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Living Cost

Consider The Aspect Of Living Costs When Applying For European Universities

There is no denying the fact that Europe offers great opportunities in terms of education, career and lifestyle. The high quality of the education system that is maintained by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education has been attracting the attention of aspiring students from all over the world. If you are one who would like to furnish your educational experience and career with the global perspective, then Europe is the best place to be. With quality education at an affordable cost, European universities have become the preferred choice of Indian students for higher education.

Geographical Determinant of Living Cost

Before you embark on your journey of excellent education in Europe, it is imperative for you to learn all about living and study practices prevailing in the place. Familiarizing with your destination country will help you in acclimatizing with the lifestyle and pace of the place. With more than 30 countries, Europe is too vast to be defined under simple categorization. Generally, you can divide the continent into the Eastern Part and Western Part. As the countries located in the Western Europe are wealthier than their Eastern counterparts, the cost of living will be higher than what you would incur in the Eastern countries.

Features of Living Cost

The best way to understand the culture and life of the country you are hoping to visit is by browsing the internet. You will need to consider the living expenses when you are considering studying abroad in Europe. Among the living expenses, there are food expenses, rent, accommodation cost, medical fees, transportation fees and other general expenses. The cost of living is a significant determinant in choosing a European university and college. Most colleges, you will find, provide discount and scholarship options for reducing the tuition fees. However, before you choose a university, think on on the twin expenses of tuition and living.

On-campus and Off-campus Living

When you are exploring the various colleges and higher education institutes in European countries, make sure whether there are provisions for on-campus or off-campus accommodations. If your college has the advantage of on-campus living, then you can be assured of reduced living costs. Like many international students, you can opt to stay within the campus and enjoy the easy access to library facilities, sports opportunities and cheap housing facilities. Some universities have dormitories with meal facilities at an affordable price. Other than dormitories, you can have the option of sharing apartments or residences. You can opt for off-campus accommodation for reasonable prices, as well.

Part-time Work Opportunity

As the tuition fees in the European universities are subsidized by the Government, you will have to pay nominal fees for the courses. However, there is the question of living cost, which can be considerable when compared to the cost of living in India. Taking into account the excellent standard of lifestyle prevailing in the European countries, the cost of living can range up to 13,000 pounds annually. You can opt to mitigate the high rate of living by working part-time. European countries provide Indian students the opportunity of opting for part-time work permit, which will enable you to take care of the cost of excellent lifestyle and gain valuable experience.