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Education system in Austria

Austria, a federal Republic country, offers a free and a public school system with a compulsory nine years of education. Higher education in Austria includes getting education at various different universities as per student’s interest. From classical universities offering a spectrum of courses to specialist universities, there are a lot of options for a student to explore.

Let’s first talk about academic degree programs that are provided by Austrian universities. The academic degrees are subdivided into different types of programs:-

  1. Bachelor’s level program- This includes the university level courses that require a school leaving certificate as a preadmission requisite. The Bachelor’s degree program is of 3 years duration.
  2. Master’s Level Program- The master’s level programs require a certificate of completion of Bachelor’s level with a fixed percentage of marks for admission program. The master’s level is of 2 years duration.
  3. Doctoral/PhD level program- The PhD level programs require completion of a master’s degree with good marks for admission.

A total of 23 public universities and 13 private universities are situated in Austria that offers a range of courses to the students from the country and those coming from abroad. An overview of different kinds of universities in Austria:-

  1. Universities of the Arts- Those students interested in acquiring knowledge about different fields of arts like, fine arts, music, dance, drama etc. can achieve their dream of getting education in world class Universities of Arts in Austria.
  2. Private Universities- The private universities set up in Austria are accredited and that’s why students from foreign countries seek admission in these universities which offer world class facilities to the students during the study period. The degrees from these universities are recognized across the world.


  1. Universities of Applied Sciences- Universities of Applied Sciences were introduced during 1990’s period as a separate identity from traditional universities. These universities offer the students with professional level courses like Business, engineering, IT, Law, Design, Health Sciences, Media, Social sciences and many more.  The curriculum of these universities puts emphasis on practical oriented or job based internships.

The education system of Austria is quite strong and therefore the majority of the population living in this country is well educated and knows their rights well. The country attracts international students to come and study in its prestigious universities. Since the tuition fee of education programs is free or very nominal, it makes it easy for any student to afford studying in these universities.

The world class infrastructure together with excellent teaching faculty makes every Austrian university stand in the list of top leading universities of the world. With recognized degrees, students passing out from these universities can get to work anywhere in the world in an easy manner.

Although the admission process to these universities is easy, however, some demand an entrance test or having German language proficiency. Nearly all universities require submission of necessary documents, there are some universities ask students to clear written tests as well as oral tests.