BSC Nursing in Georgia

BSC Nursing in Georgia

BSC Nursing in GeorgiaNursing is the course taken up by many students in India and abroad. BSC is nursing is one of the most sought-after paths. For students who want to pursue a career in Nursing can apply to various universities in Georgia. Georgia has various advantages for students who wish to take up nursing and make a career out of it. There is a demand for nursing courses all across the world. For instance, Ontario has one of the growing communities of nurses to cater to the patients.

Students who have the yen for nursing degree can go to Georgia to complete their education. The students can pick some of the best and the most recognized institutes for nursing in Georgia. The students who pursue BSC in Nursing get higher salaries and more job opportunities. More than 20 renowned universities in Georgia offer Nursing courses for students. The course, also known as the Associate’s Degree in Nursing, is for 3 years. The course is divided into six semesters. The students who complete the course are eligible to appear in the NCLEX-RN licensure Examination. Aspiring nurses must choose to study in Universities in Georgia as the medical schools offer plenty of courses. Also, the cost of education in Georgia is cheaper than studying in medical universities in India.

Courses Offered by Georgia Universities

  • Most of the top universities in Georgia offers nursing courses
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is one of the most commonly offered courses in Georgia
  • The students can also opt for more uncomplicated courses like Health Assessment, Evidence Based Practice
  • There are also courses like community health and nursing pathophysiology for the students
  • Students also get to study concepts of professional nursing
  • Health assessment and foundation of nursing research are some of the significant courses on offer for the students
  • Health assessment and health promotion is also one of the various courses offered by Georgian Universities
  • The students must know about the course curriculum for the courses before investing in Universities in Georgia
  • Mental Health Nursing is also on offer for students to explore

Duration of Studying Nursing in Georgia

  • BSC course in Nursing is for the period of 3 years
  • Other courses in Nursing vary in length
  • Many of the courses relating to nursing offered by different universities in Georgia are of 2 years
  • The students who complete the three year course can apply for NCLEX-RN

The Medium of Teaching of BSC Nursing in Georgia

  • The universities in Georgia offer various courses in English
  • Georgia offers English Medium Education for Domestic and International students
  • It is beneficial for international and Indian students to complete nursing from universities in Georgia
  • The local students communicate in English and Georgian
  • Students have to learn some of the local languages to be able to communicate with the locals

Intake of BSC Nursing Course in Georgia

  • The input for nursing for universities in Georgia begins from February
  • The students have to apply months in advance to score a seat in the best universities in Georgia
  • The students can check for admission from the official website of the university
  • The students may also apply through credible third-party websites
  • Study Europe is one such website that guides students who aim for nursing to pursue their dream

Eligibility Criteria for Bsc Nursing in Georgia

Listed below are some points that disclose the eligibility criterion for nursing students:

  • Admissions in Nursing are based on your GPA
  • Specific program GPA is evaluated for the students to make sure that they are eligible to pursue the course
  • Out of 4.0 GPA the students must have at least 3.0 GPA to gain admission in Georgian Universities
  • The calculation of GPA is based on the number of completed coursework
  • The student also must have had science and English in their +2
  • The students also must have 80% marks in aggregate in their higher secondary

Required Documents for BSC Nursing in Georgia

The documents required for admission in Georgia with Nursing are as follows:

  • Mark sheet and pass certificate of class 10
  • Mark sheet and pass certificate of quality 12
  • Duly filled the form of the application
  • Passport with validity of over 18 months
  • Medical certificate of the candidate
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Application for students VISA
  • All these documents must be translated and notarized in the Georgian Language
  • 5 Passport size photographs
  • The students must also submit the copy of passport translated and notarized in the Georgian Language
  • Payment of 120 GEL to National Centre Account
  • The student must also record a video interview to get admission to Universities in Georgia

Step by Step Admission Procedure for BSc Nursing in Georgia

Given below is the step by step admission procedure for students who wish to make a career in nursing:

  • The students must apply to the universities in Georgia that offer nursing courses
  • The student must take note of when the un universities open application
  • There is a high demand for Georgian Universities. Therefore the students must apply months in advance
  • The student has to fill the application form
  • The application form must be backed by various documents that reflect the academic details of the student
  • The student must have their documents translated and notarized in Georgian
  • The verification process takes a few weeks; the student must wait for the confirmation
  • The student is notified on behalf of the university of he/ she is selected
  • The student must take the Acceptance Letter next
  • For Embassy letters the student has to transfer at least $1,000 of tuition fees in the university account
  • The cost is refundable.
  • After the payment of the fee, the student may go on to apply for VISA
  • Right after the student gets his/ her VISA, she/ he may go on to book the flight tickers

Video Interview is Conducted

  • A video must be recorded in the landscape mode
  • The duration of the video has to be more than 5 minutes
  • The students must make sure that the quality of the video is high
  • The students must have at least 200 MB of excellence in the video
  • The face of the applicant must be visible in the video clearly

Admission Process

  • The admission process has already been discussed in the paragraph before
  • Admission to Universities in Georgia would require you to learn some local languages to communicate
  • You can learn some local words at the university itself

Why Nursing in Georgia?

  • Georgia is one of the best destinations in the world to pursue various courses
  • Indian students, you want to take up nursing in Georgia, you must apply to Nursing Universities
  • Georgian universities are some of the best low-cost options for Indian students
  • Students in India are often unable to score a seat in universities in India due to stiff competition
  • Private universities in India are too expensive for students to afford to study
  • Private universities in India do not have much experience in training students
  • On the other hand, Georgian universities are some of the best universities when it comes to education
  • Some of the best Georgian universities are acknowledged worldwide
  • Universities in Georgia have been shaping the careers of students for many years
  • Nursing students can also benefit from stellar faculty
  • Nursing students also get to practice with modern types of equipment and devices
  • Nursing students also get to do internships while studying
  • Universities in Georgia prepares the students to appear for NCLEX-RN after graduation

Georgia Nursing Education System

  • Nursing is one of the most in-demand courses in Georgia
  • Nursing courses are for 3 years
  • Included in these three years are six semesters
  • Nursing students also have to go through a period of practical training

Scholarships for Studying Nursing in Georgia

  • International students can go for scholarships in Georgian Universities
  • The students have to make sure that they talk to the university authorities to know about awards
  • The students can also apply through the official university website for the scholarship

Educational Loan for Indian Students in Georgia

  • Educational Loan for Nursing Students is easily available in Georgia
  • Nursing students studying in Georgia are eligible to apply for state loans
  • Students can also apply for private loans in Georgia
  • The fixed rate of interest for state-granted students loans is 1%
  • Private loans also come with a low price of interest for students studying in Georgia.

Career Scopes after BSc Nursing in Georgia

  • Nursing students in various universities in Georgia are trained by some of the best faculties in the world
  • The students get multiple internships and job opportunities in some of the best institutes in the world
  • The students have a flexible career option studying in some of the best universities in Georgia
  • The universities in Georgia have tie-ups with various other universities across the globe
  • Therefore, the students can score internships and jobs in countries like UK, USA, and Canada

Studying Nursing in Georgia for Indian Students

  • Nursing in Georgia is one of the best career options for Indian students
  • Georgia has some of the best education systems in the world
  • Indian students get high-quality education in some of the best colleges in the world
  • Nursing students in Georgia get the benefit of studying in the colleges with the best infrastructure
  • There are various teaching institutes affiliated to Georgian colleges
  • These institutes teach a plethora of nursing students each year
  • The students also get to roam around the Country and explore rich culture and heritage

Recognition of Georgia Medical Universities

  • The top Georgian Universities are some of the most recognized universities across the globe
  • Recognizes universities in Georgia
  • The World Health Organization also recognizes some of the best universities
  • Universities also have been accredited by FAIMER
  • Universities across the world recognize the best universities for Nursing

Things you Should Know Before Applying for Nursing in Georgia

  • You must know about the various universities in Georgia and the courses on the offer
  • You must also be aware of the teaching methods, and the patter of education
  • Get feedback from students in the previous batches in the University
  • Also, to evaluate how the university is, you must check out the reviews and ratings online.
  • Make sure that you have the basic idea about the course and the duration of the course
  • If you are looking for scholarships and financial aids, you must know the procedure to apply for them

Benefits of studying Nursing in Georgia for Indian Students

  • There are a plethora of benefits of studying in the best Georgian Universities
  • If you are studying Nursing in the best universities in Georgia, you can find various job opportunities
  • The students in Georgia get to enjoy students living in the best way possible
  • The students get to travel all around the world
  • The students also get to live in Europe and get an insight into the European way of living
  • The students get low-cost accommodations and facilities that are hard to find in other countries
  • The students can also stay back in Georgia after completion of their education
  • The students may also move to countries abroad and practice with international institutes
  • Indian students can return to India after the end of Education

Disadvantages of Nursing in Georgia

  • Besides the advantages, there are various other disadvantages of studying in Georgia
  • One of the major disadvantages of studying in Georgia is homesickness
  • The students often feel homesick and therefore might want to go back home frequently
  • One another problem of Nursing in Georgia is communication
  • The students struggle to catch up with the locals as they communicate in Georgian
  • The students have to learn local languages to understand and communicate better
  • The faculty in Georgia is also no fluent in English
  • Therefore, the students may have trouble understanding and interacting with the professors

Vacations During Bsc Nursing in Georgia

  • The students get to enjoy summer vacations in Summer in Georgian Universities
  • The students can choose to stay in Georgia
  • Indian students can go back to India s well
  • Indian students have the option of getting their internships done from India itself
  • The students also get winter vacations in some of the best universities in Georgia
  • The students also get to enjoy various college festivals
  • Students in Georgian Universities are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities
  • The students also get to go for excursions from the university

NCLEX-RN Passing Percentage after Completion of Nursing in Georgia

  • The Georgian board requires Universities to maintain 80% pass rates for NCLEX-RN tests
  • Some of the universities have much lower pass rates
  • But the students are trained thoroughly to crack the examination easily
  • The students can also practice nursing in other countries after completion of the course from Georgia

About Georgia

Language Georgian
CurrencyGeorgian Lari
ReligionMajority Georgian Orthodox Christians
ClimateHumid Subtropical Climate
Exchange Rate 1 Georgian Lari = 24 INR
Time Difference from India + 1.30
Travel time from Delhi 22 hours from Delhi
  • Georgia is a country Europe
  • There is a debate on whether Georgia belongs to Asia or Europe
  • Georgia indeed is a part of Europe with deep culture and history
  • Mountains surround Georgia and marked by the Caucus Mountains
  • Georgia is one of the most religious countries in the world
  • Since the last few years, Georgia has been the student’s paradise
  • Students come to Georgia from all around the globe for pursuing higher education in Universities in Georgia
  • Georgia has a number of monasteries has forests
  • The students can explore them and a lot more in Georgia
  • There is no shortage of museums in Georgia for the students to explore
  • The students can also enjoy Georgian cuisines which are tasty but bit too salty
  • Indian food is also available near the universities
  • The students in the universities also get to enjoy Indian food cooked by expert chefs

How Safe is Georgia for Indian Students?

  • Georgia is a safe country for students who come to study from foreign countries
  • The students coming from India do not have any problem adjusting with the country
  • But the students must be careful in the first year of college
  • The students also must have a map with them always so that they do not get lost
  • The students also must keep their navigation on wherever they go
  • The students must refrain from getting out alone at night
  • The students also have to make sure that they refrain from traveling to places alone

Accommodation for Bsc Nursing Students in Georgia

  • The students get excellent accommodation facilities in Universities in Georgia
  • The students in the universities pursuing Nursing gets to stay in university hostels
  • The universities offer single and shared accommodations to students
  • The students have to pay the fee for the universities along with the tuition fee
  • The students also get free kitchen spacers to cook their food
  • The students are provided with well-furnished apartment-like structure
  • The hostels have basic amenities like laundry service, cleaning service, etc.
  • The students can also find other accommodation facilities around the university campus

FAQ about Nursing Course in Georgia

Here is a list,  are some of the most common questions to ask if you want to pursue nursing in Georgia:

Q.1) Is it tough to get admission in Nursing in Georgia?

  • No, the students from Indian and other countries quickly get admission to top universities in Georgia.
  • If your mark sheet reflects the best of your abilities-
  • You can easily land a seat in one of the best Georgian colleges for nursing.
  • All you have to do is apply to the college you desire and carry out the application procedure as prescribed.

Q.2) Can I get Indian Food in or near the university?

  • The students can quickly get Indian food in the university canteen
  • The students can also find various kiosks with Indian food
  • Some restaurants offer low-cost Indian food for students
  • The students also get to have kitchen spaces available to them so that they can cook their food

Q.3) What is the duration of nursing courses in Georgia?

  • Nursing courses are offered for three years duration.
  • The students can also find nursing related courses for the duration of 1 and 2 years

Q.4) Can the Indian students do internships from India?

  • Yes, the students from India are allowed to do internships in India
  • The students can do the courses during their vacation in India
  • The students also receive various Opportunities for courses while in college

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