Dentistry Course in Georgia

Introduction about BDS / Dentistry Course in Georgia

Dentistry Course in GeorgiaAre you planning to study dentistry from a foreign university?  Do you want to serve the best oral care services to all? Then it is the best place to fulfil your dream. The universities of Georgia offer you the best dentistry course. Here, you will get a healthy study environment. The amalgamation of different cultures helps you to explore your personal skills. Gradually it has become a booming hub among the medical aspirants due to its world class infrastructure.

That is why every year, many students from all over the world come here to study dentistry. The Unique practical session provides you with the best possible learning opportunities here. The course fee, living cost is cheaper here than that of others.

The Georgian universities have made their admission process simple for the candidates. The Interview process conducted by dental department helps you to feel determined, comfortable with your course.

Courses offered by Georgian Medical Universities

The medical universities of Georgia offer various types of medical courses to the students

  • You will be provided with the courses of medical specialization also
  • The medical institutions of this country offer the dentistry courses for 5 years
  • The universities will provide you with the opportunity of 4 years of pharmacy course
  • Though the duration of the medical courses may vary on the different medical colleges

Duration of Studying Dentistry Course  in Georgia

  • The study duration of the dentistry courses may vary in different universities
  • Generally, in few universities of Georgia, it will take 5-6 years to complete the course
  • Few universities offer the dentistry course for 4-5 years
  • The students are given the opportunity for practising for 1 year
  • It will be given to the students to provide them practical knowledge about dentistry

Medium of Teaching While Studying Dentistry Course in Georgia

  • The medium of teaching is English
  • Therefore, the Indian students will not face any issue of language barrier here
  • There is a scope for the students to learn new languages
  • It will help the students with effective communication during the internship time

Intake for Dentistry Course in Georgia

The intake for the dentistry course is little bit different based on the different colleges.

  • Generally the study intake for dentistry courses opens for three times in a year
  • Usually, the admission starts from the month of October, November 8, 2019
  • In few colleges, the intake for this course generally starts from the month of March

Eligibility Criteria for Dentistry Course in Georgia

If you want to do specialization on the dentistry then you need to follow some criteria. The eligibility criteria for the dentistry course are given below:

  • The eligibility criteria of this course may vary based on different universities
  • The global candidates need to score at least 60 % score to get admission for this course
  • The eligible international candidates with the good score will be allowed to take dentistry admission
  • If you have read in American college then you need to study for the 90 semester hour
  • The student who have already achieved baccalaureate degree can apply for dentistry course here
  • The desired candidates must have read science background in the 12the examination
  • The candidates must have studied inorganic chemistry or general chemistry with lab for 1 year
  • The overall minimum GPA of the candidates should be 2.8
  • The average score of the interested candidates need to be 3.62
  • You have to score 3.56 in the whole science subjects
  • The candidates shave to study one year of organic chemistry also with the knowledge in lab
  • One academic year with lab is needed for applying for the dentistry course here
  • In the few colleges, the candidates what have read biochemistry without lab can also apply for the same
  • Apart from this, the students need to read physics for 1 semester or two quarters with lab
  • One of English is required for applying the same course in this country
  • DAT is needed also.
  • The candidates have to give the language test for effective communication
  • There are some universities in Georgia that will not ask you for the entrance exam

Required Documents For Dentistry Course Admission In Georgia 2020

The medical students who wish to study dentistry from this country need to go for proper documentation

  • The desired candidates need to submit the scanned copies of the overall academic performances
  • The academic record of GPA of the science subjects is needed for the submission
  • The score card of the Dental Admission Test is required for the submission
  • You have to submit the letters of evaluation
  • The candidates are asked for the exposure of the dentist-patient interaction.
  • If you are interested in research then research experience is required.
  • The eligible candidates are asked to submit the evidence of the manual dexterity
  • You need to submit the certificates of the previous degree
  • The interested candidates need to submit the school leaving certificate
  • Need to have valid passport
  • Recommendation letter is required
  • Passport sized photo
  • Health certificate
  • Birth certificate is mandatory for the age proof
  • Law verification certificates are needed for the international candidates

Admission Process for Dentistry Course Admission in Georgia

The admission process of Georgia medical university is very simple to follow. The candidates have to ensure certain things for getting dentistry admission here. The following steps are:

  • The students must have to give the Dental Admission Test as it is mandatory for dentistry admission
  • The interested medical students have to apply through the online portal of the university
  • The students must apply for the visa for getting admission here
  • The students have to submit all the required documents for the admission
  • After getting the confirmation letter from the university you are ready to go to Georgia
  • Moreover, the candidates may have to appear for the video interview
  • On the other hand, you may be asked for the general interview
  • The students have to qualify the interview session for getting admission here.
  • Generally, the interview holds in between September and December
  • The final decision of the admission will be judged on the grade point average

Why Study Dentistry Course in Georgia?

You may think that why should you opt for this country for dentistry courses? Why do not you choose the other countries? There are some major advantages that you will get only in this country. The various advantages of studying in this country have been given below.

  • Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world
  • So, you will not face any safety issue here
  • The cost of dentistry is cheaper in this country
  • You do not have to spend much on the living cost also
  • The Georgian universities provides the accommodation facility to the students
  • Here, the candidates will get Indian food.
  • In addition to this, you will get the facility of education loan
  • There are many popular medical universities in this country
  • The students will get the best quality medical education here
  • The expert’s lecturers, professors guide the candidates in professional skill development
  • On the other hand, the renowned faculties guide you about the maintenance of the oral hygiene
  • The medical institution offers the candidates the facility of scholarship
  • Moreover, the Georgian Government also provides the scholarship schemes to the candidates
  • Here, you will get the chance of international exposure here
  • The students can do the higher studies in this country
  • If you want you can opt for the PhD course here
  • The cost of food is lower here
  • In addition to this, you do not have to give any donation to get admission in this country
  • The well equipped library helps you to acquire depth knowledge in your study
  • The cozy atmosphere of this country never makes you feel homesick
  • Here, he students will can join any government hospital , private nursing home  as a dentist
  • You can start private practice here

Georgia Dentistry Education System

The universities of Georgia offer the international standard education to the students

  • Here, the healthy balance has been maintained among the theory, practical training
  • In the beginning of the course , the students are taught the fundamental subjects of medical
  • Then you have  acquire depth knowledge in your subjects
  • There are particular hours have been fixed for practical training
  • During the course, the students are taught deeply about the oral hygiene
  • Here, the eminent faculty will teach you that how you can prevent the gum diseases
  • You will be given special training on both the pre clinical, clinical dentistry

Scholarships for Studying Dentistry in Georgia

The students who will pursue their career in dentistry from here will get the opportunity of scholarship

  • A wide range of scholarship facilities are available for the students
  • This scholarship program helps the students to cover their tuition fee
  • The Georgian Government also offer the scholarship incentive to the students
  • The dentistry students will have the chance to get National Health Service Corps Scholarship
  • Here, you will be given full tuition scholarship
  • Here is the opportunity to get the Health professions scholarships for the students of dentistry

Education Loan Assistance for Indian Students

If you wish to study dentistry here then it is the best option for you.

  • Here, you will get the facility of students loan
  • As a loan you will get up to 4.5 lakhs  to study
  • The Georgian dentistry universities help you to get the loan by providing you necessary documents
  • Even, the state of Georgia also offer two types of loan to the students
  • The matter of student loan is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission
  • The loan period of this country is up to 10 years
  • To avail the loan, the students need to drop application to Federal Student Aid
  • There are many institutions that will provide you with the private loan

PG Options after Dentistry Course in Georgia

The medical universities of Georgia offer ample opportunity of doing higher studies here

  • Therefore, if you want you can get the chance to do higher studies in medicine in this country
  • The medical graduates can join  post graduation option here
  • You can do post graduation in dentistry course here
  • You just need to have good score in the examination of DAT
  • Few universities takes extra entrance exam for dentistry course

Career Scope after Dentistry Course in Georgia

  • There are many scope for dentistry candidates in this country
  • After the completion of your courses of dentistry you can opt for post graduation
  • If you want you can join any university affiliated hospitals, nursing home as a  dentist
  • On the other hand, the student can start practicing in their native land
  • You will be given handsome salary for the post of dentistry

Dentistry Course Syllabus in Georgia

The syllabus of the dentistry courses in Georgia is almost same for all universities.

In the first two years the students have to learn about the fundamentals of the medical elements During these periods the candidates are taught the basic biological elements of dentistry. In the third year to fifth year the medical students have to give more focus on the clinical practice of dentistry. The dental faculties provides special pre clinical dentistry training to the candidates.

The fundamental subjects that have been taught to the 1st year of students are:

  • Histology
  • Georgian language
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Embryology
  • English Language for Medics (C1/1)
  • Human Anatomy
  • Medical Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Genetics
  • English Language for Medics (C1/2)
  • Molecular Biology
  • Georgian, as a second language II
  • Human Physiology

 The syllabus for the 2nd year students is given below:

  • Physiology
  • medical law
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Bioethics
  • Patient care
  • Therapeutic Dentistry I (propaedeutic)
  • Pharmacology for Dentists
  • Dental Surgery (propaedeutic)
  • Pediatric Dentistry II ( Prophylaxis of Dental Diseases Part II)
  • Prosthetic Dentistry I (propaedeutic)
  • Prosthetic Dentistry II (Fixed Prosthodontics Part I)
  • Microbiology
  • Dental Surgery II (Odontogenic diseases)
  • Dental Materials
  • Therapeutic Dentistry
  • Dental Materials
  • First Aid

The core subjects that the 3rd year medical students have to study are given below:

  • Professional Communication
  • Radiology (Rotation)
  • Haematology
  • Endocrinology
  • Surgical Dentistry III (Non-odontogenic maxillofacial diseases) (Rotation)
  • Otorhinolaryngology (Rotation)
  • Therapeutic Dentistry IV (Endodontics Part II) (Rotation)
  • Prosthetic Dentistry IV (Removable partial dental prostheses Part I) (Rotation)
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Dentists
  • Paediatric Dentistry III (Rotation)
  • Medical Psychology
  • Venereology
  • Therapeutic Dentistry III (Endodontics Part I) (Rotation)
  • Dermatology
  • Prosthetic Dentistry III (Fixed Prosthodontics Part II) (Rotation)
  • Phthisiology (Tuberculosis) (Rotation)
  • Dental Surgery IV (TMJ disorders) (Rotation)
  • Paediatric Dentistry IV (Endodontics) (Rotation)

The syllabus in the 4th year of dentistry course is given below:

  • Pediatrics for Dentists (Rotation)
  • Ophthalmology (Rotation)
  • Therapeutic Dentistry V (Preclinical parodontology) (Rotation)
  • Prosthetic Dentistry V (Removable partial dental prostheses Part II) (Rotation)
  • Health Care Management
  • Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases
  • Therapeutic Dentistry VI (Clinical Parodontology) (Rotation)
  • Neurology
  • Orthodontics I (propaedeutic) (Rotation)
  • Dental Surgery V (Maxillofacial oncology part I) (Rotation)
  • Paediatric Dentistry V (Periodontology) (Rotation)
  • Dental Management of Medically Complex Patients (Rotation)
  • Dental Allergology
  • Dental Surgery VI (Maxillofacial oncology part II) (Rotation)

The subjects of the 5th year students are :

  • Neck Oncology
  • Orthodontics III (Craniofacial anomalies and their treatment methods) (Rotation)
  • Dental Surgery VII (Perio Surgery) (Rotation)
  • Paediatric Dentistry VII, (Infections of Oral Mucosa) and Paediatric Oral and Maxilla-Facial Surgery Part I (Rotation)
  • Reanimatology
  • Therapeutic Dentistry VIII (Diseases of Oral Mucosa Part II) (Rotation)
  • Prosthetic Dentistry VIII (Implant Dentistry) (Rotation)
  • Head
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Allergology
  • Therapeutic Dentistry VII (Diseases of Oral Mucosa Part I) (Rotation)
  • Prosthetic Dentistry VII (Removable complete dentures and maxillofacial prosthetics) (Rotation)
  • Surgery
  • Orthodontics IV (Adult orthodontics) (Rotation)
  • Dental Surgery VIII (Implant Dentistry) (Rotation)
  • Paediatrics Dentistry VIII (Oncology of oral mucosa) and Paediatrics oral and maxilla-facial surgery Part II (Rotation)

Studying Dentistry in Georgia for Indian Students

Here is ample of opportunity for the students who wish to study dentistry here

  • The Indian students do not have to give any kind of commission for getting dentistry admission
  • The fee structure is cheaper here in comparison with others
  • The Indian students need not to worry about the safety in this country
  • The practical training of dentistry helps you to build up your practical skills
  • Here, you will get the Indian mess facility
  • The Indian food is available here from the Indian candidates

Recognition of Georgia Medical Universities

The Georgian medical universities are recognized by many prominent medical bodies. Here is the list of the medical bodies.

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Dental Council of India (DCI)
  • Ministry of Education Georgia
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • The association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
  • Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (IMED)
  • The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Things you Should Know Before Applying Dentistry Course in Georgia

If you want to choose dentistry as your career then you need to know about certain things. You need to check that it will be safe for your career or not.

  • You need to know about the medical universities of  Georgia
  • It is important to know that types of facilities they will provide in dentistry courses
  • The candidates have to know about the fee structure before applying for the course of dentistry
  • It is essential to check that the chosen university is recognized by MCI or not
  • The pass records in the dentistry course is mandatory
  • You need to gather information about the career scope after dentistry course here
  • The salary provided here for dentistry is important to you
  • The most important fact that you must know that there is any opportunity  for self employment or not
  • You need to be aware of the fraud agencies who assure you with the bright career

Benefits of Dentistry Course in Georgia For Indian Students 2020

There are many benefits for the dentistry candidates in this country

  • Here, the candidates will get the high quality medical education
  • The well equipped practical classes helps the students to enrich their practical knowledge
  • The international partnership helps you to get global exposure
  • The various types of doctoral program helps you to gain knowledge about the oral hygiene
  • The  dentistry fee cost is lower here
  • The students have to pay only 5500 USD per year
  • The cost of living is also cheaper here than other countries
  • Here, the students will be given the facility of scholarship
  • The students can do higher education in dentistry here
  • The expert guidance of the faculties help you to gain knowledge in clinical dentistry
  • It is the safest place for the Indian students to study

Disadvantages of Dentistry from Georgia For Indian Students 2020

If you have decided that you will study dentistry in Georgia, you need to know about disadvantages also. There are few disadvantages of studying in this country. If you want to know this you have check below section for the same.

  • Though the atmosphere of Georgia is amazing but the Indian student may face problem during winter
  • The winter temperature is lower here than India
  • The students may face the issue of language barrier
  • There are two languages such as Georgian, Abkhaz in this country
  • So, he candidates have to learn one of these to make hassle free communication with the locals
  • There is no Embassy in India for Georgia so, you may face issue with the visa application
  • The visa issue process is quite long here
  • Another major problem this country does not have vast population
  • So, there will be problem of patient flow here
  • There are many fraud agents who can misguide the students
  • Therefore, you have to be aware of all these things before applying here for dentistry course

Vacations During Dentistry Course in Georgia

The period of vacations is almost same in all the medical colleges of Georgia

  • The students are given the holidays during the winter time here
  • You will also enjoy the summer vacation here
  • There are many local holidays in this country
  • Even, you will be given public holidays also.
  • The candidates will get vacation on new years
  • You will get holiday on 25th December
  • In the month of January you will get the facility of baptism day
  • There are some holidays for religious purpose also
  • The students will can get back to home to enjoy the vacation period

FMGE Passing Percentage after Completion of Dentistry in Georgia

  • The FMGEs examination is not so easy to clear
  • Most of the students fail to clear
  • Very few can secure 50 % marks in this examination
  • As per the records, the passing percentage of FMGE has increased a little in this country
  • In the year of 2016-2017, near about 698 candidates appear in this exam from this country
  • The percentage of passed candidates is 18.7 %

About Georgia

Georgia is one of the beautiful countries that are located in the Caucasus region. It is mainly situated near the cost of the black sea. The capital of this beautiful country is Tbilisi. It is considered as the safest country in the world.  The natural beauty of this country never makes you feel bore here. That is why gradually it has become booming hub for the medical aspirants. The world class education structure provides the depth education to the students.


  • The majority of people near about 86 % of the population speaks in this language
  • There are near about 14 languages in this country
  • Near about 6.2 % people in this country speaks in Azerbaijani
  • 6 % people in this country communicate in Russian language
  • English is spoken in the Government works, universities
  • There are many other minority languages that have been spoken here
  • The minority languages are Assyrian, Urum, Svan etc.


  • The national currency of this country is Georgian Lari
  • Therefore, the exchange rate is GEL here
  • The symbol of Georgian Lari is ₾
  • So, 1 Georgian Lari is equal to 24.14 Indian rupees.


  • As per the collected data the current population of this country is 3,994, 056
  • The population percentage of Georgia is equal to 0.05 % of the total world population
  • This country has got the rank of 132 based on the population
  • The density of population of this country is 58 per square kilometer
  • The percentage of population in the urban area is 57.7 %
  • The median age of this country is 37.8 years


  • Here, near about 80 % of people believes in Christianity
  • There are 65 % of people follow Greek orthodoxy as their religion
  • Near about 11 % are Muslims in this country
  • The percentage of the Russian Orthodox is 10 %
  • Few people like 8 %of this country believes in Armenian apostolic
  • Only 6 % people of this country believes in Catholic, Jew and in Baptist


  • Therefore, here it is  the continental climate
  • The level of humidity is not so high of this country
  • The average temperature during the summer time ranges between 20 degree C to 24 degree C
  • The normal temperature during the winter season remains between 2-4o C
  • The average rainfall of this country is 500-800 per annum
  • The coldest month of this country is January
  • Likewise, July is the hottest month here
  • Though the temperature may duffer based on the hilly regions


  • There are varieties of food available in this country
  • Walnut, aromatic herbs are majorly used in making of delicious dishes here
  • Here, you can get abundance of meats, vegetables and various types cheese

Time difference from India

  • The time difference between these two countries is little
  • In the case of time, India is 1 hour 30 minutes faster than that of Georgia
  • Therefore, if it is 1:27 pm  in Georgia
  • The time of India will be 2:57 pm

How Safe is Georgia?

Georgia is such a country that is still considered as the safest country in the world.

  • You will never face any kind of safety issue in this country
  • The Government pays more focus on the security factor of the students.
  • As per the records there is no such crime record has been found in this country
  • In addition to this, there is no such crime record has been found in this country
  • On the other hand, the locals of this country are very helpful and friendly by nature

Accommodation for Dentistry Students in Georgia

The students of the dentistry courses do not have to worry about accommodation here

  • The universities of this country offer hostel facility to the students
  • You do not need to pay much for having the hostel facility
  • If you want you can get shared room here
  • The students will get the facility of having private apartment
  • Though the price of the private apartment are negotiable
  • Moreover, the hostel rooms are well furnished with all the necessary amenities
  • You will get all the basic facility here
  • There are few dentistry colleges that will not charge you extra for accessing internet services
  • On the other hand, the candidates will get the shared kitchen facility here
  • The Indian students will get the facility of Indian food.


Q.1) What is the course duration for dentistry in Georgia?

The dentistry course duration is 5 years. You will be given the practical classes, internship facility also.

Q.2) What about the medium of instruction here?

The medium of teaching is English here.

Q.3) Is it compulsory to learn Georgian language?

No. it is not compulsory here to learn local languages. However, if you learn it will help you in dealing with the patient?

Q.4) Can the students join in hospital as a dentist in Georgia after the completion of the course?

Yes, the students can join in hospitals as a dentist after the course here.

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