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Medicine in Ukraine

About Ukraine – An Overview

Ukrainian Republic, aka Ukraine is a European Country located in Eastern Part of the continent. The country has seen great development in recent decades, which has made it stand in the list of decent countries of Europe. It is now among one of the most proffered destinations for international students who are looking for European Standard of Education but at an affordable cost. Recently, it has become a hot destination for Indian Students, who are willing study MBBS overseas and majority of Indian Students are studying Medical in Ukraine. This country has no match with its literacy level where 99.4% people are literate. One can easily imagine what kind of place it would be, especially when it comes to education. Higher education of this country is renowned globally now, as it has given some brilliant academicians, professionals and students to this world.

Ukrainian Republic offer excellent education to International Students and when you compare the cost overall, this place is much cheaper than other European Countries. Probably this is the reason why every year the number of International Students in the country is increasing phenomenally. If you are willing to Study MBBS in Ukraine, you are the very right place, please get in touch with experts who are having more than a decade of experience in study abroad industry.

Why study Medical in Ukraine?

Well it would not be enough to explain why you should study medical from Ukrainian Republic unless you understand your goals and needs. Majority of Medical Aspirants in India either leave their dream of becoming a doctor or they change their streams doing something else and we all know the reasons. But, if you choose to study medical in Ukraine, you are very much sorted – first with finance and second for a successful career ahead. Now here are the reasons, which can explain you why you should go for Ukraine

  • Medical Education in Ukraine is very conducive for Indian Students
  • Affordable tuition fee for medical studies as compared to Europe
  • Outstanding education system and study environment in Universities
  • Students are exposed to global world with international students
  • Students on study visa in Ukraine are free to work also
  • MBBS in Ukraine is now very popular among Indian students
  • Easy admission process saves many years of Indian students
  • Ukraine is having friendly relations with India
  • Living and other general expenses are very much affordable
  • Ukraine is in Europe so students can settle in Europe after the degree
  • Education in Ukraine is more focused on practical skills than theory
  • High standard of education and lifestyle
  • English is medium of education so no need to know Ukrainian
  • Local Transport in the country is affordable and well connected
  • A number of visiting faculties from UK, Canada and Australia
  • Regular Seminars and sessions from subject matter experts
  • Students exchange programs with Germany, Sweden & Finland, etc
  • Students may take 3 months of summer jobs in EU Nations in vacations
  • Can apply for permanent settlement in Europe after the degree

Our Services for Study Medicine in Ukraine

Eklavya Overseas is a leading medical education-consulting firm in India located in Delhi and sending students from India to Ukraine for their education. We guide our students with the best possible options for their studies and assist them in entire application process and visa. If you are also willing to pursue your education in Ukraine, you can visit our office at below given addresses by taking a prior appointment from our counselors. We also guide our students about how they can settle in Europe after completing their degree in medicine.

Reasons to get counseled from Eklavya Overseas once

  • Years of experience in Study Overseas Industry
  • Have sent more 7000 students for studying abroad
  • Our 200+ students are currently studying MBBS in Ukraine
  • Great relations with all the universities and Ukraine Embassy in India
  • Complete assistance from application to visa and the final settlement
  • Assistance in planning finance and getting the loans approved
  • Complete job assurance after completing the medical degree in Ukraine
  • Assistance in clearing ILETS and TOEFL if required

How we help the students in entire application process?

  • Applying in desired course and university on your behalf
  • Receiving official call letter with admission offer from university
  • Applying for VISA in Ukrainian Embassy on your behalf
  • Student pick-up from airport and transfer to hostel
  • Great support from other students already there in Ukraine
  • Assistance in getting the visa renewed for entire study period
  • Special orientation program for familiarization with students
  • Special care as guardian throughout the course

MBBS Admission in Ukraine
For getting admission in Ukrainian Medical Universities, Indian Students require

  • A valid senior secondary education from a recognized school
  • Life Science as steam in Intermediate Education

After this, the student can apply in desired university and once the application is approved, student has to apply for Ukrainian Study Visa in Ukrainian embassy.

Documents Required for VISA of Ukraine

  • Admission/ Invitation Letter from the university
  • Certificates and Transcripts of high school and intermediate
  • Medical Certificate of Negative HIV / AIDS
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • And a valid passport

Ukraine is one of the most advanced countries which lead in providing medical education. It has a highly developed health care system and adopts friendly approach to imparting education in programs related to medicine. The medical universities in Ukraine lay a large emphasis on the practical learning, which is conducted in the last two years of the medical program. The climate in the country is conducive to higher studies and proves beneficial to the overseas students who aim at achieving higher feats and academic goals. The faculty at the reputed universities is dedicated and hard working. They get to attend medical conferences and symposia across the globe.

Requirements for the bachelor’s

The MBBS aspirants need to have biology, physics and chemistry in their twelfth standard. The Senior Secondary examination needs to be cleared from a recognized university. The students need to score a minimum of 50% marks in the examination. Some universities design a foundation course for the foreign students which act as a bridge program. It bridges the gap between the education attained in school and the knowledge that will be imparted at the university. The student needs to have an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India. The original mark sheet and certificate of the 10th and 12th standard require to be legalized by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The documents are translated in Russian language at the Embassy of Ukraine by the authorized translators. These documents need to be furnished at the university during registration.

Document’s required

  1. The 10th class certificate is required to verify the date of birth.
  2. Certificate and mark sheet of the 12th standard also needs to be furnished.
  3. 6 passport size photographs and a photocopy of the passport are required.
  4. A medical certificate with an HIV test report from a recognized pathological lab is mandatory.
  5. The eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India is essential. During 15th August to 15th November,
  6. the visa is issued by the visa section of the embassy.
  7. The visa section holds the sole responsibility to issue the visa.

Aspects associated with the course

A major portion of the expenses is funded by the government. Hence the cost of studying in Ukraine is considerably lower. The cost of the courses vary across the universities and programs. Since 1997, the classes are being conducted in English. For the convenience of the overseas students, classes are also conducted in Russian and Ukrainian language. By learning the language, the medical students find it easier to communicate with the locals. The MBBS program includes clinical training, which helps the aspirants to gain an insight into the subject and prepare for real life challenges. At the universities, the students benefit from the visiting professors who hail from USA, Canada and United Kingdom.

Enroll in reputed program

The universities encourage students to take part in medical seminars, symposia and project work in other European cities. Bilateral exchange programs help the students to widen their horizons and interact with the best students across the globe. The exchange programs are undertaken with Germany, Sweden, France and Finland. The courses offered by the universities are recognized by WHO and UNESCO. Most of the universities offer residential facilities to the students. They can undertake their educational pursuits in convenience and comfort. The well-equipped hostels offer scope for recreation. The colleges have world class infrastructure and boast of dedicated, experienced staff. The teachers ensure that they impart quality education to the students. In the six years of the bachelor program, the students need to focus on fundamental subject disciplines to specialized subjects. The potential doctors can look forward to new opportunities and attain excellence in medicine.

How To Apply To A Ukraine University

Ukraine offers wide educational opportunities to aspirants who aim at pursuing their academic goals in the country. The country offers quality education, which is affordable. Ukraine has a moderate climate and is an ideal place for studies. The first step involves deciding on a course and selecting the university. It is beneficial if the university is contacted to know the requirements. It is important to receive the invitation letter. A copy of the international passport and a copy of the school leaving certificate are required to get the invitation letter.

It will be necessary to receive the student visa and satisfy the embassy requirements. The students need to contact the embassy with the original invitation letter, original passport, which is valid for 1 year, the higher secondary certificate which is translated in the Ukrainian language, birth certificate, medical certificate which depicts the absence of HIV, medical certificate which shows physical and mental fitness. For students who want to enroll for the master’s program, it is mandatory to furnish the bachelor’s certificate and mark sheet. The student visa is issued by the visa section at the Embassy of Ukraine. It is important that the travel arrangements are also finalized.

How to study in Ukraine

Ukraine offers quality education which is imparted by the reputed universities. The experienced and dedicated staff in the universities motivates students to perform well in their subjects and gain expertise which helps them to face challenges in their professional life. The requirements to study in Ukraine can be divided into four categories. They are the admission requirements, visa requirements, travel requirements and university registration requirements. Certain documents are required for the university admission letter. It is necessary to furnish the secondary school certificate and mark sheet. A bio data copy of the international passport is mandatory. It should include name, surname, contact information and date of birth. The students applying for the master’s program need to furnish the university transcripts.

The bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degrees are awarded on successful completion of the courses. University education of the courses has a duration of up to 6 years. The MSc programs take longer time to complete. The courses are taught in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. Foreign students can opt between studying in English or in the native language. The university registration process is completed on arrival to the country. On graduation, the students need to legalize their documents from the Ministry of Foreign affairs for validation.

Ukraine Embassy in India

Ukraine is a hospitable and friendly country which welcomes its foreign students warmly. It offers a conducive ambience to the overseas students to follow their academic goals and widen their career opportunities. The Ukraine embassy in India issues the student visa which is required to enroll in the reputed universities. There are certain student visa requirements for students who enroll in the preparatory course or register in the first year of the course. The students need to furnish a valid passport and 2 passport size photographs. The original invitation letter offered by the Ukrainian educational institution is required for the visa. A medical certificate, which includes an HIV test, is also mandatory.The medical certificate needs to be issued by a recognized medical laboratory. The certificate and mark sheet of the senior secondary examination needs to be legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs.

For students who wish to register for the second and sixth year, few additional documents are required. They need to furnish the student identity card and the exams marks credit card. For enrolling in postgraduate students,the graduate certificate is necessary. The medical aspirants need to submit an eligibility certificate to the Ukraine embassy. The eligibility certificate is issued by the Medical Council of India.

Loan assistance

Ukraine offers world-class infrastructure and education system to the global students. It is one of the leading countries which attract a large number of international students. Ukraine offers reputed programs which focuses on skills and procedures related to every degree program. The courses involve an internship and practical classes which benefit the Indian students in different ways. Educational grants are awarded in the form of interest free loans to finance the educational program. The loans are designed to offer assistance to bright and deserving students. The loans offer financial assistance to meritorious students who can pursue the course with the financial help.

The loan assistance reduces the financial burden which is often faced by the students. The universities in Ukraine offer valuable education. The students can enroll in any of the courses as well as in specializations. Almost all Ukrainian universities are recognized. The tuition fee of the courses is affordable. The educational loans in India can be applied by all the students, and the approval of the loans is independent of the program or degree.The student loans are standardized, and the loans are backed by the government which helps reduce the risk of borrowing.

Application process

Indian students apply to Ukrainian colleges and gain an insight into the underlying theories of the degree course. They are trained on the practical aspects and are urged to be a part of the symposia and conferences in every program which are held across the globe. The dedicated staff at the university is well informed about the recent developments in every field of study. Ukraine is a sceanic country and offers the right ambience for learning. The courses offered by the universities are recognized by WHO and UNESCO.

After meeting the requirements of the university, the students need to submit a completed application form to the university. The documents are assessed by the college authorities. Once the documents are accepted, the college issues the admission proposal and fee structure to the student. You need to confirm your interest in the subject and the course by paying the fee. On completion of these steps, the university issues the invitation letter to the student. This certifies that the student has gained admission to the university. A confirmation letter is sent by the university to the Ukrainian consulate in India.

Free admission letters

Admission letter is the most important document, necessary for a student to study any program in the Ukrainian university. Without this letter, the students cannot apply to the Ukrainian embassy for their student visa. The letter has a hologram on it, with the national symbol of the Ukraine. The details regarding the passport of the student, the name of the university, the name of the course, is also mentioned on it. This letter of admission is issued by the department of international relations of the respective university. In order to receive the letter, a student needs to submit the scanned copy of a host of documents to the university.

The documents include the document page of the international passport of the student. The name of the student, serial number of the passport, the photograph of the applicant, should be clearly visible. Along with this, students need to submit the documents related to the higher secondary or equivalent qualification, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of the student has to be submitted. The student also has to provide the documents related to their permanent and temporary address, contact number, validity of the passport, date of issue of the passport and the expiry of the passport is also important. On receiving this letter, the student can immediately apply for a student visa.

University transfers

Universities in Ukraine allow the students of other schools to get transferred to their university. The students have to submit a set of documents which includes the official academic transcripts from college and university that they have attended before. Apart from this they need to submit certificate related to their educational qualification. They also have to submit a copy of their passport as a part of travelling document. These documents need to be submitted to the Ministry of Education in Ukraine.

The ministry calculates the academic difference and credit hours, and on the basis of the syllabus and criteria of the previous institutions that are at par with that of the Ukrainian system, they approve and certify the students for the transfer process. The decision of the ministry is final, and the aspirants have to follow their recommendation for joining their desired university. The academic year of the universities of  Ukraine is divided into semesters, and the admission of the students who opt for transfer is based on their overall academic background. A thorough scrutiny of the transcript is done by the universities, to let the students get enrolled. The transcripts have to be scanned to the universities, and the original has to be provided to the ministry in Ukraine, which is legalized by the Embassy.

Airport pick up

The universities in Ukraine provide pick up facilities to their international students, on their arrival to the country. The students are advised to inform the authorities well in advance prior to their departure from their country. After receiving visa from the Embassy, the applicants, should inform the universities about the flight details that include their date and time of arrival. The students should send the scanned copy of their air tickets to the authorities. The representatives of the university would be present at the airport to receive them. In case, they do not inform the authorities of admission office of the university they would be deported to their native country immediately.

The respective universities mention the nearest international airport, which will be convenient for them to receive the students. They also mention the name of the airlines, which fly to those airports for the convenience of the students. The students should make sure that before leaving the country, they should have their required documentation in place as the immigration officials at the airport shall demand those. If students cannot produce any of the documents, then they will be restricted from entering the country. Another important aspect is that the air ticket should allow them for to and fro to their native country. It should have provision for open date of returning to their home country.


Translation is an important part of the documentation, required by the Indian students to be able to study in the universities in Ukraine. It is a compulsion, to submit the required documents, translated in the Ukrainian language, to the Ukrainian embassy or consulate. The documents need to be authorized and validated by the embassy of Ukraine or by a Notary Public. A long list of documents needs to be translated to Ukraine language for obtaining the student visa to the country. The birth certificate, original school leaving certificate needs to be translated.

The general health certificate and the certificate that proves the student to be free of HIV/AIDS has to be translated to the Ukrainian language legalized by the Notary Public and also has to be legalized by the Ministry of health of the country. The relevant certificate and mark sheets of the students related to the course they are pursuing also need to be translated. Translations and legalization of the documents go hand in hand. A charge is levied on the students for translating the documents. Proper translation of documents makes it easy for students to seek the visa. For scanning the documents, you can send the scanned copy to the authorized body.

Transfer students

The universities in Ukraine accepts competent and eligible transfer students from across the globe. The students from the different countries have to authorize and validate their academic transcript from Ukraine’s Ministry of Education. If the government department is convinced that the previous qualification of students is equivalent to that of Ukrainian education system, they give approval to the students. Students have to submit their passport, certificates related to their academic qualifications, school leaving certifications and the likewise. Most importantly they have to submit the academic transcript issued by their previous college or university and also a completely filled up application form. All the relevant documents should be in English.

Prior to their arrival to the country, students can send the scanned and filled up documents to the universities through mail. The admission of students is based on their academic record. The requirement of the various courses might differ according to the criteria of individual university. The transcripts of the individual students are scrutinized minutely by the authorities of admission and administrative office. It is upon their discretion, to decide, the year or semester the students can seek admission to. It is compulsory for students, who have transferred from other medical universities, to complete four consecutive academic years in their university.


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