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Akaki Tsereteli University

Akaki Tsereteli UniversityAkali tsereteli is a public institution in Georgia and known for its location and well framed structure for medicine. MBBS in Georgia is a first choice of every student who look forward to pursue MBBS from abroad, as they offer world class education. Akaki tsereteli university located in Kutaisi, ranked no 2. in Georgia is so rich in medical learnings and has experience to survive in competitive economy and still maintains a positive stance in field of medicine. It’s a part of Tbilisi state university which was re-established in 1933 and was divided into several parts and one of them was named, Akaki tsereteli university also known as Kutaisi university. And it starts operating from the year 1933 with approx. 700 students who were moved from Tbilisi. The university is named after the famous poet Akaki tsereteli who also contributed to the Georgian liberation movement. the university is also being listed in many of the prestigious organizations like-

  • First class school according to World health organization
  • Recognised by Foundation for advancement of international medical education and research(FAIMR).
  • International medical educational directory
  • International association of medical education and research(AMEE).
    More than 160k students graduated from the university and some of them are great poet, politician, prime ministers, speakers, etc. the concept they used is a mixture of classroom training with practical exposure which enhance the world class education both- national and international.
    The university offers one of the best clinics in Georgia, with full resources and 24*7 availability of physicians and nurses.
    The present rector of Akaki tsereteli university Mr. Georgi ghavtadze is a famous scientist-physician of all times. 

    Why MBBS from Kutaisi university?

    there are various big reasons of why students should go with Kutaisi university. Majorly-

  • It is a public governing body which has its control under Georgian federation which looks upon its resources very carefully and thoroughgoingly.
  • The general medicine course of the university has gained importance and stands on 3rd position in Georgia after Ivane javakhishvili and Batumi shota Rustaveli university.
  • The university is comprising of world class faculties and suitable medical aids and equipment’s that are placed hygienically in the clinical departments.
  • There is a separate department for overseas students who can also opt their preferred medium of study either English or Georgian.

Collaborations and partners university

The university has multiple partners university across globe which can also serve exchange graduation programme for students to provide then enough international exposure to get them aware of the competitive frequencies that need to be focussed.

Some of the partners universities are-

  • Yerevan state university
  • Pleven medical university
  • Technical university of varna
  • Belarusian state university
  • Carinthia university of applied science
  • University of Poitiers
  • David tvildiani medical university
  • Ukrainian free university
  • Baltic international academy etc.

These universities have strong collaborative influence in the field of medicine to make the course structure flexible and adopted.

Basic features of university

  • Type- public body
  • Rector- Giorgi Ghavtadze
  • Establishment- 1930
  • Campus- urban
  • Location- Kutaisi
  • Staff- more than 6000 academic staff
  • Nickname- Kutaisi university
  • Colours- white, red.

MBBS Fees in Akaki Tsereteli University, Georgia 2019-20

Akaki Tsereteli University5000 USD4500 USD3000 USD

Disclaimer:  Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.

Some Highlights from history

  • Kutaisi university was an integrated part of TSU which formed under the guidance of Ivane javakhishvili in 1933, they started with 700 students and now came up with 160k graduates.
  • The professors who became an integral part of Kutaisi university to deliver lectures were Giorgi Akhvlediani (1886-1973), Ivane Beritashvili (1845-1974), Niko Berdzenishvili (1896-1965), Angia Bochorishvili (1901-1982), Levan Gokieli (1900-1975), Ivane Kacharava (1891-1977), Korneli Kekelidze (1878-1962), Niko Ketskhoveli (1898-1982), Mate Mirianashvili (1908—1975), Shalva Nutsubidze (1888-1969), kote bakradze (1895-1970), Mikheil Sabashvili (1901-1979), Dimitri Uznadze (1889-1950), varlam topuria( 1901-1966), Simon Kaukhchishvili, Aleksandre prangishvili( 1906-1988) etc.
  • In the mid period there were many new departments added like faculty of Georgian polytechnic, many institutions like-light, textile, food engineering, philosophy, graphics engineering, physics, applied scientific mechanics, etc.
  • The university started many years ago, and maintained the traditional culture of Georgia by categorising and adding different departments according to some cultural insight to it.
  • As on from 2006, the public law Kutaisi or Akaki tsereteli university, Kutaisi N. muskhelishvili state technical university were collaborated as one legal entity and the university finally named as Kutaisi state university.

Detailed Course outline

  1. Faculty of arts the university with its clear vision has offered the research institute of arts with complying standards of tradition with classroom study and research with offerings of various languages clubbed with the history and culture of respective countries. They publish their own journal including research papers in conventions and culture. Their aim is to provide the command on general language with contemporary skills and Kartvelian dialects and to develop the basic understanding of decision making with multi-cultural patients.
  2. Faculty of social science and humanities the university offers medical humanities which includes ethics, literature, philosophy, history, religion and social sciences by laying emphasis on psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, health geography, inculcate dissentient qualities and practices. They also focus on clinical ethics to develop a sense of professionalism and expertise that every student must know and use while practising with patients.
  3. Faculty of pedagogics the basic understanding of having pedagogics in clinical education is to develop pedagogical strategies to encompass the knowledge and understanding in student’s behaviour. In order to check whether the pedagogical strategies are giving learning to students, the university also checks by doing research of pedagogy.
  4. Faculty of exact and natural sciences The key objective behind this department is to consolidate scientific culture with general culture and also encourages students to prepare for competitive exams for further studies like IUFM (basically made for administrative and teaching entry).
  5. Faculty of Medicine The faculty of medicine is the major and most stabilize department in Akaki tsereteli university which focuses on physiology, anatomy, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, genetics, paediatrics, general surgery, internal medicine, etc. which gives the complete version to have a better understanding in medicine.
1.To furnish world class doctors by providing them immense facilities to grow up.1.The mission of the university is to provide high quality education at every department.
2.To open multiple branches throughout the world to promote the need of medical education.2.To deport scientific behaviour with modern scientific techniques.
3.To captivate medical education with impoverished scientific research and tools.3.To support the cultural norms by preserving the ethics of social, economic, and cultural development.

The university also aims to target to raise fund by launching its fund-raising campaign which directly foster the growing career of students at the university.
Some key highlights of the activity by 2017
aims to target

The university has set its standard of raising $6.5 million and has already raised $ 2.9 million for more than 10,000 collaborators in fundraising drive. If it leads towards success then it would be the largest fund-raising drive in higher medical education. The university has set a proper authoritative body to plan the investments and the pledged capital amount to be rendered. The planning cell of the university not only deals with this issue but also with the procedure of how the money will allocate or utilised effectively.

How to hit the university?

The university is located in the mid of Tbilisi in 59, Tamar mepe str., Kutaisi, Georgia.

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