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Medicine in Slovakia

About Slovakia

The Slovak Republic is situated in central Europe and is famous for its pastures, cave formations and meadows. As the country is picturesque, all year round it offers a conducive environment for the international students. Slovakia became the member of European Union in spring 2004. Since 1991, the state has seen extensive changes with privatization and liberalization.

Overview of Medical universities

The medical universities in the country offer quality education to the overseas students. The academic year begins from 1st September in the current year and ends on 31st August the next year. Bachelor study program is the first level program while the second level comprises of the masters level study program.

Various forms of instruction are used in the teaching process. The students take part in lectures, seminars, exercises and laboratory work. The European credit transfer system is used in the medical universities. This ensures that the course is recognized globally. In Slovakia, 45% of the foreign student enroll for medicine programs. The growing reputation of the medical degrees offered by the universities attracts a large number of students from across the globe. The courses offered by the faculties are general medicine program and nursing program. The general medicine program takes 6 years to complete while the nursing program takes 5 years. The dedicated staff includes researchers, professors, general practitioners and experienced physicians. The students are organized in small groups, and individual attention is paid to the students. The potential doctors are trained to meet the challenges which they may encounter in their professional lives.

Admission requirements

The Indian students need to clear the Senior Secondary examination from a recognized board and school. It is necessary to attain 18 years of age and complete high school with a consistent academic record. Admission examination is held by the universities which the students need to take before enrolling in the coveted programs. The entrance examination is based on the field of study. The universities offer the syllabus and previous test papers to the aspirants. The admission decision is made on the basis of the marks attained in school and on the score in the entrance examination. The students who do not meet all the criteria need to undertake preparatory classes. To enroll in the masters program, it is important that the bachelor’s program is completed successfully.

Documents required

The senior secondary mark sheet and school leaving certificate are mandatory documents needed for admission process. It is essential to furnish a health certificate which certifies that the student is physically and mentally fit to complete the medical program. A certificate attested by a medical practitioner will also suffice. The validation of high school certificate along with its translation in the Slovakian language needs to be submitted. A certified copy of the passport is mandatory. A concise CV needs to be submitted to the concerned college authorities. A valid copy of the passport is mandatory. To process the visa, the visa application form needs to be carefully filled. A letter of admission and two photographs are essential.

Fee Structure

The tuition fee for the Indian students who pursue a medical course in Slovakia is 8500 Euros.

Language requirements

To pursue a medical program in Slovakia, it is necessary that you are proficient in English. Preparatory courses can be attended by the international students.

Part-time job

The work permit in Slovakia is granted for 2 years. For part-time seasonal work, it is granted for a maximum period of 6 months. The Indian students need a residence permit from the Foreign Police to continue staying in Slovakia.

Career Scope

A doctor can make a strong difference in our lives. As they are trained to successfully handle emergencies they can help us to deal with unforeseen dangers. They help us to enhance our well being and face critical injuries. The dedication and skill of the doctors play an important role in increasing the life expectancy in the society. The doctors who graduate from the Slovakian universities gets absorbed in the private and government healthcare facilities. They benefit from a wide range of job opportunities, which help them to carve out a successful career path. The doctors who graduate from the Slovakian medical universities are at an advantageous position as their degrees are recognized by the other nations throughout the world.