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Jewelry Designing in Italy

Jewelry designing is not only an art but it requires passion, determination and attention to detail. Italy makes the best country to learn the nuances of the course as it has produced some of the best jewelry designers who are quite accomplished in their work. The jewelry schools in Italy are solely devoted to contemporary jewelry and run on the lines of providing technical training, contemporary design as well as artistic research.

The course in Jewelry designing makes students to first grasp the fundamentals of creating jewelry. The students can learn about the techniques of graphical representation of jewels. There are different levels of course:-

  1. Basic Course in Jewelry Designing- The course is of two years duration and helps study the connection between traditional forms of jewelry designing to self exploration of the same and translating them into three dimensional objects which can be used for adornment. The course encourages students to come out with new ideas while at the same time letting them gain knowledge about the latest techniques of jewelry cutting, forming, joining, casting and finishing. They go through rigorous practical as well as theoretical training which form a part of the curriculum.
  2. One year degree in Jewelry Designing- This one year jewelry designing course involves classes that focus either on production techniques or design skills which are quite necessary and comes in handy in order to become a good jewelry designer. The program includes instructions that are directed towards students to help develop an expressive style of their own. Making a range of conventional jewelry items like brooches, rings, necklaces etc are included in the course curriculum. The student is also introduced to business practice which indeed helps him commence a new professional career. He will be mastering a range of jewelry designing concepts like sawing, filing, soldering, casting, forging and stone setting. The course is not only restricted to traditional metals but even includes usage of items like beads, plastics, glass and several other items. From hand sketching techniques to use of professional software, the students will be encouraged to evolve originality of ideas and engage themselves in research work. Some other aspects of the curriculum include study of light refraction, color theory, perspective drawing and gemology etc.
  3. Master’s in Jewelry designing- This one year Master’s degree course in Jewelry designing is considered as the highest achievement in the jewelry field. The course involves exhaustive knowledge about techniques involved in jewelry designing that are- soldering, sheet fabrication, raising, stretching, forging, repousse, die-formation, casting, stone setting, tool making, metal finishing, chemical patination, metal inlay, roller printing, silver plating as well as working with plastics and much more. Thus, a student is prepared to face the professional forefront and that’s why they are provided with a private workstation in the university campus itself to get acquainted with the real time projects. The faculty members support the students in developing portfolios, entering into competitions and seminars to getting involved in career planning.

Thus, if you are interested in learning the tricks of the course, it is advised to take on to any of the above mentioned courses in Italy.