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Bachelors Engineering Courses in France

The higher education institutes in France offer academic, professional as well as technical degrees in nearly all major domains so that students can be prepared to face the future challenges of the world. Majority of French universities are public universities and therefore the fees of these universities is comparatively lower than those in other countries of the world. There is also the presence of specialized schools which are public as well as private. The selection in these specialized schools is quite limited and therefore they offer admission to few students when compared with that of universities. They are well known and have a reputation of their own throughout the world.

There is a credit transfer system throughout Europe which applies to French universities as well. Thus, in order to be awarded Bachelor’s degree in engineering, a student will have to obtain a fixed number of credits.

In France, the course is imparted to the students usually in two ways:-

  1. The teachers give lectures to the students sitting in groups of 100 to 1000 numbers in halls where the students take the notes prepared by the lecturers so as to help them in their studies.
  2. There are seminars held in the universities attended by small groups of students who have to apply their mind to what they have learnt in lecture halls. The students have to attend these seminars in any way.

Some of the Bachelors degree courses in Engineering are:-

  1. B.Sc Mechanical Engineering- In this degree course, a student is taught the mechanics of fluids and energetics as well as in-depth study of industrial automation, acoustics and robotics and engineering of structures and materials.
  2. B.Sc Electronic Engineering- The course includes study of analogue and digital electronics and know-how of the working of different electronic systems. The students will undergo taking in-depth knowledge of computer science, physics and mathematics which form an integral part of electronics study.
  3. B.Sc Biochemical Engineering- The degree emphasizes on providing education in metabolic chemistry, molecular microbial physiology, functional genomics, enzymology and biochemical engineering.
  4. B.Sc Aeronautical Engineering- The course structure is aimed at offering education in fields like combustion, aerodynamics, mechanics and acoustics. There will be both practical and theoretical sessions which will help student get accustomed to the course.
  5. B.Sc Computer Vision and Robotics- The course will lead the student to grasp the knowledge of robotics, image processing and computer vision so as to get to work as an engineer in this field.

A student who is willing to get educated in the leading universities of the world should opt for any of the above mentioned engineering courses in France.