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Arts in Poland

Studying Arts is a broad term as the program focuses on learning various different fields of studies. You can develop and improve upon your communication skills and think better on solving critical analysis and creative problems.

Study of the Arts can be subdivided into various parts:-

  1. Bachelor’s in Arts- B.A. or Bachelor’s in Arts is a degree awarded to a student of liberal arts. The degree is considered as the most common degree and is also the first academic degree that a student gets on completing his studies from any university. It is also called as undergraduate degree. Let’s see the different fields of B.A programs that a student can undertake in Poland’s universities:-
    1. B.A. English Philology
    2. B.A. Business Management
    3. B.A. Domestic Design
    4. B.A. Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems
    5. B.A. Communication Design
    6. B.A. Media, Diplomacy and International Negotiations
    7. B.A. Finance and International Investment
    8. B.A. Political Science- Comparative Politics
    9. B.A. International Relations
    10. B.A. Industrial Design
    11. B.A. Fashion Design
    12. B.A. Management
    13. B.A. International Business Relations
    14. B.A. International Economics
    15. B.A. Archaeology
    16. B.A. Polish Studies
    17. B.A. European Studies
    18. B.A. Family Studies
    19. B.A. English language Teaching
    20. B.A. PR and Communication
    21. B.A. English Studies
    22. B.A. American Studies
    23. B.A. International Business and Economics
    24. B.A. Dutch Studies
    25. B.A. Management and Marketing
    26. B.A. French Studies
    27. B.A. Applied Linguistics with Translation
    28. B.A. Economics
    29. B.A. Finance
    30. B.A. Design
    31. B.A. Tourism and Recreation
    32. B.A. Finance and Accounting

A student can choose the medium of instruction during the process of enrolling in any of these programs. Most of the Polish universities do teach the bachelor’s degree in English medium.

  1. Master’s in Arts- A Master’s degree in Arts or M.A. is the next level of degree program after completion of B.A. and the course duration is about two years. In Poland, M.A. is often considered equivalent to ‘Magister’ and requires a thesis to be completed by a student during his study tenure. Poland has a rich history of providing quality higher education to its students and its M.A. degree comprises of providing a good amount of knowledge about aesthetic matters, communication, mysteries of the human mind which can, in total, be quite exciting to learn. Today, M.A degree is not only restricted to the arts, humanities and social sciences but covers various other domains like management, information technology, design, tourism, accounting and many more and Poland offers masters level education in nearly all such domains to its students. So, if it is doing M.A on your mind, then consider enrolling in any of the Polish universities.
  2. PhD in Arts- A PhD in Arts is the highest degree a student can possess. It is usually a funded program wherein the student gets the opportunity to research in his/her area of interest. Poland offers a range of options to the students to involve in the research process. The world always needs good innovators to serve the mankind and therefore, the need for PhD holders always keeps increasing.  Poland is the best destination to pursue your PhD degree because a student will get to study in a world class environment and get the best mentorship as well as a recognized degree without having to shell out any huge amount of money.