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Bachelors Programs


Austria is considered as the most respectable educational destination as it offers a range of bachelor’s programs in engineering. The universities here are well known for providing exhaustive and in depth knowledge of the field. The presence of world class infrastructure along with highly renowned faculty members attracts foreign students to study in the country. The curriculum of engineering courses in Austrian universities involves usage of hi-tech advancements in technology thus helping the students get acquainted with the latest happenings in the tech world.

Bachelor’s courses in Engineering

Austrian universities offer a range of engineering courses available at the Bachelor’s level. Let’s have a look at the same.

  1. B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  2. B.Sc Biomedical Engineering
  3. B.Sc Electrical and Audio Engineering
  4. B.Sc Petroleum Engineering
  5. B.Sc Electrical Engineering
  6. B.Sc Environment, Process and Energy Engineering
  7. B.Sc Chemical and Process Engineering
  8. B.Sc Polymer Engineering and Technology
  9. B.Sc Civil Engineering with Environment and Construction Management
  10. B.Sc Materials and Process Engineering
  11. B.Sc Automation Engineering
  12. B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  13. B.Sc Software Engineering
  14. B.Sc Process Engineering and Production
  15. B.Sc Business Engineering
  16. B.Sc Event Engineering
  17. B.Sc Eco Energy Engineering
  18. B.Sc Geomatics Engineering
  19. B.Sc Medical Engineering
  20. B.Sc Mineral Resources Engineering
  21. B.Sc Industrial Engineering
  22. B.Sc Mechatronics
  23. B.Sc Telematics
  24. B.Sc Technical Physics
  25. B.Sc Bio and Environmental Technology
  26. B.Sc Bio Technology
  27. B.Sc Media Technology
  28. B.Sc Product design and Technical Communication
  29. B.Sc IT Security
  30. B.Sc Technical Chemistry
  31. B.Sc Innovation and Product Management
  32. B.Sc Business Informatics
  33. B.Sc Industrial Simulation
  34. B.Sc Technical Mathematics
  35. B.Sc Railway Infrastructure Technology
  36. B.Sc Computer Science

Nearly all the bachelor’s engineering degrees focus on providing technical knowledge as well as practical hands-on-training in the respective fields. Thus, not only will the student learn the basics of engineering field but even get to study them in detail and therefore be able to grasp the knowledge and apply it in the real world. Although the basics are similar in every engineering course but as the course goes further, the students can specialize in their respective fields.

The Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Austrian universities are recognized throughout the world and a student, after completing any of the above mentioned degrees can work with organizations situated worldwide and get good pay packages. In fact, so many engineers residing worldwide who have worked on different real-time projects are passouts of Austria’s engineering colleges.

So, if you are still in a fix where to study the engineering program, then look no further and trust Austrian universities.