MBA in Italy

Study MBA in Italy – The Best Choice for the Management Students

MBA in ItalyItaly is primarily known for the fashion industry; however one notable fact is that this country is also known for some of the best MBA schools. The advanced infrastructure and the upgraded curriculum being offered by the country is one of the reasons why students from different parts of the world gets attracted to the MBA courses. Get set for the bright career with endless success in the modern day life.

The business schools in Italy are the best business schools in the world. Some of the top business personalities of the world have completed their business education from this part of the world. This is one of the reasons why the students from different parts of the world gets attracted to the MBA programmes that are being offered in the country.

Reasons to Study in Italy

There are several reasons why Italy is chosen as the center of education by many students across the world. Following are some of the most important reasons:

  • Some of the best universities are there in the country. These universities have an impressive and advanced international standard environment offering the best education available in the world.
  • When it comes to cost Italy is considered to be an affordable destination for the students. The cost of living and tuition fees for the courses are very low.
  • The communication system of the country is excellent and offers an easy ways for travelling from one place to another.
  • The country has various places to visit and explore new culture and heritages. There are several sites to visit in the country making the country one of the most pleasant places to live.
  • The medium of teaching is English which makes the international student feel easy to choose the courses.

Advantages of Studying In Italy

When you count the number of advantages of studying in Italy the list will be never ending. However there are some of the major advantages that is worth mentioning:

  • Culture: This is the country which would let you immerse yourself in the culture and the heritages. This is one of the most beautiful cultures that you will ever come across.
  • International standard education: The standard of education is of international standards. The classrooms and the infrastructures of the colleges and universities are excellent.
  • Hospitality: Welcoming nature of the localities is something that you will never forget in your life. The hospitality of the country is excellent.
  • Personal enrichment: This is one country that would offer your personal enrichment and growth. You will come across several films, music and other cultural activities that will enrich you.

More About MBA in Italy

B-Schools of Italy have a lot to give you in terms of education and growth. One of the most important aspects of MBA is the fact that it should have a competitive course structure. This is one of the major aspects that need to be considered when it comes to the MBA in the Italy. The curriculum is competitive with the most advanced development in the businesses.

In Italy there are some of the most reputed B-Schools that are recognized worldwide. This gives students the opportunity to expand their limits and make them one of the best professionals in the world. Experienced faculty and great infrastructure of the B-Schools in Italy makes this place one of the favorite choices for the MBA aspirants across the world.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for MBA in Italy the minimum criteria of eligibilities are as follows:

  • The student needs to complete bachelor degree or equivalent from any of the recognized universities from their native countries
  • The student needs to complete GMAT and have qualifying score of the same.
  • The student needs to have a proper work experience which varies between 1 to 3 years depending on the B-School being applied for
  • If the student resides in a country which is not a native English country than the student must hold valid scores of TOEFL or PTE. The minimum score is dependent on the B-School being applied for.

Documents Required

There are certain documents that need to be kept handy for the purpose of taking admission in the Italian B-Schools. Following are the checklist of documents that are needed for the purpose of admission in Italy:

  • Document of identity of the candidate
  • Transcripts of the bachelor degree certificates
  • Transcripts of higher secondary education certificate
  • Transcripts of secondary education certificates
  • School leaving certificates
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Documents of English proficiency
  • Personal statement
  • Work experience certificates

Why Study MBA from Italy?

  • The comparatively low cost fee structure of the top and best Italian MBA colleges as compared to the Indian private management universities is the key reason as to why the students opt to study MBA in Italy.
  • The students can get global exposure.
  • Students from the different corners travel Italy for the management studies following different culture. This helps students interact and respect culture followed by different nations. It develops a sense of brotherhood and good studying environment. Also, helps to develop international student network.
  • The MBA colleges in Italy offer world-class education and they are packed with advanced technologies which are highly beneficial for the management students.
  • There is no requirement of donation fees or anything of that sort.
  • In all the recognized MBA colleges, the medium of instruction is English which makes it easier for the Indian students.
  • The best MBA universities for MBA are top rankers of the world and hence the students get a chance to study at some of the top universities of the world.
  • In some of the top MBA colleges, cracking IELTS or TOEFL is not required to get admission to MBA course

Intakes for MBA in Italy

Italy is one of the most preferred places for MBA. Each year there are a huge number of applications for admission in the B-Schools of Italy. This is one of the reasons why the universities and the colleges face a huge challenge to fit in each and every student. The admission starts in the first month of the year and the students are advised to keep all the documents handy for the purpose of admission. While the admission starts the student needs to immediately apply for the same. Every college has a specific intake capacity and once the seats are filled it is difficult to accommodate new candidates. This is the reason why the students are advised to apply for the admission as soon as possible.

Visa Requirement

There are certain documents needed for the application of Student’s Visa in Italy. The candidate needs to keep all the documents handy for the smooth process of Visa application.

Following are the list of documents that are needed:

  • Application form for the Visa
  • Recent passport sized photograph
  • Valid documents of travel
  • Proof of accommodation being arranged in Italy
  • Financial documents that proves that the candidate has sufficient funds to stay in Italy
  • Health insurance certificate that is recognized by Italian organization
  • Acceptance letter that is received from the university
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Certificate stating that the candidate is not having HIV/AIDS or other STD


There is no specific financial requirement for applying in Italian B-School. However, the government would need to be satisfied by the fact that the candidate staying in Italy has sufficient funds to sustain in the country. The candidate should also have sufficient funds that would allow the payment of tuition fee and accommodation charges. There needs to be sufficient documents like the bank pass book or any other document that states the fact that the student has financial capabilities to sustain in the country. The health services in the country is not free thus, sufficient documents for health benefits also needs to be produced.

Popular B schools in Italy

Some of the best B-Schools in Italy are as follows:

University of Milano-Bicocca: This University was founded in the year 1998. Since its inception the University has been considered as one of the best Universities for MBA. The students from this university have gone to several places to establish benchmarks.

  • Università di Pavia: This University was founded in the year 1361. This is one of the oldest universities in Italy. The university is known for its premium quality education and advanced infrastructure that has evolved with the passage of time. MBA programme of this University is much in demand due to the reputation of the university.
  • LUISS Business School: This is one of the best business schools in Italy. This is also one among the oldest B-Schools of the country. The premium Quality education and the highly educated faculty of the B-School make it one of the top B-Schools in the country.
  • Università di Pisa: As known for the leaning tower of Pisa the city is also known for its premium education facilities. This is one of the biggest names among the B-Schools of Pisa. The reputation of this college is extremely high.
  • Bologna Business School: This is one of the respected and well-known schools for MBA studies. The business school is under the University of Bologna. This is also considered among one of the oldest universities in the country which was established in the year 1088.
  • Other universities: Apart from these names there are some of the other notable universities that offer excellent education in MBA. The name includes Università di Genova, University of Florence, Ca’Foscari University of Venice and University of Padova.

Italy has several options when it comes to the B-Schools. However, each of the universities has specific MBA programmes. The student needs to go through the MBA syllabus before applying in these universities.

Tuition Fees

As compared to the other parts of the world the course fee of MBA in Italy is very less. Since there are a huge number of options for B-Schools the cost varies from B-Schools to B-Schools. The average cost of completion of MBA from Italy ranges around 19000 Euro to 30000 Euro. However, there are some of the B-Schools which has higher tuition fee which is around 48000 Euro. It is not necessary that the B-School with high rates of tuition fee is better than the one with lower rates. Some of this institution charges higher rates due to the fact that the MBA programme that is being offered by these universities needs bigger and advanced infrastructure.

Living Cost

When it comes to the cost of living in Italy it comes around 700 Euro to 800 Euro per month. In other European countries the cost of living is even higher. However, this is one of the places where the students can afford to live and study comfortably. This is another reason why the students prefer Italy for completion of MBA. There are some of the places like Turin, Padua, Pisa and Bologna where the cost of living is even lower. The costs of living in these places are as low as 550 Euro to 750 Euro per month

Application Process for Admission

The application process to study in Italy:

  • Find a Study Programme: There is a range of MBA programme that is being offered by the universities of Italy. Each MBA programme has certain specifications and a career path. The students are suggested to go through the syllabus in details before applying for the course. It is also better to consult an expert before selection of the course. This would help the student to find out the best course that is suitable for the student.
  • Meet All Requirements: Each and every course has certain requirements. The student needs to go through the website and find out if they had met all the requirements or not.
  • Learn The Italian Language: Learning Italian language is not mandatory for the course. Most of the MBA programmes are conducted in English. This is one of the reasons why an English proficiency test is being taken. This helps the university to understand the grasp of English knowledge of the candidate.
  • Find Financial Resources: There are some of the financial requirements for the students. Meeting the financial requirements and finding the right resources for the finance of the company is one of the most important factors to be considered for the admission process.

The student may have to prove that he or she has enough financial resources to sustain in Italy. The understanding of the financial resources also includes finding the scopes of scholarships for the course.

  • Apply For Admission: The process of application in the university for MBA can be done online. This can be done by visiting the official website of the university that is being selected. The student is suggested to carefully fill up the form of admission. Once the admission form is filled up the transcripts of all the required documents can be sent through E-mail. The university will take a couple of days to verify the documents and send the letter of confirmation.
  • Get Your Italian Student Visa: Applying for student Visa is necessary. Once the student gets the letter of confirmation for admission, the student needs to apply for the online Visa. The completion of the Visa application may take few days.
  • Find Accommodation: In most of the cases the University has their own accommodation facilities with comfortable living spaces and better places to study. In case such accommodation is not available the student can look for paying guests, rented flats or dormitories that would offer comfortable spaces for living.
  • Enroll At Your University: This is the final and the most important step that needs to be completed by the student when they reach Italy. On submission of the original documents the student’s enrollment process will be initiated.

The university will check the authenticity of the documents and will enroll the student in the university. This needs to be done within few days of reaching Italy. The process needs to be initiated before the commencement of the class. Once the student is being enrolled he or she will be able to appear for the MBA classes.

Part Time Jobs in Italy

Part time jobs are all over the places in Italy. A student can find out time and avail a part time job for some extra income and exposure to the work culture of the country. The ranges of jobs available in for the student are large. A student may work as a part time financial advisor, a business consultant or an assistant to a business personality. This would pay enough for the student to survive and balance work.

Scholarships in Italy

The scholarship is provided to the students based on the past records of academics and the work experiences. The eligibility for the scholarship varies from one college to another. However, the students with sufficient merits may avail scholarships.

Indian Students in Italy

Indian students have an exciting life in Italy. This is the country that offers great benefits to the Indian students. The hospitality of the country allows the student to stay comfortably and peacefully. The students come across different culture and tradition adding up to the excitement of staying in the country. Alongside the Indian students also have students associations that keep them connected to the Indian culture. In some of the places Indian foods are available that lets them enjoy the best cuisines of India. Apart from Indian students the students from other counties of the world also enjoys the Indian cuisines being served.

About Italy

Capital: Rome
Other large cities: Venice, Perugia, Arezzo, L’Aquila
Population: 6.05 crores (2018)
Currency: EUR
Listed universities: 224
Ranked universities: 75
Country Rank (2018): 1

Disadvantages of Studying in Italy

Every time a student shifts from one country to another there are certain challenges that they need to face. These challenges can be considered to be the disadvantages of the country. Change in the weather, time zone and the culture are something that needs to be adapted by the student. However, such challenges seem to be negligible if the student is adaptable in nature and is having the determination to study in the best of the universities in Italy. Determination, focus and spirit to adapt to new condition of environment are one of the most important qualities that the student needs to have to ensure the fact that they cope up with any such challenges.


Q.1) How can students apply for MBA courses in Italy?

Ans: The student can apply for MBA course through the online platforms. They can visit the university sites and fill up the form online.

Q.2) Are there age limits of application?

Ans: The age limits of application are there. But it varies from one university to another.

Q.3) Are scholarships available to the Non-Italian students?

Ans: Yes the scholarships are available to the students who are not native to the country but it is available completely on merit basis of the students.

Q.4) What linguistic certification is best for application in MBA?

Ans: Any linguistic certification that states the fact that the student is proficient in English is accepted by the university. However the certification needs to be from a recognized organization.

Q.5) Does the online application process include payment of fee?

Ans: The application through online mode does not require any fee. The payment for the enrolment is to be done after the university has provided the letter of acceptance. Before that no fee needs to be paid.

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