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Belgium Bachelors in Engineering

Essential Factors to know to Learn Bachelors in Engineering Courses in Belgium

If you are interested in grabing the opportunities of increasing globalization, changing patterns of employment and new emerging market, no other profession is as promising as that of engineering. After completing your high school education, you can easily opt for pursuing bachelors in engineering course from Belgium as the country offers a wide range of courses and programs to select the one of your preference. After completing your studies from Belgium, you will lead towards a vast horizon of career scope. However, before advancing anymore it would be wise on your part to get through all the details of course that include the educational and language requirements, fees structure, career scope, duration of the course, scholarship program etc so that you can complete your study without any further problem.

Requirement of admission

To enroll in the bachelor course of Engineering, the students must hold a high school degree or diploma that can vary based on the mode of their study and country. It is interesting to note that students from all parts of the globe are allowed to learn their bachelor’s degree in engineering in the colleges of Belgium. However, students from other parts of the world must be agreed to complete the course within the stipulated time. Students other than English speaking country need to qualify TOEFL with a specific score. If you are from any English speaking nation and the language of instruction of the previous course is English, qualifying TOEFL or IELTS is not compulsory for you. Simply provide an official letter of confirmation of the same fact along with your application.

If you have instructed in any other language except English, You must score at least 213 in the computer version, 550 in the paper version or 79 in the internet version of TOEFL. On the other hand, if you opt to take IELTS your score should be six. Some institutions also allow pursuing their course in Spanish, French or Dutch. In such cases, students are required to acquire DELF B level or B1 threshold level of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Attach the documents

To get admitted in your desired or preferred institution of Belgium, to pursue the course of engineering, you need to send their application form to the Student administration office. On successful acceptance of your application, you will receive a mail regarding acceptance. Keep this safely as you have to provide this during the time of your admission. The following documents are needed to be submitted at the time of your admission:

  • Well accomplished application form
  • Your curriculum vitae that contains the details of your previous studies and work experience (if any). The CV must be written in English. However, you can even frame up the CV in Dutch, German and French.
  • The legitimate certificate of your previous educations along with official statement that would facilitate you to enjoy the specific program.
  • Identity card or passport

It is worth mentioning in this context that students from overseas other than the European Union who want to pursue their course in Belgium must carry a student visa. On the other hand, students of any European Union Member State have to submit their national identity card in the Belgium office. In both cases, students have to provide the documents within eight days of their arrival in Belgium. In most cases, the students would have to qualify an entrance exam to study their preferred course from their favorite institutions.

Courses offered

You can pursue your courses in the leading engineering and technical colleges that come with a wide range of courses that include Sales Engineering, Applied Engineering, Construction, Industrial Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Trade Engineering, Commercial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Software Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and many more.

Cost of pursuing the course

Students have to pay a certain amount of registration fees every year to continue their studies. The amount may vary a lot based on the course structure, type of the course, institutions and nationality of the students. If you are from any European nation or from Belgium itself, you will have to pay €800 per year. Students from outside European Union need to pay an additional amount. Apart from the registration fees, other expenditure of the students ranges from €200 to €700 that includes accommodation and other costs.

Career prospect

On completion of your studies successfully, a wide horizon of career possibility gets opened before you. Job responsibilities and salary of the job vastly depends on the area of your specialization. After holding the bachelors degree, you will have to conduct a wide variety of performance and activities that include design, manufacture, development, operation and many more. You can even pursue higher education and research. You can start your career in sales, marketing, management and production profession in the office. With the passage of time, you can even become the chief executive officer of the company.