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First Moscow State University

First Moscow state UniversityRussia is known for its best medical courses throughout Globe. first Moscow university is the oldest, largest and prestigious one in Russia having 80 collaborative universities from more than 30 countries. The university since 1999 plays an important role in higher education industry by its well-structured, student-oriented programs. The university was established in the year 1778 and is the oldest of all medical colleges in Russia.
The present scenario of the university is so demanding for their academic certification, training and for being a part of medical personnel and pharmacist. The main goal of university is to provide population with intense health care medical treatment.

For more than 260 years, this university has contributed a lot to medical history and diagnostic channels of Russia.

Every academic year the university filled with the application of more than 10000 students including international students. The university is the head of all methodological institutions of medicine of Russia.

Accreditations and Recognitions

The university has gained so much of reputation from now that is has been recognised by every higher educational and medical institute. One of the major governing body of Russia that has given accreditation to the university is-

  • Ministry of education and science of Russian federation and many more international bodies like-
  • MCI
  • WHO

Brief History of University

The university was founded in 1758 by the great scientist of Russia I.M Sechenov and named the university as IM Sechenov first Moscow institute of medicine. Initially the university was started with 1 faculty and it was preventive medicine.

Why MBBS from first Moscow state University?

First Moscow university with a very high rating confined by UNESCO has a well-established international reputation since 2010. The courses offered by the university are well designed and framed with classroom as well as practical learning.
University offers full course in accordance with European credit system which enables students to beat competition in the entire Europe.

Benefits for International Students

Benefits for international students

  • other then that the university also takes guarantee of selection of candidates for the post-graduation program in any country via entrance tests by seriously attending USMLE, PLAB, MCI training classes.

Facilities Offered

The university offered various types of facilities in the campus some of them are-

  • The university possess 20 buildings in the campus for classroom lectures, library, research section, photography section, clinical apartment, laboratories, botanical garden, hostels, publishing department, hospital etc.
  • The university has 17 clinical departments having capacity of more than 4000 patients.
  • The faculty and Medical chairs of the university (180) including 2000 specialists, 88% highly qualified head of the departments, 33% scientists are the member of Russian academy of medical sciences.
  • The university started a new program of training of nurses to comply with the international standards.
  • The laboratory on the university is embedded with all chemicals and equipment’s that are essential for a medical school.
  • The university has separate clinical simulation centre, scientific medical library, botanical garden, museum, stadium, hospital etc.

MBBS Fees in First Moscow State Medical University, Russia

Fee PatternTotal Fee 1st YearFees 2nd-6th/ YearGrand Total
Per Year10000 USD10000 USD60,000 USD

Hostel & Food Expenses per year = 3400 USD (Rs. 2,38,000 )

Mess is compulsory

Disclaimer: Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees for Studying MBBS in Russia is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.

Innovations and Research of the Institute

The university has its main research centres for dealing health care related issues more efficiently.

  1. Institute of personalised medicine.
  2. Institute of molecular medicine.
  3. Institute of pharmacy and translational medicine.
  4. Institute of regenerative medicine.
  5. Institute of leadership and health management.

In addition, with the institutes of research, the university maintains international relations to promote medicinal research and education with almost all medical colleges over the world.

The university also started a medical forum where around 300 participants take part in medical research quizzes and conferences which adds a golden feather to the research department of the university.
The research staff of the university focusses on the solutions to treat parasitic diseases.

Faculties of the University

The university consists of 9 faculties in total-

  1. Faculty of medicine This department is the oldest department of the university and comprises of more than 40 chairs, innovative research laboratories, hospital, experienced teaching staff which contributes a lot to build the professional medical ethics in the university. The entire course duration of the course is 6 years including 1 year of internship. Around 700 students every year took admission in the university.
    the department also provides training for post-graduation studies which includes preparation of MCI, USMLE, PLAB exams. The general medicine course also offers doctoral programs. Students also get exposure of hospital training which will boost practical participation and patient’s methodology. Notable alumni of the department are working outstanding as a physician, researchers, healthcare professionals etc.
  2. Faculty of dentistry The department was opened in the year 2001 with 7 medical chairs. The duration of the course is 6 years with approximately 400 students in a batch who got passed every year with the professional degree of Doctor of Dentistry, PhD and other doctoral degree.
  3. Faculty of pharmacy The department has 7 chairs in total and provides undergraduate degree of bioengineering and biotechnology which is a full time 5-year program serves with crucial research learnings. The department has a chain of more than 400 students graduated every year. The department also provides training for post-graduation which is of 1 year with a fellowship program for PhD of 3-4 years.
  4. Faculty of preventive medicine After general medicine faculty of preventive medicine is the oldest of the university enriched with 25 chairs. This department was the first one among all other medical schools to introduce the concept of training to epidemiologists and hygienists. The course duration of the program is six years with the batch size of 150 students. The university also provides residence to the student in the last year of internship for 1 year. The alumni od the department prefer to choose their career in federal services on customer’s protection of right, laboratories, hospitals, research institutes and epidemiology.
  5. Faculty of paediatrics The 7 chairs department was opened in the year 2005 which is lead by the prof. Ekaterina.I. Alexeeva who is the member of Russian academy of science has allowed students to access the training norms of the university provided for post-graduation study. The department focusses on main aspects of research like treatment of childhood diseases, prevention and recognition of diseases. The department is expert in taking care of child’s health in a progressive way through research, training and medical care.
  6. Faculty of higher nursing, psychology and social work The department was the first one in Russia to provide training for higher nurses in terms of graduate program. The department is consisting of four chairs and the duration od the entire program is of 3 years. The department also take care of social work and clinical psychology program after the completion of 5 years of program.
  7. Faculty of postgraduate training of physicians the faculty was founded in 1989 which includes 40 chairs and is specialised in provide training to graduate and postgraduate students in wide range of academic programs and is lead by the prof. Evgenia v. shih (M.D). every year more than 7000 students took admission in the program. The students have to practices in the patients ward in the leading hospitals, research centres, maternity hospitals and out-patient wards.
  8. Institute of professional education the department comprises ok more than 50 experienced medical specialists who are trained in theoretical as well as practical knowledge. the training programme includes the future artistic facts, scope of medicine, clinical and classroom training, advanced technological trends, brushing practical skills etc.

Scope of medicine from first Moscow state University-

The university having world class facilities, education, faculties, medical services is having large and developed scope for everyone.
Scope of medicine from first Moscow state university

The above-mentioned factors of Russian medical education are favourable to the economy of the country as well as for overseas students.

Notable alumni

The university has celebrated the graduation ceremony n which 350 students from various countries has successfully passed out from the university with lot of learning and medical experience.
Sone of the notable alumni of the university are-

  • Konstantin Buteyko
  • Zybelin S.G.
  • Sklifosovskiy N.Y.
  • Filatov N.F.
  • Mudrov M.Y.
  • Botkin S.P.
  • Chekov A.P.
  • Pirogov N.I.
  • Uskov B.N.
  • Ivan Sechenov
  • Snegiryov V.F.

International Relations

The university maintains a collaborative tie-up with other university across globe. Major of them are the World Organization of National Colleges, the American International Alliance on Health Problems, the European Association of Management in Health Care, International Association of the University Programs for Health Management, Academies and General Practitioners, the World Academy of Medical Education. The university has now got highest rating in Russia in terms of international bond and relations recorded by UNESCO.

How to Reach University?

Red line Frunzenskaya metro station; on getting above grade turn left and walk along the CHILDREN’S PARK fence on right; on reaching Trubetskaya str. Turn right and keep looking to the left before going down the street.

Address: 121/1, Trubetskaya St., Moscow. 119991, Russia.

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