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Medicine in Belarus

An overview about the destination

Belarus, which is officially known as Republic of Belarus, was previously known by its Russian Name – Byelorussia. Belarus is a European Country Located in Eastern Europe and shares its border with countries like Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania. This is a growing economy whose GDP is mainly dependent on manufacturing and service industry. This country was a part of USSR before its independence in 1991. The parliament of Belarus declared the sovereignty of Belarus on 27 July 1990, and when Soviet Union was dissolved, Belarus declared independence on 25 August 1991. This country is covered by forests by 40 % of land area and majority lives in Urban Areas. There are two official languages I the country – Russian and Belarusian. Majority of the population in the country is Orthodox Christian but country is not an official Christian Country. Due to high standard of education but low cost of living, majority of Indian Students visit this place and complete their education to lead a good life in any of the European Countries. The Climate of the country is mild to moderate in winters and summers are cool and moist.

Education System in Belarus

In last decade, this country has gained much popularity as International Hub for Education and people from all over the globe has preferred it as a study destination. Thousands of Indian Students went to Belarus to complete their higher education in last 10 years. The main reason behind this is – The Government of Belarus is very serious about its education system and invests huge budgets in developing the educational infrastructure and in research and development. The educational facilities offered here in the universities are not less than any other European Country. The competition level is low here and the quality of education is very high and affordable. To promote global education and invite international students, most of the higher education programs are now being taught in English, thus International Students do not have to worry about their local language proficiency.

Medical Education (MBBS) in Belarus

Medical Industry in this country has seen a sudden upsurge in last decade and now the country stands at par with other European Countries in terms of infrastructure and quality. International Medical Programs are specially designed keeping in mind the global students and thus the facilities and standard of education is world class. Medical Degrees are generally of 6 years here, which has 1-year training in hospitals. MBBS in Belarus emphasizes of practical learning, which is the real learning, so students after passing medical degree from Belarus, are easily settled in Europe and lead a quality life as doctors. In addition to that, there are enough hospitals for the students to practice their skills and be employed in the country itself. Some of the famous Medical Universities who encourage International Students are

  • Gomel State Medical University
  • Vitebsk State Medical University
  • Grodno State Medical University

All these universities are accredited by World Health Organization and Medical Council of India, so students doing their MBBS in Belarus are eligible to practice in India as well as in other European Countries. After completing the Medical Degree from here, student can get his license and apply for jobs in Belarus as well. The best part of pursuing Medical from Belarus is the affordability, these Belarusian Medical Universities have a reasonable fee structure and students can pay the fee in 2 semesters which around 3900 USD per year. Apart from the per year tuition fee, there are some other expenses which are registration fee, insurance fee and few others which may go up to 1300 USD which need to be paid once you arrive there in the country.

Why Study MBBS in Belarus

There are many reasons why you may go for Study Medicine in Belarus

  • Belarus is a rapidly developing country
  • Standard of education is at par with developed countries
  • Government of Belarus invests a lot in medical research
  • One of the fastest growing economies in Europe
  • Every year thousands of students visit the Belarus for study
  • These International Medicine Programs in Belarus are in English
  • Very easy and quick admission process
  • Low cost of education and highest standard of facilities
  • Belarus has great technology and equipments
  • Huge number of quality hospitals to practice
  • Medical Tourism in Belarus is growing at huge pace

Admission process and eligibility MBBS in Belarus for India Students

  • Students who wish to do MBBS from Belarus must have
  • Passed 12 th with 50 % of marks
  • Must have Physics, chemistry and biology subject in 12th
  • Passing certificates must be there from school
  • For getting enrolled, students have to take an entrance exam in university
  • Submit your High School and Intermediate Certificates and mark sheets
  • Also attached scanned copy of your registration fee receipt
  • You should have a valid Indian Passport
  • After applying, admission letter comes in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • With invitation / admission letter from university, you can apply for Visa
  • For Visa, you have to visit Embassy of Belarus in Delhi for application
  • Embassy may call your for an interview before issuing the visa
  • Once the visa is done, you can fly to Belarus anytime
  • Hostel accommodation in Belarus may cost you from200 to 400 USD

Counseling by Eklavya Overseas for Medical Education in Belarus

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Why Eklavya Overseas

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  7. Complete assistance to the students while the course
  8. Also help in providing them job after the course
  9. Assistance in permanent residence in respective country
  10. Great relations with embassy and universities

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