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Law in Poland

No society in the world can live without the implementation of a proper legal framework. It is the Law that dictates every member of the society and every person has to abide by its guidelines. A sound legal system of a country reflects the good habits that the citizens of the country possess.

Sounds nice? Do you wish to serve the society as a lawyer? Then you must go ahead for legal studies. And the best destination to indulge in legal studies is none other than Poland. The world class environment with some of the best faculty members, studying in Poland will be worth the time spent.

There are several levels to undertake legal studies. These are: – Bachelor’s level, Master’s Level and PhD level. Let’s have a look at each of them.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree-A bachelor’s degree in law from Poland will open the educational doors for a student coming from abroad and offer the right career opportunity for him. The degree also offers a ground for pursuing advanced studies in law. Bachelor’s degree in law teaches social responsibility to the student. It also gives an in-depth knowledge about law concerned with both public and private sectors. Subjects like policy rules and codes of international law also form a part of the syllabus. Other subjects taught in the curriculum include domestic law, comparative studies as well as European/International legal aspects. It is necessary for every student to go through the legal texts and apply the principles of logic as well as interpret legal regulations. The duration of the course is about three years.
  2. Master’s Degree- If you wish to take up legal education to the next level, then it is best to go for a Master’s degree in Law in Poland. The degree helps students to specialize in law and work at senior posts in both corporate and public sectors. The course is specially designed to improve the effectiveness of professionals in the fields like legal policy regulations, negotiations and working with other lawyers in various sectors of the economy. By undertaking the master’s degree, a student can obtain legal skills and think better in critical situations. Not only he will gain knowledge about general aspects of the law but even get trained to enhance specific knowledge about different fields of law. The course includes both theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of legal processes in different areas of interest. The student will also develop skills to communicate well both orally and in writing as well. The degree will invoke interest in students to conduct legal and interdisciplinary research which is quite relevant to their area of interest. There will also be intensive training in learning European law, politics and economics throughout the course. The duration of the course is about two years.
  3. PhD- In order to innovate solutions to the problems of law and apply them to various spheres, a student must obtain a PhD degree in Poland. A student enrolled in the program must complete a dissertation/thesis in any of the fields of legal issues. The faculty involved in teaching programs in Polish universities is well qualified and highly trained so that the student doesn’t face any difficulty while completing his dissertation/thesis. Moreover, the universities in Poland also offer a stipend to the fellow candidates to motivate them towards research field.