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Generally, it is assumable that when a student goes abroad to pursue higher studies, he or she may get engaged with some part-time job. This is in order to gain some work experience or earn a few extra bucks to afford the lifestyle abroad. This part-time job concept is always welcome by the universities as it is beneficial for the students. These kinds of activities help students to enrich their knowledge and contribute towards the improvement of their overall personality. A part-time job enables to teach students a lot about the practical world.

Meanwhile, a part-time job is not advisable for the MBBS students. This may sound little unfair for the MBBS students but this is for their own good. Here is why?

A scholar cannot work part-time in step with immigration policies, however even in case you do, you may get an incredibly negative job with clearly terrible wages, you would work ten hours daily and might be paid approximately 100 bucks a month. Is that fine? In addition, you can’t study your MBBS Course in case you involve in part-time jobs; from the fourth year on wards, you’ll be having medical rotations which make your existence. So it isn’t always recommended to involve in part-time jobs; part-time in Ukraine even as being right here as an MBBS student.

This is on the grounds that Medical Education isn’t a simple undertaking. The lectures are long, tiring and to a great degree requesting. There is a requirement for self-study and this does not leave any amount of time for the students to work. On the off chance that they begin working amid the MBBS course of their education then it will unassumingly affect their exam grades. Along these lines, we earnestly encourage all prospective students to not search for study + work undergrad programs when taking up MBBS.

When a student goes to Ukraine for pursuing a medical degree, he/she should devote all their time to their studies. It is extremely important for them to understand the depth of the subject. A part-time job at this point in time will be a burden on the student and hamper their study time.

This is precisely why a part-time job while pursuing MBBS in Ukraine is not a good idea. Rather try to be focused on your studies and complete your MBBS degree making everyone proud.

Some agents are misleading the students by spreading wrong information that the students can study and work simultaneously, hence covering up their living expenses. However, that is not true and no student should adhere to that advice. These agents are only trying to do the business rather than guiding the students in the right way. Be careful you all!

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