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Why Europe

The feasibility of learning abroad in Europe

India is a country which has high qualms for education or learning. It is a common belief that people mainly venture into educational lines for enhancing their career goals. Excellence can toss of the window, if you are to comply with popular notions. It is employment that chiefly concerns the Indian student and why not? The large, overbearing population compels you to determine your career directives no sooner than you leave school for college. There are different reasons why people want to go abroad to study. India had revealed in its revered Gurukul system for long in the ancient times. After being plunged into darkness after the foreign invasions, it was colonial rule that broke the shackles.

The intrinsic attitude

It is this colonial connection that leads people across to hold a firm faith in western education and rightly so, perhaps. It was western education that arguably liberated Indians from the threshold of ignorance and superstition. It is this past which propels budding students from across the country to study abroad. It is not that the country lacks infrastructure, but it definitely lags behind its European counterparts. You must not forget that people in India carry that emotional baggage that learning abroad will provide better career prospects, let alone the study module. Excellence becomes the key here.

The primary features

Talking about studying abroad, Europe tops the list for many students across the world. You have a compelling amalgamation of arts, commerce, sciences, medical studies and industrial inferences found in this continent. Even technological inferences are great here. The education system is structured, layered and finely articulated. The continent is fascinating with an assortment of 50 nations. Each one entails its own rich, distinct identity. This includes cuisines, languages, art, politics and music. Considering the diversity, richness and resources, it comes as no surprise that Europe is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations. The CIEE’s 87-module European study programs provide great accessibility to all students. You can immerse yourself with a good stay in Prague or Barcelona. You can step into the domain of international business with viable internships in Rome or Brussels. The best part is you can imbibe different cultures, all of which are educationally rich. Celebrating Bastille Day by the famous Seine River might not be academic enough in the textbook sense, but it sure holds enough educational flavors in the long run. It makes you a refined being.  You can inculcate your design or drafting skills in Berlin or hone your inherent film-making chops in the city of Prague.

The study package

With dozens of cultural courses, language study and discipline-specific choices, Europe provides rich, diverse programming, which is diverse like the continent itself. You can pursue what you want or need, and where you choose to do so. You have architecture, design, business, and communications alongside international development/relations courses. You can learn political science, social science, media and journalism as well. Public health is another viable domain which attracts many students from India. You have wide range of subjects offered. You can venture into accounting, studio, administrative studies, art history and Asian studies. Besides English, the language of instruction also remains optional. Financial aid remains an important aspect as it bolsters your academic run.