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Medicine Program

Lithuania, a member nation of European Union and Schengen group in Europe, is surrounded by 25 nations.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is the largest city of the country. Vilinius has been termed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the presence of highly magnificent and old structures which draws the attention of the people from around the world to come here and witness the historical glory of the place. The population of Vilnius is approx 5.35 lakh people.

The country is situated in the heart of Europe and is divided by two straight lines, one being the straight line which connects Paris and Berlin with Moscow and via Vilnius and the second being the straight line which connects Helsinki and Athens and also crosses the center of Lithuania.

Talking about the climate of the country, it is mainly maritime continental with average annual temperature being 10 degree Celsius. The temperatures of the months of January and July show extreme variations.

Siauliai University

Lithuania has earned name and fame when it comes to providing quality MBBS education to the students, both locals and foreigners. One of the best medical universities situated in Lithuania is Siauliai University. The university emerged as a result of merger of Siauliai Pedagogical Institute and Siauliai Polytechnic faculty of Kaunsas university of Technology in the year 1997 and has been serving the education requirements of the students since then.

Main Features of Siauliai University

European Credit Transfer System is applied to MBBS programs
Degree Programs Approved throughout Europe and other Parts of the world
MBBS Graduates are eligible to sit for MCI screening test, USMLE and PLAB
The university has experienced faculty members who are always keen on providing a helping hand to students whenever they face any issue regarding MBBS education. Also, the university uses the latest means of technology and has well-built laboratories for imparting quality practical training to the medical students at large.
It also holds joint partnership with the 40 most famous medical institutes of the world for successfully participating in student and teachers exchange programs. A lot of student organizations operate in this university for enhancing the overall development of the students coming from abroad. Thus, studying MBBS here is like a dream come true for many.

Lithuania University of Health Sciences

The medical academy of Lithuania University of Health Sciences (LUHS) was founded in year 1919 and emerged into a separate academy of Faculty of Medicine in year 1922. Located in the center of Kaunsas, the university takes pride in conveying that it has 7 faculties which include:-

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Odontology
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Public Health
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty of Animal Husbandry Technology

The university, today, is constituted as a result of merger of Kaunsas University of Medicine and Lithuanian Veterinary Academy.

The main features of the university are:-

There is a university hospital, 2 animal clinics and Research institutes
Highly qualified and experienced staff runs the university
The university has been teaching the students in English medium for the past 20 years
The LUHS hospital is the largest hospital in Europe
There are around 1000 academic staff members, 6,200 students and around 400 international students enrolled full-time in the university
European Credit Transfer System is applied in medical courses
On completion of medicine degree, the students can sit for MCI licensing exam, USMLE and PLAB.
Luthania is one among the three Baltic States and is a member of the European Union. Enrolling in a medical course in Luthania helps students to develop their skills and hone their abilities. It gives the students a wider arena to compete prove their capabilities. Enhance your knowledge and broaden your horizons by opting for higher studies in Luthania. Before choosing a program, it is important that you evaluate the budget and know the job requirements. Programs offered by the Lithuania universities are evaluated by the European Union experts and is accredited by the Ministry of education and science.


Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery program takes 4 years to complete in Luthania. The master’s program continues for 1 to 2 years. The various faculties include the department of medicine, department of pharmacy, department of nursing and department of public health, to name a few. Luthanian medical universities aim at equipping potential doctors with adequate knowledge of science, good understanding of medical procedures and sufficient knowledge of clinical disciplines. Courses offered by the accredited universities are recognized across the globe. If you are not a resident of the Luthania but wish to work in the country you need to obtain a work permit.


To apply for a bachelor’s program in Luthania, Indian students need to clear Senior Secondary examination from a recognized school and board. It is mandatory to complete biology and chemistry in the senior education level. It makes you a stronger contender if you have mathematics and physics in the senior secondary level. SAT score is essential, and aspirants need to sit for a test in Biology. On completion of the 4 year bachelor program, the students are awarded professional qualification certificate.

Documents Required

To apply for a medical course in Luthania, few necessary documents need to be submitted. Application form which is completely filled needs to be furnished. Proof of a secondary education certificate is mandatory. Transcripts of records which certify the marks attained in the senior secondary are essential. A copy of the passport is crucial. A proof of proficiency in English is also compulsory. A document which shows that the fee is paid needs to be submitted. 2 recent passport size photographs are required.

Language requirement

To complete an academic program in Luthania successfully, it is necessary to be proficient in English. Aspirants need to have a minimum score of 6 in IELTS. In TOFEL paper based score, they need to have a minimum score of 550. A score of 80 in the TOEFL internet based test is sufficient. If you enroll in a program that is taught in Luthanian it is a requisite that you learn the language competently.

Tuition Fee

The duration of the programs in medicine is of 12 semesters. The aspirants need to pay EUROS 4260 per semester.

A temporary residence permit can be applied by the Indian students. The permit is valid for 1 year and can be renewed if the students intend to extend their stay. The issues related to the temporary permit are handled by the Migration department.

Part time job

Work is an integral part of a potential doctor’s life. According to the amendments of the constitution, the students in the second and third cycle can work in research and study areas. The students enrolled in the master’s program can opt for a part time job which will help him to meet the living expenses.

Career Scope

Trained professionals who practice medicine know the art of healing through scientific methodology. The doctor’s use techniques and procedures to diagnose diseases and treat patients with care. After a specialized training, the doctors who graduate from the Luthanian universities can carve their careers successfully. As the degrees are recognized across the globe, the doctors are capable of making the best use of a plethora of opportunities.