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Engineering in Europe

Is pursuing an engineering degree from abroad is your long time dream? Do you have any plan as to how to proceed further?  Well, if you are interested in pursuing your engineering degree from Europe then we are here to help you out. Here at we provide guidance to each and every student who seeks our help. Our team of experts has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Europe always has been one of the popular study abroad destinations for Indian students. Europe offers a very high standard education quality to students. Europe has a rich education history. Hence many international students prefer Europe over any other country. Europe offers a wide range of engineering course both in bachelor and master level. The course of engineering teaches you to design models, prototyping, optimization, innovation of machines and systems. In addition to this, you will learn a wide variety of topics, such as mathematics, designing and advanced problem solving method.

Once you complete your engineering degree from one of the European universities, you will get a lot of job opportunities in Europe.  Their engineering degrees are recognized all over the world. Another positive thing about doing engineering in Europe is that they offer various government scholarships and different universities’ scholarships to international students.

Advantages of Engineering in Europe

  • European universities charge low tuition fees
  • Various scholarship opportunities for Engineering students
  • The medium of instruction is English for International students
  • Attend top ranked engineering/ technical universities in Europe
  • Students enjoy a low cost of living
  • Research and collaboration with the engineering industry
  • Choose from a variety range of engineering degrees in European universities
  • European universities cover a diverse and international environment
  • Opportunities to work in Europe
  • High standard living in Europe

Admission Procedure

If you are looking to apply in European Universities to pursue your engineering degree, then here is admission procedure to be followed. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process without any nuisance.

Let us tell you about the entire admission process.

  1. Have educational documents and transcriptional of records certified
  2. Send documents to university’s admission office
  3. University send documents for recognition
  4. Recognition takes almost 1 month time
  5. If educational documents are recognised, official university Invitation letter will be sent to the student
  6. Student accepts Invitation letter
  7. University informs about residence permit (RP) application process
  8. Students submit required documents to respective Embassies of the country

Documents to Be Procured

These are the necessary documents needed for the visa to study post graduation in Europe:

  • A legitimate travel report/identification (At minimum 3 months up to its lapse date)
  • A Documentation to demonstrate your plan to stay in Europe: You may exhibit the accompanying as a proof of methods for subsistence: trade out convertible money, explorer checks, cheque books for a remote cash account, charge cards or whatever other implies that ensures subsidizes in hard cash.
  • Confirmation with respect to your convenience: This isn’t really required in the event that the students demonstrate that he/she will have adequate assets to keep up themselves amid their stay in the remote Schengen nation.
  • Two current international ID estimated photographs (Appropriate for the assigned government office/department)
  • Travel schedule
  • Medical/travel protection legitimate for your whole remain in the Schengen nation
  • Letter of acknowledgement from your college
  • A bank receipt to demonstrate you have paid the handling charge

List of Top Engineering Institutions in Europe

 Serial NumberInstitution
1Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL)
2University College London
3Pierre and Marie Curie University
4Technical University of Denmark
5Catholic University of Louvain
6University of Genoa
7University of Oxford
8University of Lund
9Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH)
10University of Cambridge
11University of Uppsala
12Imperial College London
13University of Birmingham
14Free University of Brussels
15University of Padua
16University of Paris XI
17University of Twente
18University of Bristol
19Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
20Aalto University School of Science and Technology

Indian Students in Germany

European universities are perfect choice for those who are looking to pursue engineering degree abroad. European universities have proved themselves to give utmost priorities to international students. Once you are in Europe part-time jobs and internships offer a perfect opportunity to make professional contacts and earn some extra money.

Student life in Europe varies from country to country and certainly the price depends in the specific cities. Students frequently go to University residencies and dorm which is safe and affordable, however for such, one has to book months in advance and there is no concept of privacy. Livelihood in EU countries on own is expensive. It depends on the nation where you live; the students will probably pay 185 to 345 Euros monthly for accommodation. The rental prices in some large countries like UK, Switzerland, Italy or France are much higher in comparison. The aforesaid amount is applicable for the students who tend to share their apartment with friends or roommates, which obviously help your budget. Obviously, it would be better to stay with your native roommates to accommodate with you that will help you to introduce with other local people.

Life in Europe for Indian and other international students are very fascinating and they enjoy every bit of it.  The Europe is extremely student friendly and there’s a piece for everyone and the, the fun lovers, the hikers, the explorers and the solitarians. Every city in different country has diverse vibes; some of them are quiet and secluded while others are loud and tremendously vivid. Europe offers an international cocktail. You will also find various Indian restaurants in different cities of Europe. European loves their daily outdoor activities to keep fit and fine. All the extravagant gardens and parks give you an allusion of the purity of the green area in the region. With your student visa you can travel to more than 25 European countries.  Travelling across European countries will provide you a true feel of what Europe is about the magic small towns having early castles and conventional way of life are the great example lifestyle in the European Countries without all the technological progress. Another factual benefit of accommodating in Europe is the excellent, efficient, fast and safe transit of the nation. Students should have to buy 50 euro cards, the pass to travel in public transit in European countries.

The Indian Embassies located in different countries of Europe always extend their help to Indian students. There are several Indian students’ communities in different parts of Europe. They are often seen celebrating Indian festivals and cultures.

One of majorly popular countries in Europe among Indian students is Germany. Life in Germany is rather affordable for a student. First and most important thing is that the education system of Germany provides free education in which most people of the colleges don’t require lessons charges for either the natives or the worldwide students. While, the training expenses at the personal Universities can pass up to 20000 Euros yearly. The semester contribution around a hundred-one hundred fifty Euros relying on the federation, the administrative price from 50 to 70 Euros, the citizenship allow and visa prices relying from the scholars’ nationality and the medical health insurance that’s a need to. In Germany you could choose between public and private medical insurance but the public offer is by way of a ways extra cheap. No university will ever take delivery of you without the medical insurance papers submitted. The loveliness residue in fact that once you have paid the contribution for your semester it includes public delivery across the metropolitan area you live in that is why several Indian MBBS aspirants select Germany among European countries to pursue their international degree for Engineering curriculum.

European Credit / Balance Transfer System

European credit/balance transfer system is known as ECTS the full form is European Credit Transfer and accumulation System. It is a kind of credit system which is designed for international students to make their transactions easier among various Nations. Hence, they stand upon the learning accomplishments and efficiency of MBBS course, the student can exchange their ECTS points or creditsfrom one medical school or university to other colleges or universities so they can add the contribute to an individual’s MBBS degree program.

ECTS assists MBBS students to make their MBBS courses student-centric. It is the principal tool when it comes to the Process of Bologna, which focuses to create national fund transfer systems more appropriate.

ECTS also helps with the planning, delivery and evaluation of study programs, and makes them more transparent.

How does it work?

ECTS credits signify the load or stress of courses of study and elaborate the learning results (“what the MBBS graduate understands and is capable to perform”) of a given MBBS program. If an MBBS student acquires 60 credits then it is equivalent to the complete year of work. In an average medical year, 60 credits usually divided into smaller modules.

A classic “first cycle” (or MBBS) Degree, contains 180 – 240 credits, whereas a Master’s (MD/MS) Degree, contains of 90 – 120 credits, having minimum 60 credits at master’s degree. The importance of ECTS at the PhD level differs. ECTS is famous and accepted in several countries in the European Union for higher education, whereas, (EHEA), and is progressively used other countries.

 The Services Offered By

  • If the students have any doubts about the course or the university, we provide immediate support via phone, email, and visits.
  • We help the students in choosing the right course in the right university.
  • We provide support in filling up the admission form with proper documentation.
  • We provide support in forwarding the form to the concerned university and keep the student in the loop with the replies that the university has provided.
  • We receive the offer letter from the university on the behalf of the student making it an even easier process for the student.
  • We provide assistance in applying for the educational loan.
  • We help in filing for the visa and provide support for getting the visa.
  • We provide airport pick and drop facility in India as well as in Europe via our representatives from the university.
  • We arrange for the accommodation in the university.
  • We provide assistance in the medical test required by the university on arrival of the student.
  • We help in getting the student ID card, opening a bank account and settling down.
  • We provide assistance in arranging rooms for female students separately.
  • We provide visa renewal support as well.
  • We provide assistance in arranging flights to home country for the holidays.

If you are a prospective student seeking admission in top engineering and medical universities for Engineering in Europe or MBBS in Europe or other foreign countries and belong to countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Malaysia, Israel, Namibia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, other Arab Countries, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia along with Turkey, Singapore, Zambia, South Africa, other African Countries, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe then feel free to get in touch with us to clear all your doubts. We at, focus on being your trusted ally for all your admission related queries on pursuing an Engineering degree in Abroad.