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Medicine in Czech Republic

Go for an undiluted educational pursuit with medical education in Czech Republic

It is always beneficial, if not customary to know a little about the country one is reading about. You have Czech Republic in this context, whose majority of 10.5 million inhabitants is linguistically and ethnically Czech. This accounts to almost 94 percent of the total population. Other ethnic lots include Romans, Germans, Poles and Vietnamese. The literacy rate speaks volumes about the education sector of the country. It is a whopping 99.8 percentage as per the latest study. The real strength or achievement of a country lies in its education fold alongside the employment structure and economy. Czech Republic is proud of its educational valor in this regard.

Noteworthy Universities

There are renowned universities like Charles University and Masaryk University in this region. The former is world famous for a courageous and distinguished history that dates back to the World War II. It is a noble and great institute, which is said to be the center of the best academics in the world. The faculty imparts medical education in the English language. The academic credentials are outstanding. The latter has considered education or curriculum for technicians, medical doctors and researchers. The research panel has made this a total priority.

Academic requisites

Pertaining to the eligibility quotient, students need to score more than 60 percent in Biology, chemistry and Physics in plus 2 for getting admission in the program. You also need to undergo personal interviews. Talking about the course details, you have six years as course duration. The degree awarded in this juncture is MuDr, which is equivalent to the MBBS fold. This is one curious disposition of medical education around the world. Different degrees have multiple ramifications, which lead to one common affirmative. However, the prime objective is to ensure your medical license, which can only come after the completion of all semesters. You also need to do internship, which acts as a viable on-the-job training method.

Auxiliary aspects

The admission procedure is pivotal in this context. The minimum qualification in this regard is in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English in plus 2. The stress on English is due to the underlying focus on enhancing efficacy in communication. This is a common feature required in healthcare industry. After completing the course, you can find job offers from many corners of the world.

Pursuing medical science

As per the Organization for Economic development and co-operation, medical education in this country is ranked 15th in the world.  It has one of the most advanced education systems in the continent. The courses or curriculum is well-organized and devised. It helps in finding a suitable job after pursuing medical education. Students flock to Czech Republic from all corners of the globe owing to its comprehensive course structure and affordable fees. The universities help non-EU citizens in obtaining the important ‘Residence permit’. The concerned permit holders are rightfully and legally entitled to work, live and study in any job sector. You can do practice or buy property in this region. The residence permit holders do not have to get a visa in order to travel within the countries in the Schengen Zone.

Services with a difference

The concerned medical universities provide wholesome education, which presages a huge spectrum of affordable services. They go a long way towards bolstering your passage to towards greener pastures. The in-depth knowledge, experience of the faculty in this field enables the institutions to fine tune or juxtapose the services in accordance with the specific needs of students. Career counseling is another important aspect in this regard. An experienced, trained student advisor co-operates with every student to define or determine the objectives and goals. This helps in understanding the different areas of interest.

The educational affirmative

The concerned institutions encourage students to attend clinical sessions with their teachers, parents or guides. You can thus get a holistic picture after adopting the appropriate course of action. In accordance with a meticulous analysis and evaluation of students’ profiles, the medical universities provide necessary guidance alongside educational assistance in seeking the right stream or program. The informed or ingrained decision is made after making an in-depth study of various parameters and key factors.