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Medicine in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia’s Top Medical Universities

Limited seats to Study MBBS in Russia – No Donations, Direct Admissions – Hurry up!
English Medium Education and MCI / WHO approved MBBS Degrees in Russia has been in great demand globally and every year thousands of Indian students are going for their medical studies in Russia. On recent years, study abroad trend has become very popular among Indian Students. Since last two decades, thousands of Indian students have gone to Russia from India and majority of them have settled in European Countries leading a quality life. Are you are also willing to study medicine in Russia? We will guide you why and how you can go for studying life sciences in Russian Federation.

Russian Federation – An overview

Russia is world’s largest country in area we all know and it shares its border with 14 countries and falls in two continents – Europe & Asia. With a huge human numbers – more than 150 million, this country is having 8 different time zones, so you can imagine its vigor. Being a cold country, the country is not very rich in agriculture and its entire economy is mainly dependant on mineral resources, oil and technology. Russia was a part of Soviet Union, officially called as USSR (The Union of Soviet Republics), which was formed as a part of treaty done between several sub national republics in the year 1922. At the end of 1991, on December 26, USSR was self-dissolved due to issues from Ukraine and Belarus arised. Russian Federation has good relations with India since the time of Cold War.

Medical Education in Russia

Medical Education of Russian Federation is considered to be one of the most advanced and developed education system as Russians have a contributed a lot to the world. This country is actively engaged in medical research and development with support of the Russian Government. Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation governs the higher education system of the country and this body is responsible for accreditation and licensing of higher education institutions. The country also enjoys the highest literacy rate in the world which itself explains the standard for education there. This is the reason why Russia is becoming a global hub for International Students who are seeking for European Standards of Education and the most important part is that education here is very cheap when compared to other European Countries.
Russian Education is very strong in these domains

  • Medical
  • Aviation
  • Engineering

Since last two decades, when Russian Universities started offering courses in English, the demand of Russia in Study Overseas market has increased drastically.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Medical Universities of Russia

  • World class medical education offered in the country
  • Easy admissions as International Students quota
  • Affordable education for European Standard Education
  • No need to sit and crack for entrance exams
  • Global exposure with international students
  • Renowned Medical experts for guests lectures
  • IELTS/TOEFL tests are not mandatory / required
  • India food is readily available at various places
  • Russian Medical Universities are WHO / MCI Approved
  • Expenses are affordable for middle-class families
  • Entire personality and skills are improved
  • Comfortable & hygienic accommodation available
  • Russians are known worldwide for their medical excellence
  • Russian Medical Degree enables to work in Europe easily
  • Hassle free study visa for Indian Students, less formalities

Eklavya Overseas – Russian Education Consultants

After serving more than a decade in Overseas Consulting and sending thousands of students to study medicine in Russia, Eklavya Overseas has gained a reputation in the industry. The company is known for its excellent consulting and meticulous process through which students are easily admitted to their desired courses and universities. The staff of the company is highly professional, guides students through complete process, and makes them aware of the scope after completing their studies. There are many reasons why you should consult from Eklavya Overseas for your medical admissions in Russia

  • Years of experience in Russia – as an overseas study destination
  • Sent more than 2000 students to Russia for Medical Education
    Hassle free admissions to renowned Medical Universities
    Entire application process and formalities is taken care
    Visa assistance and formalities are made easy
    Complete help to the student in transition to Russian
    Step by step process for settling in a foreign land
    Welcome by our Indian students there in Russia
    Close relations with university officials and Russian Embassy
    Great support during entire time through your study

Still confused what to do and how to decide your career path?
Does not worry at all, consult with us and throw all your queries and apprehensions; we will clearly explain you with everything. We can also connect you to those students in Russia who are sent by us and are doing well there. Just come take a free counseling session at our office and after take the most valuable decision of your life.

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