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MBA in France


France has a rich cultural history which makes it one of the most sought after countries in terms of tourist interest and attracts international students towards the country. The universities and B-schools in the country are highly distinguished and some of the most prestigious universities of the world are in France.

Master of Business Administration or MBA from French universities is quite a rage among international students because of the reputation of the universities and the presence of highly renowned faculty members.

Although the sole purpose of providing MBA education is to train the students in business management, however, the curriculum, teaching faculty, facilities and methods of teaching do vary from university to university.

Features of MBA course taught in French Universities:-

  1. To help a student attain the best of the business knowledge in all the core areas of business which include areas like Economics, Strategy, Finance, Information System, Marketing as well as Accounting.
  2. To help invoke leadership qualities in a student as well as develop interpersonal skills to make him communicate with his colleagues, team members and clients at work.
  3. To help him learn not only the theory but even develop practical thinking which will be useful in the long run. The management tools that he will be learning under the curriculum shall come handy when working on practical situations.

Studying an MBA program in France comes with a lot of benefits:-

  1. Since there are several French organizations working across the globe as well as in India, the employment sector for MBA graduates is quite huge. These French companies hire the graduates who are well versed with French curriculum as well as the culture of the country. They can easily fit into the jobs offered by these companies.
  2. France is popular for multicultural environment and that’s what makes students from across the world to study MBA there as they get acquainted with so many different sets of people and learn how to develop global harmony and peace.
  3. A lot of exchange programs between French institutes of higher learning and other institutes of different countries happen which ensures that the students are learning the best of the program and make him gain global exposure.
  4. French B-schools offer a variety of specializations in MBA programs which aren’t provided by other countries of the world. Due to this reason, these B-schools are highly in demand among foreign students.
  5. Since the medium of instruction is English, it becomes easy for a student coming from any country of the world to get along with the course structure.
  6. There is no entrance test for enrolling in MBA program in France. However, there might be some sort of admission tests conducted by some of the French universities.
  7. A lot of scholarship programs are offered by French B-schools for meritorious students. This helps them ease financial burden of studies from their shoulders.
  8. Most of the B-schools in France do not require fulfillment of the GMAT or GRE test scores for admission process.