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How To Apply

The application procedure for education in Europe

Before going straight into the topic, you need to remember certain facts about the European Qualifications Framework. This includes the main national qualification structure alongside requirements for every level in training and education. In practice, it operates as tool of translation in making the qualifications more readable in the foreign context. This helps both workers and learners seeking to move between countries or change jobs. It also includes shifting education centers. The application process follows this particular discipline. The format differs in accordance with the basic laws or regulations in different countries. If you are a first cycle or undergraduate student, you need to submit the application form through a specific admission service.

The format in details

You first have to fill up the online application form from a specific website within a set time. You can find as many as 10-15 study programs that you can be interested in. You can select this in order of priority. After crossing the basic line, you can complete your registration. After doing the needful, you will receive another form by post from the concerned university. You need to fill it with information regarding your academic background. This includes attaching attested copies of important documents like your school leaving certificate. The universities will inform you within a short time about your admission status in the course. You will come to know whether you are selected in the study program or not. You need to remember that your education background plays a crucial role along with grade average points. This determines your qualification for the concerned programs.

The feasibility factor

A very interesting point is that you can fully utilize the grade comparison system in Europe to find out the importance or working method of awarding scores in this continent. As regards, the applications for second or third programs that is Masters level and Doctrate level, you need to submit the application form directly to the concerned college or university of your choice. Studying in Europe has become more fascinating after the introduction of Erasmus Mundus scholarship. The concerned scholarship prgram aims to develop the quality of higher education through definite academic co-operation between the continent and the rest of the world. You have scholarships for researchers as well as students of exceptional merit. There are master’s courses or doctorate courses at different European universities. In fact, you have nearly 150 doctoral and master’s programs to choose from. The scholarships promote student exchange programs, which is open to all students across the globe. International students can find a wide degree of scope here.

The Indian element

It is encouraging to know that since the beginning of the program in 2004; several thousands of Indians students have got selected for completing their degree programs in European universities. You need to go to the specific website to view all the available courses in a particular discipline. After making your selection, you can go to the website of the college you want to get in. Every course carries adequate details about the fees, application process and tuition rates. Your eligibility or candidature depends upon the decision of the concerned institution.