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New Vision University

New vision UniversityThe “semi-private” university aims at providing medical education, foremost in practical environment totally based on the university norms which are formulated effectively.

The university having its clear vision and mission to take the university at international standards is providing qualitative education to accomplish the best possible results. The university located in Tbilisi (the largest city in Georgia) having dense ethnicity in courses and curriculum is targeting overseas crowd by providing world class education with professionalism. The newly established university has gained so much popularity by strengthening its core value in medicine so that it can cultivate and recognised by its innovative examples to the new era. The university was formed in the year 2013 having more than a team of 400 professors and 1000 students across the globe, with the aim of establishing humanity and creating work-oriented future doctors.

Vision and mission

1. To create an innovative environment to ensure and serve positively to society on national and international platforms.1. To provide economic growth and stability by creating value in education.
2. Aims to build student-oriented, value creating education system and lifelong opportunities.2. To expand vision to promote the research and innovation through their educational structure.
3. To collaborate with as many stakeholders as can to join hands mutually for the purpose of promoting and building healthcare a “boom” to the society.3. To contribute for the welfare of society by their innovative values and skilled technicalities.
4. To treat every student (national or international) equal.4. To promote equality and access to education to everyone around the world.
5. To build largest English speaking culture to increase diversity and multicultural people.5. To facilitate higher education as the main motive to ensure the student engagement and collaboration.

Career planning by new Vision University

The purpose of university is to educate students up to their best knowledge and motivate/inspire students in career development. Students pursuing their post-graduation are advised to get employment opportunities in various sectors such as private sector, banking, management, non-profit, child health, healthcare etc.

The university also conducts workshops timely to provide career services to job seekers.
Alumni of the university has also started a club for the student orientation program where they can discuss their career related problems and take advisory plans for it.

The university also shares their respective attributes and values towards the students. It includes freedom, innovation, collaboration, equality, efficiency, integrity, justice, professionalism, security, openness, ethics etc.

Graduation Programs

  1. Faculty of medicine and nursing care The university by its medicinal courses targets the main essence of the program by their innovativeness in execution of healthcare and rehabilitation in higher nursing. The course provides efficacy in learning and health-centric contributions towards society. It also focusses on multidimensional aspects of education by collaboration with various institutes and medical organizations. Students are getting professional degrees of healthcare in medical rehabilitation and healthcare in nursing. European credit system is the base to analysing the course structure and performance of students.
  2. Bachelor’s of law The program aims at establishing the international law standards among students by inhibiting proficiency and skill development in specialised law-biding courses and promotes international formation of justice.
  3. Bachelor’s of business administration and information technology The program allows students who have the solid and diverse background in business management. The program will enable the main competencies to student to access classroom and practical knowledge and also enables the development of both research and practical skills through their innovative teaching skills.
  4. Bachelor’s of politics and internal relations The program is enriched with multicultural essence of politics and relations and provides clear understanding of economic, social, political and international environmental processes which adds more deeper insights to international relations. Moreover, the students get the opportunity to brush their administrative skills and gain knowledge, leadership, finance, marketing, management skills.

MBBS Fees in New Vision University, Georgia 2019-20

New Vision University5000 USD5000 USD3000 USD

Disclaimer:  Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.

Post-graduation Programs

  1. Masters in medical rehabilitation and nursing- The main idea of providing master’s degree is to have the complete understanding of practical knowledge at international level and consolidate in their practice. The course allows the medical graduates to diversify their knowledge and apply in the real-time situations. The course also provides opportunity to continue further studies at doctorate level.
  2. Master’s program in international and private law -the course is giving the idea to build course- competencies in international as well as private law for all the activities conducted at national/international level. The graduates of law will get the systematic exposure and knowledge in their preferred field and develop the ability to manage theoretical, practical as well as making of thesis. The duration of the entire course is 2 years.
  3. Master’s in business administration- The aim of the program Is to develop the competencies among students for better management, future managers, executives, entrepreneurs etc. the course provides deeper understanding of business administration and will also broaden the skills in their preferred areas. The approaches used in the course is worth studying.

Doctoral Courses

  1. Ph.D. in medicine- The program has a special significance in medicine as it is totally depending on theses which leaves phenomenal print in the career of students. More practical exposure is provided under the program which is far enough to cultivate best career opportunities to students.
  2. Doctorate in law- The aim of department is to enhance the human skills by developing their thought processes through knowledge and practical applicability by implementing innovative methods and working with primary as well as secondary sources.

Facilities offered The university offers a wide range of facilities to students which are tempting enough to the students.

  1. University hospital world-class Healthcare amenities with separate departments and innovate surgical aids with qualitative features and all-time availability of senior surgeons assisting by junior doctors gives major and purposeful goals for students as well as the residents of the country.
  2. Accommodations– university provides 10 buildings specifically designed for the purpose of providing accommodation to students and outsider faculties. Rooms are fully furnished with all required facilities with electronic lock system.
  3. Library library consists of electronic resources, books, literature research papers. there is also a separate library for seminars which is established for the purpose of framing projects, conferences etc.
  4. Laboratory university has a wide structured laboratory which has chemicals, equipment’s and all other needful elements.
  5. Student’s club university allows students to amalgamate with the club which is specially made for student welfare.
  6. International Conferences There is one big international conference every year hosted by the university which has a social, economic, political, legal, environmental impact and gave a strong learning which lasts for life.
  7. Psychological Counselling Centre University has a psychological counsellor available every time in the campus for providing full assistance and emotional well-being to students in a safer and favourable environment. Students will also take decisive advice on the followings subjects-
    1. Depression, loneliness.
    2. Concern about relationships and emotional well-beings.
    3. Questions about diversity and subject matter.
    4. Problems related to academic transitions.
    5. Problems related to stress and anxiety.

Contact person related to specific departments

International relations- Obinna Kennedy Ohaechesi
Management- Ms. Mariam Dartsmelia

Why MBBS from Georgia?

It’s a human psychology to tender the valuation they are getting from. MBBS in Georgia has become a trend now a day. Every one’s preference is Georgia, and the reason for that is-

  • Origin of medicine has come from Georgia.
  • Scope of medicine is way higher in Georgia
  • Atmosphere is so pleasant to survive
  • Medicine is having much more importance comparatively.
  • Not a single university is fraudulent.
  • Skilled professors, staff, academicians, librarians, etc.
  • sophisticated people with friendly and helping nature.
  • Crime free country with beauty all around.
  • Already students from multiple countries have been there to pursue medicine due to its world class education system at affordable prices.

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