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Bachelors Degree in Engineering in Ireland

A bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Ireland requires students to explore various facets of the profession of an engineer. While the theory makes the solid foundation, it is the practical part that includes applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations which makes Ireland’s engineering programs stand out from that of others in the crowd. Thus, a student gets working knowledge of each and every machinery part. Moreover, the experienced teaching faculty offers personalized way of teaching thereby clearing each and every single doubt of the student in an easy and fun loving way.

The different engineering programs available at Bachelors level in Irish universities are:-

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Electronic Engineering
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Mechatronics
  7. Plastics Engineering
  8. Biomedical Engineering
  9. Communication Systems
  10. Building Services Engineering
  11. Manufacturing Engineering
  12. Aerospace Engineering
  13. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  14. Aeronautical Engineering
  15. Automation Engineering
  16. Computer Systems
  17. Engineering System Maintenance
  18. Production Engineering
  19. Computer Games Development
  20. Design and Manufacture
  21. Health Informatics
  22. Mobile Communication and Security
  23. Technology Management
  24. Music, Media and Performance Technology
  25. Digital Media Design

The above mentioned courses are available at different universities of Ireland. However, there are more courses that aren’t included in this list. To know about them, you can personally visit us.

The Bachelor’s program in engineering in Ireland follows the system of the European Credit Transfer System. The duration of each course runs from 3-4 years and is divided into semester system. A student has to achieve at least 30 credits in each semester system. The course paves the way for a highly successful and monetary fulfilling profession. Irish universities are known for providing excellent placement services to the students. Many giant companies from all over the world visit the country in search of meritorious students and offer handsome salary packages to them.

The course curriculum prescribed by Irish universities helps students tackle the real world problems in engineering field. Thus, if you like science and wish to work on a prestigious post, then nothing can be better than enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree program in Engineering.