PG in Germany

PG Specialisation in Germany

pg in germanyHave you just completed your MBBS course? Are you planning to do PG now? Most of the students in India are quite uncertain about their AIPGMEE results. It is said that only 10% of those who apply for PG in India get enrolled. So, those who want to get enrolled in their desired specialization is at hard luck. But do not get stressed out, as you do not need to be a part of this. Avoid the cut-throat competition and choose the path of PG in Germany after MBBS. Germany has recently become the booming hub for all PG aspirants from India.

Although everyone dreams of becoming a specialist doctor in India, it is difficult to get admission. Indian students can pursue medical PG in Germany without any tuition fees with world-class education. Medical PG education in Germany is immensely prestigious in the whole world education system. Medical school in Germany has a massive practical approach to it. The professors and the faculty members are given extensive, robust training. Fun fact; medical in Germany is known as ‘Facharzt’ when the training ends. It means exceptionally high quality, experience, and knowledge. After PG in Germany, you will be sorted and will have a successful career!

Courses Offered by Germany PG Universities

The courses offered by German PG universities are

  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Child Health
  • Rural Health Care
  • Community Health Care
  • Orthopaedics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optometry
  • Dermatology
  • Clinical Research
  • Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy
  • Medical Record Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Hearing Language and Speech
  • Physiotherapy
  • Operation Theatre Technology
  • OT Technician
  • Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Child Health
  • Medical Radio-Diagnosis

Duration of Studying PG in Germany

  • The total duration of PG in Germany is three to four years, depend upon specialization.
  • It is free of cost to study to Germany.

The Medium of Teaching of PG in Germany

  • The medium of teaching PG in Germany is German only
  • And, you have to learn B-level German to study PG in Germany

Intake of PG Course in Germany

  • If you are looking for pursuing PG course in Germany, your course will start in the month of October
  • This is when winter intake at German PG universities start
  • PG courses are divided into winter and summer semesters
  • Most classes generally start their intake process in the term of winter

Eligibility Criteria for PG in Germany

Some important eligibility criteria must be met if you want to do PG in Germany.

  • You must have completed your graduation from India or passed MCI screening test
  • Normally, the MBBS courses are considered the same as German MBBS degree
  • Check your eligibility with the university you are applying for
  • Excellent spoken and written English skills
  • A university degree with more than average results (25+ or grade ‘good’)

Required Documents for PG in Germany

  • Scanned mark sheet copies of 10th and 12th standard
  • Birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • Migration certificate
  • Bank statement of your guardian to authenticate that you can afford the course fee and living expense
  • Medical certificate that has the complete reports on HIV and vaccination
  • Passport size photo
  • The application form that must be filled up
  • Offer letter from the Germany PG university
  • MBBS course degree certificate
  • Copy of passport translated and notarized in the German language
  • Copy of certificate that provides studies translated and notarized in the German language
  • Payment to national Center Account
  • Video Interview
  • Air tickets
  • These are the documents needed, and you must show them in time of admission
  • The papers must be 100% original
  • If there is any problem with any of the document, there might be issues with admission

Step by Step admission Procedure for PG in Germany

Video Interview is conducted

  • State your full name in the interview and passport number
  • Introduce yourself- where you are from, family background and previous studies
  • Indicate why you have chosen to study in Germany
  • Where did you get information about the university?
  • Why have you chosen this university?
  • Indicate which sphere of studies interests you and why?
  • Have you acquainted yourself with a program description and syllabus of the university website?
  • Verbally confirm your request to register.
  • The video must be recorded horizontally
  • Applicant’s face must be visible
  • The video must be a minimum of 5 minutes
  • The applicant is not allowed to read from paper during the interview
  • High-quality video and audio is mandatory (at least +200MB)

Admission Process

  • Firstly, you have to learn the German language pretty well
  • A field such as medicine needs personal interaction with your patients
  • Since a PG course mainly teaches you the practical aspect of the course
  • You must learn the native language to speak to the patients
  • Before you apply for the course, you must have A1 or A2 level in German basics
  • After that, get a submission letter for TELC B2 and TELC C1 from a language learning center
  • A government approved test works too
  • After this process, you can apply for an Approbation exam
  • All your documents will be verified, and if there are any errors, then it will be canceled
  • There are some viva exams as well for admission

Why PG in Germany?

You must be wondering why you should do PG from Germany rather than your own country

  • As an Indian student, you get the opportunity to study PG Germany without any tuition fee
  • You are also getting the chance to study at renowned and prestigious universities
  • The residential programs by medical universities in Germany give students robust, practical knowledge and training
  • The ongoing training process will help you with a high-quality experience and expertise
  • German has a world-class healthcare system
  • 5-6 years of practice on medical grounds
  • Clinical job training at a hospital approved to conduct medical operations
  • The medical PG specialists are given a good monthly stipend
  • Students are awarded as “Facharzt” when the training ends
  • You will have a high chance of getting permanent German Residency
  • The degree is approved by the German government and is recognized all over the world
  • It maintains an international benchmark of higher education
  • It stimulates professional improvement in Indian students
  • With a high-quality method of teaching, Germany is the best place for Indians to do PG
  • Germany has really helpful and nice people who will always help you out
  • Germany has the best professors with huge practical knowledge
  • You will have a great successful career in the medical field when you pursue PG from Germany

Germany PG Education System

  • There are a lot of medical universities in Germany that teach the entire MBBS course for free.
  • Although, the roadmap to PG in Germany is under German medical Council
  • The German Medical Universities do not come into the picture
  • An entire roadmap straight till PG medicine is smooth and straightforward
  • If you are going for MD directly, after MBBS in India, you might face some challenges
  • Challenges such as language learning and the system clarity

Scholarships for Studying PG Germany

  • The consultancy firms hold Online Scholarship Tests every year
  • This is where students get the NEXT coaching on a heavy discount, even 100% scholarship
  • There are many PG universities in Germany that offers scholarships to Indian students
  • PG education is quite affordable in Germany when compared to other countries
  • Scholarship programs aid students to save a lot of money on tuition fee and other expenses
  • Both the government and the privately-owned PG universities offer PG scholarship program
  • You can get in touch with the consultancy firm or the PG university in Germany to know more

Educational Loan for Indian Students in PG Germany

  • Education Loan is quite an important thing that is looked after for PG courses abroad.
  • You can get in touch with the university and your bank for educational loan
  • The consultancy firm is always there to help you regarding any queries with an educational loan

Career Scopes after PG in Germany

  • There are a lot of career scopes after PG in Germany
  • You can be specialist doctor in any field of your choice
  • You can work at any multinational hospitals across the globe.
  • You can open up your clinic and start practicing there.
  • You can come back to India to practice here and set up a career here.
  • You can also set up a career in Germany itself after PG course

Studying PG in Germany for Indian Students

There are a massive number of Indian students studying PG in Germany.

  • The reason behind the upsurge of Indians studying PG in Germany is pretty simple
  • In India, there is massive competition, and it is almost impossible to crack AIPGMEE
  • Sadly, only 8-10% manages to secure a seat in the university of their choice in India
  • Hence, medical aspirants from India flock to Germany to fulfill their dreams
  • In Germany, there is no cut-throat competition
  • You will also learn PG free of cost
  • Germany offers world-class education to all medical aspirants
  • German PG universities have state of the art infrastructure
  • The universities have skilled and expert professors
  • The PG courses include on-the-job training which means the hospital sanctions an approval
  • An approval for you to management medical operations
  • The PG universities also give students a monthly stipend that goes up to 4500 euros monthly
  • After your training is completed, you will receive an award with the title Facharzt
  • Facharzt means specialist or a consultant
  • Your chances of getting German residency will be higher
  • You will easily get Indian cuisine food here in Germany
  • The German universities have Indian chefs at the hostels
  • There are already a lot of Indians there, so you will not face uncomfortable or out of place
  • German has some really interesting culture and heritage for the Indian students to discover

Recognition of Germany Medical Universities

  • Medical Council of Germany recognizes the German University
  • You can practice anywhere in the world

Things you Should Know Before Applying for PG in Germany

These are the things that you should know before you apply for PG degree in Germany

  • Tuition fee
  • Living cost- it also includes hotel accommodation cost
  • Career scope after PG
  • Check if the degree is accepted worldwide
  • Availability of Indian cuisine food
  • Availability of hostels provided by the German PG university
  • Syllabus of the PG course in Germany
  • Climatic Condition
  • You must know German language to pursue PG in Germany

Benefits of Studying PG in Germany for Indian Students

  • Germany is known to have a notable healthcare system
  • It means that you will have the opportunity of training in state-of-the-art modern infrastructure
  • Germany has advanced equipment for PG options
  • There are no tuition fees required for PG course in Germany
  • The cost of education narrows down to zero
  • The PG courses in Germany offers on-the-job training
  • The hospitals sanction approval for you to do medical operations
  • The university gives students a monthly stipend that can be around 4500 euros monthly
  • After the completion of the course, the students are awarded “Facharzt.”
  • It means a specialist or consultant
  • Your chances of getting permanent German Residency is increased.
  • 5-6 years of medical training
  • Indian food available at the universities
  • PG universities in German offer hostel facilities
  • Students can roam around the city and discover new places
  • Students are exposed to modern culture and heritage of the place
  • They can practice in Germany as well

Disadvantages of PG Germany

Some of the most usual problems of PG in Germany are-

  • Language barrier: You must know German to study PG in Germany
  • You have to communicate with the patients on your training
  • Hence, you need to know the basics of German to talk to the patients
  • Adjusting to a different weather condition can make students sick
  • Homesickness is always a drawback in these cases
  • There are a few diseases in Germany that is not present in India

Vacations During PG in Germany

  • Summer vacation and winter vacation
  • Other local holidays

About Germany

  • The Federal Republic of Germany is self-governing, parliamentary republic
  • Germany is situated in the center of Western Europe.
  • The country has 16 constituent states, covering area of 357021 km square.
  • It is the most populous nation in the European Union with more than 82 million residents.
  • German is the second most preferred immigration destination following USA.
  • Berlin is the largest metropolitan city and is also Germany’s capital
  • The other main cities of Germany are Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and so on.
  • Germany has temperate climate controlled by humid winds
  • The nation is located between the environment of the continental Eastern European and the oceanic Western European
  • The country has a moderated climate caused by the drift of
  • The North Atlantic and the northern expansion of Gulf Stream
  • The warm water impacts the North Sea region
  • The winter season is somewhat cool, the summer season is quite warm
  • Study in Germany for Indian and international student is worth the deal
  • They are getting world-class education and infrastructure, sophisticated library, modern classrooms
  • The classrooms are audio and video aided internet facility, and advanced technology of computer rooms.
  • German colleges give regular cultural and international conferences for international students.
  • The colleges also provide seminars on Master’s programs to teach and motivate the students
  • The living standard of Germany is more than satisfactory
  • The nation witnessed enormous economic growth
  • Germany is a secular country, the major popularity is of Christianity
  • 34% of the population does not follow any region
  • The language spoken is German and English.
  • Germany is also one of the safest places for Indians and another international student
  • The living cost in Germany is quite cheap and affordable than in other sites
  • The German people are so quite lovely and well behaved.
  • Agriculture and tourism are the main points of their economy

How Safe is Germany for Indian Students?

  • Germany is quite a safe place for India students and other international students
  • Students in Germany can roam around freely without any fears
  • Violent crimes in Germany are also quite rare
  • Although there can be petty cases of theft in tourist places.
  • It is essential you always apply your common sense and be cautious as much as it is required.

Accommodation for PG Students in Germany

  • Most PG universities in Germany offer accommodation to all Indian students
  • They have their university dorm where they offer hostel facilities
  • The living cost is cheaper than in India or other places
  • There is off-campus accommodation as well
  • The hostels are equipped with modern technology

FAQ about the PG Course in Germany

Is the tuition fees free of cost to do PG in Germany?

Yes, the tuition fee is free of cost in Germany for Indian Students. Indians face a lot of problems because of expensive tuition fees in India. Hence, doing PG from Germany is the best option for them.

Can I practice in India after completion of the PG course?

Yes, you can practice in India after completion of the PG course if you have passed the MCI screening test. The MCI screening test is conducted after the MBBS course.

What is the medium of instruction for PG in Germany?

The medium of instruction for PG in Germany in English. Although you have to know the basics of German to study PG in Germany. It is because you need to know German to be able to talk to the patients. So, if you do not understand German, it can be problematic for you.

Will I get Indian food there?

Yes, German PG universities have Indian chefs. So, you will get Indian food whenever you have some homely cravings.

Is Germany good for PG?

German universities provide world-class infrastructure and education to all their students. So, yes, PG at German College is going to be one of the best decisions of your life.

Does the university provide accommodation?

Yes, the university provides hostel facilities to all the students coming to Germany to study medicine. The hostels are equipped with essential amenities that are needed for accommodation.

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