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Education system

The education system of Poland is highly renowned throughout the world. This can be evident from the success of several Polish professionals who are working throughout the world in various domains. Since the cost of studies as well as cost of living in Poland is quite less than other countries of the world, it makes Poland a perfect destination for international students to study there.

The higher institutions of Poland take active part in international student exchange programs as well as bilateral educational programs which help develop the bond between Polish institutions of higher education and other foreign institutions.

There are several universities in Poland that are the oldest in Europe and have a reputation of standing as top ones among various other universities of the world. There are various programs being run by Polish universities like Medicine, Law, Humanities, Engineering etc. Thus, there are lots to choose from.

Cost of Education Programs

The minimum tuition fee for undertaking any program in Polish university is around 2000 euros  a year. However, the fee structure can vary from university to university. Therefore, you should check out with each of them. Usually the cost of studying for Polish students is free. The same holds true for foreigners also if they start their studies at state HEIs with terms that are applicable to Polish students. Other foreigners have to pay the fees that are as follows:-

  1. EUR 2000 per year for professional graduate, masters and postgraduate master’s degree.
  2. EUR 3000 per year for doctoral, postgraduate as well as specialist courses.
  3. EUR 3000 per year for both vocational courses and apprenticeships
  4. EUR 2000 per year for language course which includes learning Polish language

Application Procedure-

  1. The first step is to check the course and fill up the application form of the concerned university.
  2. The second step that a student has to undertake is to enclose the transcript of secondary school results for enrolling in a bachelor degree program and college degree certificate for enrolling in the master degree program along with application form. He also has to produce a valid IELTS score. Letters of recommendation and statement of purpose are other documents that he has to produce for getting admission in any of the Polish universities, if needed.
  3. Third step involves getting an admission letter from the university and paying the necessary tuition fee.
  4. Next step is to apply for a Visa. When applying for Visa, you will need:-completed visa application form, 2 passport size photos in black and white, a valid passport, admission letter from the university, confirmation of paid tuition fee, medical insurance and confirmation of funds for living in Poland.
  5. Last step is to book your air tickets and go ahead with the journey.

Accommodation- Poland is quite a safe country to live in and the people here are quite friendly. The residents in this country are quite hospitable and every student gets the permit to cross the Polish border irrespective of religion, caste, skin color or political views. International students can look forward to staying in either campus dormitories or even separate paying guest rooms as per their choice and budget. The usual cost of staying in dormitories is quite less than that of shelling out on paying guest rooms.

Employment- Every international student who is studying on a daily basis can legally work in Poland without any limitations of working for a maximum number of hours per week. However, he must not neglect his studies in any way.


  1. Do I have to speak Polish to get admission in any of the Universities of Poland?

Ans- There isn’t a compulsion to learn the language as several Polish universities offer the degree programs in English also. However, since you will be staying in the country for a long duration during your study period, it is advised to learn the language to be familiar with the country and its people. You can learn Polish from any of the private institutions in Poland or get the language training under government run Foreign Commissions.

  1. Do I have to apply for a Visa?

Ans- International students have to furnish their student visa during the time of arrival in Poland. They can get the visa from the Polish Embassy or Consulate that has its office in their home country. However, the thing to remember is that visas are granted for a maximum of three month period. So, in order to stay for a longer duration, the student has to apply for residence visa before 45 days of expiry of visa.

  1. Is it necessary to go for health insurance?

Ans- Poland has made it mandatory for the students to take health insurance during their stay in the country. International students are given the option to either buy the health insurance in their home country or immediately after arrival in Poland. If they do not take the insurance, then they will have to cough up huge amount of money for health services they take in the country.

  1. Can I apply for scholarship?

Ans- Yes. You can. Any international student can apply for scholarships as given within bilateral agreements offered by Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

  1. How much money do I have to shell out as cost of living in Poland?

Ans- Cost of Living depends on personal lifestyle and habits. To cater to the minimum and basic necessities, you must have 1200-2500 PLN per month for expenditure. This amount covers rent, clothing, food, personal hygiene, local transportation and study materials. However, this does not include tuition fee.

  1. How to find accommodation in Poland?

Ans- There are dormitories available for students at university premises but the rooms in these dormitories are limited. So, several international students usually find it easy to stay in rented apartments or as paying guests.