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Master’s Programs in Engineering in Austria


A Master’s degree program in Engineering from Austria is the best decision you have ever taken in your life. For successful completion of the degree, you shall have to obtain a desired number of credits through passing individual modules. There are core modules which you have to take as well as pass them for obtaining the qualification. Since the course curriculum includes practicals, so the students can get to work on interesting projects and enhance their skills.

A master’s degree in Engineering from this country shall help you in taking the right career path as prospective employers will welcome you to work on their projects and offer you good salary.

Master’s Programs

Let’s have a look at the different master’s degree programs in engineering offered by Austrian universities:-

  1. M.Sc Mechatronics
  2. M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  3. M.Sc Communication Engineering for IT
  4. M.Sc Electrical Engineering
  5. M.Sc Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering
  6. M.Sc Chemical and Process Engineering
  7. M.Sc Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering
  8. M.Sc Biomedical Engineering
  9. M.Sc Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering
  10. M.Sc Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics
  11. M.Sc Industrial Engineering and Management
  12. M.Sc Civil Engineering, Geotechnics and Hydraulics
  13. M.Sc Electrical Engineering and Business
  14. M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  15. M.Sc Construction of Management and Civil Engineering
  16. Master Industrial Engineering-Technical Chemistry
  17. M.Sc Petroleum Engineering
  18. M.Sc Aerospace Engineering
  19. M.Sc Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering
  20. M.Sc Automation Engineering
  21. M.Sc Materials and Process Engineering
  22. M.Sc Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  23. M.Sc Biomedical Engineering Sciences
  24. M.Sc Software Engineering
  25. M.Sc Eco Energy Engineering
  26. M.Sc Game Engineering and Simulation Technology
  27. M.Sc Medical Engineering
  28. M.Sc Lightweight Engineering
  29. M.Sc Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering
  30. M.Sc Civil Engineering-Structural Engineering
  31. M.Sc Civil Engineering- Building and Geoengineering
  32. M.Sc Civil Engineering- Infrastructure Planning and Management
  33. M.Sc Software Engineering and Internet Computing
  34. M.Sc Process Engineering
  35. M.Sc Geomatics Engineering and Cartography
  36. M.Sc Engineering Physics
  37. M.Sc Biotechnology
  38. M.Sc Production Science and Management
  39. M.Sc Nanoscience and Technology
  40. M.Sc Advanced Materials Science
  41. M.Sc Legal and Business Aspects in Technics
  42. M.Sc Bio and Environmental Technology
  43. M.Sc Biophysics
  44. M.Sc Management in Polymer Technology
  45. M.Sc Innovation and Product Management
  46. M.Sc Geomatics Science
  47. M.Sc Technical Chemistry
  48. M.Sc Health Care IT
  49. M.Sc Nanophysics
  50. M.Sc Plant Construction
  51. M.Sc Industrial mathematics
  52. M.Sc Computer Science
  53. M.Sc Robotics
  54. M.Sc Environmental Management and Ecotoxicology
  55. M.Sc Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights
  56. M.Sc Electrical Energy and Mobility Systems
  57. M.Sc Polymer Chemistry
  58. M.Sc Industrial Electronics
  59. M.Sc Geo Spatial Technologies
  60. M.Sc Sports Equipment Technology
  61. M.Sc Systems Design

Since there are lots of masters engineering programs offered by Austria, they can help a student to choose the right one and get enrolled in it. No other country in the world provides such a huge range of courses which Austria is giving.

The master’s programs in Austria are recognized throughout the world. On completion of the degree, a student can apply to any organization across the world as a job seeker. A job is guaranteed with a good salary package.