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Fashion Designing in Italy

Italy is popular for offering a range of designing courses. One of the highly renowned courses in Italy is ‘Fashion designing’ which draws several students from across the world to study in the leading universities of the country.

The degree program in Fashion designing focuses on developing skills of a student to make him express creativity and therefore create a signature style of his own.

The program also includes initiating the research for the clothing material to formulating a newly designed outfit. The student will learn to research, analyze, experiment and discover the skills involved in developing crafts like knitwear designing, pattern designing, printing, draping and much more. The course helps students to live and breathe the sense of fashion and inculcate professional skills to make a mark in the field.

Special attention is paid to developing design skills and cultural sensitivity and research about the body, space, world of senses as well as other invisible aspects which contribute to the very beauty of the outfit.

A lot of diverse aspects related to textile clothing sector like material knowledge, style and pattern making and planning the collection are paid due emphasis.

Teaching Methodology

Bachelor’s Degree- The fashion schools in Italy offer a three year bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing.

The first year comprises of introducing the students with the basic skills and methods of pattern designing, sewing, knitwear and tools as well as fundamentals which will be used in the next two years. Also classes on the history of costume and textiles is also taught so that the students become encouraged towards studying and analyzing the culture of the past which can help them create fashion for tomorrow’s generation.

The second year focuses on experimentation. The students have to undertake different designing exercises so as to enhance their knowledge in fields like fashion, fabrics, accessories, knitwear etc. The students shall analyze and interpret varied sources of art and compose their first collection of the outfits.

In the third year, the students will be encouraged to participate in team projects. They will gain theoretical as well as practical oriented knowledge and work towards completing their final thesis. They shall be undertaking professional level training to present themselves in the job market.

Thus, a three year degree course in Fashion designing concentrates on areas like concept, design and production development. Every phase of the course involves a lot of experimentation as well as exploration of new horizons in the fashion industry.

Master’s Degree- After completing a Bachelor’s degree, a student can look forwards towards specializing in fashion designing through gaining admission in two-year Master’s level course.

In this degree level course, the students are encouraged to achieve a personal identity for themselves in the fashion world through developing their skills. This program involves a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about the fashion industry. The students will undergo internship programs to get industry exposure and lend their creative knowledge to the benefit of fashion world.


Overall speaking, both the bachelor’s level and master’s level degree programs synthesize the aptitude of the student in creative areas like fashion, research, styling, visual and communication.