern English Literature
  3. M.A Ethnomusicology
  4. M.A Civil and Canon Law
  5. M.A Theological Studies
  6. M.A History
  7. M.A. Philosophy and Literature
  8. M.A Heritage Publication
  9. M.A Media Studies
  10. M.A Irish Traditional Music Performance
  11. M.A Modern Language Studies
  12. M.A Christian Leadership in Education
  13. M.A Medieval Studies
  14. M.A Humanities
  15. M.A Psychology
  16. M.A Theatre
  17. M.A Ritual Chant and Song
  18. M.A Christian Spirituality
  19. M.A Education
  20. M.A Economics
  21. M.A Contemporary European Philosophy
  22. M.A Finance
  23. M.A Gender, Globalization and Rights
  24. M.A French
  25. M.A English
  26. M.A Ancient Philosophy
  27. M.A Women’s Studies
  28. M.A Creative Music Technologies
  29. M.A Classics
  30. M.A Peace and Development Studies
  31. M.A German
  32. M.A Professional Design practice
  33. M.A History of Art- Modern and Contemporary Art
  34. M.A Health Education and Promotion
  35. M.A Sociology
  36. M.A Technical Communication and E learning
  37. M.A Community and Youth Work
  38. M.A Writing
  39. M.A Partnership Studies
  40. M.A Radio and Television Production
  41. M.A Applied Linguistics
  42. M.A Interactive Psychotherapy
  43. M.A Irish Folklore
  44. M.A Public Relations with New Media
  45. M.A Historic House Studies
  46. M.A Fine Arts
  47. M.A Anthropology
  48. M.A Applied Social Studies
  49. M.A Irish Literature and Culture
  50. M.A Applied Media Studies
  51. M.A Anthropology of Ireland in European and Global Context
  52. M.A Cognitive Science
  53. M.A Aesthetics and History of Art
  54. M.A Music Therapy
  55. M.A Ecology and Religion
  56. M.A Accounting
  57. M.A Dance Performance
  58. M.A European Politics and Governance
  59. M.A Music Composition
  60. M.A Hispanic Studies
  61. M.A Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
  62. M.A Creative Writing
  63. M.A Human Development
  64. M.A Public Affairs and Political Communication
  65. M.A Historical Archives
  66. M.A International Studies
  67. M.A International Tourism
  68. M.A Motion Graphics
  69. M.A Art Therapy

This is a list of Masters Degree programs available in Irish Universities. However, there are lots more programs which haven’t been included in this list. You can check out the same by personally visiting us.