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Masters Engineering Courses in France

In France, the master’s degree in engineering is recognized by French government as well as in other countries of the world. Once a student completes his masters degree in France, he is offered with so many prestigious job offers from multinational companies that are always on the lookout for talented people possessing exceptional skills in handling various kinds of machines and instruments.

There are a lot of Masters courses in Engineering available in France. They are:-

  1. M.Sc Biomedical Engineering and Design
  2. M.Sc Civil Engineering
  3. M.Sc Hydraulic Engineering
  4. M.Sc Telecommunication Systems Engineering
  5. M.Sc Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes
  6. M.Sc Control Engineering, Robotics and Applied Informatics
  7. M.Sc Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering
  8. M.Sc Materials Science for Nautical Engineering
  9. M.Sc International Master in Sports Tourism Engineering
  10. M.Sc Electrical Engineering
  11. M.Sc Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering
  12. M.Sc Design and Engineering of Communication Network
  13. M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  14. M.Sc Nuclear Engineering
  15. M.Sc Industrial Engineering
  16. M.Sc Software Engineering
  17. M.Sc Medical Engineering
  18. M.Sc Communication Systems Engineering
  19. M.Sc Product Engineering
  20. M.Sc Automotive Engineering
  21. M.Eng Nanoscale Engineering
  22. M.Sc Membrane Engineering
  23. M.Sc Chemical Engineering
  24. M.Sc Embedded System
  25. M.Sc Astronomy, Astrophysics and Spatial Engineering
  26. M.Sc Urban Engineering and Habitat
  27. M.Sc Electronic and Optical Engineering
  28. M.Sc Bio mechanics and Bioengineering
  29. M.Sc Helicopter Engineering
  30. M.Sc Mathematical Engineering
  31. M.Eng Information Systems
  32. M.Sc Business and Engineering
  33. M.Sc Materials and Engineering Sciences
  34. M.Eng Energy and Environment
  35. M.Sc Automotive Engineering
  36. M.Sc Applied Sciences
  37. M.Sc Risk Engineering
  38. M.Sc Aerospace Mechanics and Avionics
  39. M.Sc Advanced Systems and Robotics
  40. M.Sc Computer Security

The admission to any of the Masters degree courses in Engineering in France requires completion of Bachelors degree or equivalent.

Since there is a credit system in Europe, so a student must attain a fixed number of credits in the Masters course to be awarded with the degree. Apart from industrial internship, a lot of exchange programs are held by various engineering universities which help students attain practical skills and get real life experiences of innovating and using different kinds of machinery for the benefit of mankind.

Majority of the programs in engineering are conducted in French language but there is option for international students to study in English medium also. However, if a student wishes to opt for English as a medium of instruction, then he will have to provide a valid IELTS score.