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MBBS in Ukraine


Ques. Can the students get a job in Government hospitals in Ukraine?

Ans.: Yes, after the completion of the MBBS degree, the students can apply for Government hospitals in Ukraine.

Ques. Can the candidates opt for post-graduation or masters in Ukraine

Ans.: Yes, Ukraine medical universities offer the facility of masters, Post-graduation courses to the candidates.

Ques. Is there any scholarship facility in Ukraine for the students?

Ans.: No, the student will not get scholarship facility in Ukraine

Ques. Can the medical aspirants open their bank account in Ukraine?

Ans.: Yes, the medical aspirants can open their bank accounts in Ukraine. Even, the parents can deposit or transfer money into the account.

Ques. Are the medical universities of Ukraine listed in the directory of the World Health Organization?

Ans.: Yes, Ukraine medical universities are listed in WHO directory

Ques. How long time is required for MBBS admission in Ukraine?
Ans.: It will take 10-15 days to issue letter by Ukraine Universities. For visa, the students have to visit Delhi for 6-7 days, for documentation 6-8 weeks are required.

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