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Car Designing in Italy

Cars are increasingly becoming a necessity of life. Today, even middle class man manages to purchase a car for his family and therefore demand for the vehicle is growing with time.

Every car has some or the other unique feature that gives it an edge over other cars. Since there is surge in the demand of cars, the vacancies for good car designers have been also increasing in multinational car designing companies.

Italy is the only country in the world that is well known for providing best hands-on training to students coming from abroad in the field of Car designing.


The curriculum of car designing in Italy helps students deal with challenging themes for mobility system. The main aim of providing the course is to create expert professionals who can innovate and design new generation of cars which can satisfy the changing demands of the people worldwide. A number of workshops are held throughout the year wherein students learn about the concept of the car to analyzing changes in the lifestyle of the people which in turn affects the demand for cars. The students also have to get acquainted with latest car design trends, social and ecological issues as well as technological and production restraints involved in car production. The designing or restyling an already existing car model is also emphasized in the curriculum. Learning about designing both interior and exterior of the car is involved in the course module. The identification of the car, its core concept and innovative architecture which captures the attention of the consumer are all included in the course program.

Workshops held throughout the year offer a kind of good learning experience on different projects. These workshops include lectures, meeting with automotive sector experts and other people involved in design projects.


A student completing his car designing studies from any of the reputed colleges of Italy shall become a professional in the field of automotive sector thereby enhancing his skills in varied areas of interest like engineering, ergonomics, design and performance with environmental sustainability.

The course is not limited to these areas but will even make a student to face technological and production constraints and overcome the challenges involved with the production of cars.

He will also be involved in developing managerial skills so that he can effectively communicate with other people in the car designing industry. The Italian schools work in sync with a number of giant car manufacturers and therefore offer excellent placement opportunities to the students in the industry, both within the country and abroad.