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Study MBA in Poland

MBA in PolandAt any point of time, you want to earn a European MBA degree, Poland would undoubtedly be a very good choice in this regard. MBA in Poland is not only top choice for the Indian students but also for the students from all over the world prefer to opt for an MBA in Poland. The ultimate reason behind the fact is the high quality of education so imparted to the students.

In an addition to this, the fees structure for an MBA in Poland is relatively lower as compared to the United States, UK, and a number of other European nations yet there is no compromise in the quality of education. Most importantly, the curriculum of MBA in Poland is at par with the United States, UK and other European countries and hence highly beneficial to the students.

Reasons to Study MBA in Poland

If you have chosen Poland as your MBA study destination, you can be assured that your decision is a correct one. The education system of Poland is a robust one and is the house to a number of top rated MBA universities. The top rated universities offer a number of high rated management courses that too in different specialities which makes it even more beneficial for the students.

The MBA degree from Poland is recognised all over the world and hence the students need not at all hesitate to go for MBA in Poland. Any of the candidates who have earned their MBA degree from any of the top Polish universities are perceived as highly prospective candidates in the world of business. Thus, it can be clearly understood as to why studying MBA in Poland would necessarily be a very good career choice.

Advantages of Studying MBA in Poland

There are a number of advantages of studying MBA in Poland that are as mentioned below.

  • First of all, there is no requirement of any kinds of donation or capitation fees.
  • The candidates need not sit for any kinds of entrance examination for taking admission to an MBA course.
  • The faculty members are highly qualified and renowned. Many of them are from the United States and Western Europe.
  • Premium quality education is imparted in Poland and the students can be assured of a bright future ahead.
  • The syllabus of MBA in Poland matches with that of the US, UK and others thereby making the syllabus at par.
  • Learning of Polish language is not mandatory if you want to pursue MBA in Poland.
  • Studying MBA in Poland will help the students in securing their future.
  • The MBA degree from Poland is globally recognised.
  • There are about 16 MBA programs that are taught in English.

Types of Education Programs

There are basically two types of MBA programs in Poland which are as follows.

  1. MBA – This is the program where the students get detailed knowledge in the business area with several specialisations on offer. MBA is for the individuals who have less work experience and it is a full time course that necessarily focuses on the core subjects as well as topics such as finance, marketing etc.
  2. EMBA – This is actually the executive MBA which is ideally suited for the one who have several years of work experience and they are in need of enhancing their skills. It is a part time course and not a full time but the candidates applying for the same should mandatorily have a work experience of at least five years which varies with different universities. Here the focus is on the business strategies with less focus on the core topics.

Eligibility Criteria

At the time of applying for an MBA in Poland, the eligibility criteria need to be kept in mind by the students that are as listed below:

A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from the home country of the applicant or from any other country is a must.


A master’s degree in any discipline from the home country of the applicant or from any other country is required.

If you want to apply for a regular MBA, work experience is not mandatory though it is preferred. But if you wish to apply for the EMBA, then a few years of work experience is mandatory to get admission. The amount of work experience varies from universities to universities.

Documents Required

The general documents required for application to MBA in Poland are as listed below:

  • A certified copy of high school diploma or previous degrees that is bachelor’s or master’s along with all other relevant qualifications in the original language
  • Completely filled up application form
  • A copy of valid passport especially the personal information and the photo ID page
  • A passport size photo
  • Proof of English language proficiency that is a valid test score of IELTS or TOEFL
  • A translated overview of all the course modules and the grades of the applicant

Visa Requirement

The students from the European countries do not require a visa, but they require a temporary residence permit. On the other hand, the non-European students mandatorily require a visa which needs to be obtained from the Polish Embassy or Consulate in their home country. But this visa is only good for a time period of three months and hence the students requiring a longer stay should necessarily apply for a residence permit which covers the length of their studies. In this regard, the students should contact the International Relations Office housed at their chosen university for getting the required help in obtaining the residence permit.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for MBA in Poland are as listed below which the students are required to keep in mind before applying:

  • Undergraduate program diploma or an official duplicate of the same issued by the university
  • The CV the candidate with the details about the school and professional career if exists
  • One academic reference and one personal reference (This is optional)
  • Duly filled out application form
  • 4 passport size photographs,
  • copy of the passport if the candidate
  • Proof of English language proficiency that is a valid score of IELTS or TOEFL unless the first degree was taught in English
  • Medical certificate with no contraindication for studying
  • Payment receipt for admission fees


The two types of intakes for MBA in Poland are in the month of October which is referred to as the fall semester and the other one in the month of February which is referred to as the spring semester. So, the candidates need to be sure about the intakes of the university where they have applied and the course that they have chosen.


The students are free to arrange for the fees and other expenditures by themselves or they can avail an education loan in their own country. In Poland, there are a few arrangements of loans for the international students and at the same time, the meritorious are eligible to get scholarships for funding their MBA in Poland. Students going for the MBA in Poland should have the sufficient arrangement of financials to support their education in the country.

Popular Universities

There are a number of top universities for MBA in Poland. The name of the top business schools in Poland are as listed below:

  1. SGH Warsaw School of Economics – This is one of the most top rated business schools in the nation of Poland and lies among the top 90 business schools of Europe. The university offers MBA, doctorate, postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate degree programmes with a total of 177 different fields of study thereby making the most popular MBA study destination in Europe.
  2. Kozminski University International Business School – Kozminski University which is also popularly known as Leon-Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management is a private business school in Poland that has received a number of international as well as Polish accreditations. With top quality education and superb facilities, the university happens to be very popular among the MBA aspirants all over the world.
  3. Poznan University of Economics and Business – Poznan University of Economics and Business is a state university that was founded as a college of commerce in the year 1926. The university has consistently ranked among the top business schools in the nation of Poland. In the year 2013, the university achieved the first position Eduniversal’s international ranking under the category of “Excellent Business School”.
  4. Wroclaw University of Economics – Wroclaw University of Economics at the time of its foundation in the year 1947 existed as a private business but it was nationalized in the year 1950. Since the time of its inception, the university became famous for imparting world class education to the students thereby one of the most preferred choices for MBA in Poland.
  5. University of Euroregional Economy – University of Euroregional Economy is one such university in the nation of Poland that offers exclusive programs in different regions depending on their needs. The university came into existence in the year 2002 as a private university and it is relatively a new university. In spite of being a relatively new university, the university has emerged and evolved over the years by maintaining a respectable position among the top business schools in the nation of Poland.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for MBA in Poland are reasonably lower as compared to the United States, UK, and other European nations. This makes it easier for the students to arrange for the fees and other costs of MBA in Poland. The tuition fees for MBA in Poland usually range from about 8000 to 12000 euros per year. The actual fees and other expenditures tend to vary from universities to universities. Thus, it is recommended to have a detailed look at the admission brochure before applying to that specific university to avoid any kinds of problems or hassles later.

Cost of Living in Poland

The cost of living the Poland is much lower as compared to the other European nations. There are hostel facilities for the students in Poland but the price varies from university to university. A dormitory usually costs about 60 euros per month and a shared single room costs about 100 euros per month. Renting a shared flat can cost about 150 euros per month depending on the location and size. With increasing size and posh location, the rent is higher. Now, if you are not comfortable in sharing, a single flat might cost about 300 euros per month. Depending on your overall standard of living, the cost of living varies.

Application Process

The process of application for MBA in the universities of Poland is not quite a very difficult task. It is a not a very lengthy process at all and requires to be done in a stepwise manner. The application process tends to vary from university to university but in general, there is a usual procedure to be followed for the process of application to MBA in Poland. The first thing that you need to do is to choose your university where you want to pursue MBA. Here you need to be sure that your chosen subject is taught in that university.

Below are a few of the easy steps for admission to any of the MBA universities of Poland:

  • The first step of the process is the filling of the application form that needs to be carefully and completely filled online.
  • In the next step, the students are required to submit the scanned copies of the passport of the applicant and all other necessary documents.
  • Now, you need to wait for collecting the letter of admission so issued by the university after the submission of the form.
  • After you get the admission confirmation from the university, the immigration would start.
  • You need to approach the Poland embassy or consulate after you receive the invitation letter from the university.
  • The next step involves the application of a Poland student visa.
  • After you receive the visa, you are all set to pursue your dream of studying MBA in Poland in your chosen university.

Part Time Jobs in Poland

In Poland, no work permit is required for the non-European students of full time studies. Now, if you are graduated from Poland, there is no requirement of any work permit. Thus, it becomes easier to settle in Poland, if you plan to stay in Poland after the completion of your studies. Part time jobs in Poland are available for the students but the law permits a student to work a maximum of four hours per day. With the possession of a student visa, a student can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week and three months of permanent work during the holidays. Permanent work is allowed for those who are the holders of the residence card in Poland.

Better to Learn Polish Language Before Going to Poland

If you are planning to go for an MBA in Poland, it would certainly be a very good idea to learn the local dialect, at least basic communication. This would necessarily be of a great help at the time of communicating with the local people which otherwise would have been difficult. But you need not worry about the course since it is taught in English.

Scholarships in Poland

Scholarships for MBA education in Poland are available for the students. The meritorious students are eligible to get scholarships based completely on merit. This is turn plays a vital role in getting a reduction in their fees and other expenses during the course of study. The scholarships actually prove to be of a great benefit for the international students in handling their course fees at the time of opting for MBA education in Poland.

Indian Students in Poland

There are a lot of Indian students in studying MBA in Poland. The top quality education that too at an affordable fees play a crucial role in increasing the enrolments of the Indian students are year after year. This clearly indicates the popularity of the nation as an MBA study destination for the students. Thus, you can be assured of meeting a lot of Indian students in Poland at the time when you go study there.

Disadvantages of Studying in Poland

There are not many disadvantages of studying in Poland and hence an ideal destination for MBA studies.

The few disadvantages are as mentioned below:

  • The first major problem is that of the local dialect. Not knowing Polish can create a lot of hindrances in communicating with the local people since they are not good at speaking English. Now, when you would have to stay in Poland for your studies learning the local language is important for several reasons. Learning the local language might be a bit difficult but not impossible.
  • Climate of Poland is different from that of India and this can be another point of concern for the Indian students in particular.
  • The local Polish cuisines are different and hence the Indian students might find it difficult to adapt to the new cuisines especially if Indian food is not available at the place where the students live.

About Poland

Here are a few facts and figures about studying MBA in Poland:

Capital Warsaw
Other Large Cities Tricity, Krakow, Gdansk, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Poznan,
Population 38,454,576
Currency Polish Zloty
Official Language Polish
Listed Universities 127
Ranked Universities 33
Country Rank (2018) 34
Country Calling Code + 48
Time Zone GMT + 2


Some Interesting Facts About Poland

Now, when you have opted for an MBA degree in Poland, here are a few of the interesting facts about Poland that you should know:

  • Poland is the ninth largest country of Europe even bigger than Italy and the UK.
  • The nation of Poland was almost totally destroyed during the World War 2 and it had to be rebuilt completely once again.
  • Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman to win it two times in two different sciences was actually Polish and not French. She married a Frenchman Pierre Curie.
  • Poland has a diverse landscape since it has mountains, deserts, forests, beaches and lakes.
  • Poland is the home to the biggest castle in the world that is Malbork and most importantly it is among the 16 World Heritage Sites that are located in the nation of Poland.


Q.1) Is the admission process to MBA in Poland lengthy?

Pursuing an MBA in Poland requires some procedure to be followed which varies from university to university. The overall admission process is not so length and can be very easily completed in a stepwise manner. If an MBA abroad is your dream then get your dream transformed into reality at by getting admission for an MBA in Poland.

Q.2) Are the fees for MBA in Poland very high?

Fees are a big reason to worry at the time when the students plan to pursue an MBA degree from abroad. But opting for an MBA in Poland would eliminate the worry about fees since the fees structure of MBA in Poland is much lower as compared to the other European nations thereby making Poland an affordable destination of MBA studies in Europe.

Q.3) Are there Indian students in Poland?

Shifting to Poland for MBA studies might feel like travelling to a completely different world. But slowly and steadily, you would surely make a lot of friends and to your great surprise, there you would find a number of Indian students on campus as well which is bound to give you a feeling that you are in your own country only.

Q.4) What about accommodation in Poland for the students?

There is simply nothing to worry about the accommodation for the students here in Poland. Hostel accommodation facilities are readily available for the students and apart from that, off campus residential facilities are also available with ease thereby eliminating all of the worries regarding accommodation for the students.

Q.5) Is Indian food available in Poland?

For an Indian student, it becomes quite evident to think of Indian food. The Indian students are usually fond of Indian food and simply cannot do without the same. So, when you have opted for an MBA in Poland, you might have thought about facing a lot of trouble regarding the availability of Indian food. But there is just nothing to worry about since Indian food is available here in Poland.

Q.6) What is best about MBA in Poland?

The best thing about MBA in Poland is that world class education is offered at an affordable cost. So, if any of the Indian students are looking forward to an MBA abroad without creating a pressure on their pocket, Poland would undoubtedly be the ideal place to come to. Thus, it is recommended for all the Indian students to go an MBA in Poland.

Q.7) Is the MBA degree from Poland globally recognised?

The MBA degree of Poland is recognised all over the world and hence the students would not have to face any kinds of problems with the recognition of the degree. Thus, the students can go for an MBA in Poland without any kinds of hesitations.

Q.8) What about quality of education and faculty members?

The quality of education is just great here in Poland with some of the most renowned faculty members teaching here in the universities. Apart from the premium quality education, the students can necessarily get all facilities along with all other requirements so as to get the best possible MBA education.

Our Services

We at Study Europe clearly understand the dream of Indian students in pursuing a foreign MBA degree. We work with complete dedication and zeal so as to transform the dream of the students into reality. We help the students in each and every step along with guiding them in the most appropriate manner so that they are able to live their dream of earing an MBA abroad degree.

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Here are a few of the things that we do to help the students and get them prepared:

  • We start with profiling of the candidates so as to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This helps us in preparing the candidates in the best possible manner for pursuing an MBA in Poland.
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