Study in Italy

Why Study in Italy is an Ideal Choice for Indian Students?

Study in ItalyItaly is certainly one of the most popular destinations for the students from all round the world. The country offers premium quality higher education that too with much more affordable tuition fees as compared to the other countries of Western Europe. The popularity of Italy as a study destination has been increasing in a regular basis. This can be very well understood from the fact of the increasing number of enrolments of foreign students in the universities of Italy.

There are about 32,000 international students in Italy at present. This includes the independent students as well as the ones who are on exchange programmes. Italy as a country has quite a rich history and a tradition of higher education. This necessarily makes Italy an attractive option for students pursuing higher studies.

Reasons to Study in Italy

Some of the considerable reasons are:

  • The first university in Europe was founded in Italy at the time of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.
  • The University of Bologna that came into existence in the year 1088 is recognised as the oldest university that is still operating.
  • The medium of education is English during the study period in Italy for the international students.
  • Today, the nation Italy has a number of prestigious institutions of higher education in various fields.
  • Many of institutions of the nation are among the best in the world and they perform extremely well in the QS World University Rankings.
  • The overall process of admission in Italian universities is fairly easy
  • All of the degrees offered by Italian universities are recognised internationally which necessarily makes it worth to for study in Italy.
  • The campus as well as the overall environment is friendly to the students at the time of bachelor, master, Ph. D and other programmes in the country.
  • There are some universities of Italy that appears in the top 200 every year.
  • In the QS World University Rankings 2019, a total of 30 universities in Italy featured in the same out of which 12 of those made it into the top 500 universities of the world.

Thus, it would be great to study in Italy where you can study in some of the globally top universities.

Major Advantages of Studying in Italy

The advantages of studying in Italy are as listed below:

  • World class education at a very competitive cost
  • Comparatively cheaper education cost than the other European universities
  • Reasonable cost of accommodation
  • You would be quite happy to meet hundred of Indian students while pursuing higher studies from Italy
  • There is availability of Indian food as well so you will not miss your country
  • The universities are packed with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Hassle free admission process
  • Renowned faculty members
  • Study in Italy is safe for male and female foreign students
  • Top class facilities for students enrolled in the different courses
  • The people of the country are very nice and warm in nature
  • For all the applicants who would like to study in Italy, the opportunity to learn Italian language is available

Types of Education Programs

The following are the education programs in the nation of Italy.

Study Medicine in Italy

Medicine study in Italy is offered to the international students in English medium in four of the top universities which are as follows:

  1. Sapienza University of Rome
  2. Pavia University
  3. University of Padova
  4. Tor Vergata University

PG Specialisation in Italy

Opting for a PG Specialisation in Italy is an experience which will certainly stay with you for the rest of your education as well as career. Going for PG Specialisation in Italy provides a lot of research opportunities to the students.

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Italy offers a comprehensive knowledge of engineering to the students in the best possible way. Some of the most renowned faculties teach engineering to the students thereby making sure that they have a successful career ahead.

Masters of Engineering

After you have completed your bachelor of engineering, you can necessary opt for the masters in engineering for the purpose of enhancing the career prospects in a significant manner. In the master degree course, the studies are deeper to offer in depth knowledge to the students.

MBA in Italy

MBA in Italy offers bright career prospects to the students. Italy is among the top ten destinations in the world for an MBA study. Most importantly, the cost of an MBA degree in Italy is lower as compared to any other European Universities.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility conditions that the students need to keep in mind at the time of application to any of the universities in Italy:

  • For the application to the 1st cycle degree programs that is the undergraduate courses in the Italian universities, the students should necessarily hold a foreign school leaving qualification or certification or higher secondary qualification with a minimum 12 years of indispensable former schooling.
  • For the application to the 2nd cycle degree programs that is the graduate courses in the Italian universities, the student should necessarily hold a 1st cycle higher education qualification that is the bachelor’s level from any of the Italian universities or any equivalent qualification gained in the home country or any other country.
  • For the application to the 3rd cycle degree programs that is the doctoral courses in the Italian universities, the student should necessarily hold a 2nd cycle higher education qualification that is the master’s level from any of the Italian universities or any equivalent qualification gained in the home country or any other country.
  • All of the foreign students planning to take admission in any of the Italian universities should be fluent in all forms of Italian language that is reading, writing, speaking, and listening. For the international students, the medium of teaching is English.

Documents Required

The following are the documents required for studying in the universities in Italy:  

  1. Proof of identity
  2. One passport size photo
  3. A copy of updated CV
  4. Letter of recommendation
  5. Academic transcript
  6. Completely filled up application form
  7. Portfolio is required if the course chosen is arts related
  8. Italian or English language test scores
  9. A detailed description of the previous academic experience

Visa Requirement for the Study in Italy

Once you get the letter of acceptance from the university, it is essential to apply for a student visa form in any of the Italian consulates or embassies in the country. The students from the European Union can very easily get admission to any Italian universities with an identity card or valid passport. These students just require registering with the police station for a residence permit. So, before visa application, you need to know the type of visa required.

There are two types of visas that are as follows:

  1. Type C Visa – This visa is applicable for a course whose tenure is up to 90 days.
  2. Type D Visa – This visa is for the students who have course duration of more than 90 days.

It is recommended to apply for a visa through the application forms early because it is a time consuming process.

Admission Requirements

Here are the admission requirements for any of the Italian University:

  • Identity document
  • Academic transcript of your previous studies
  • University application form
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • English or Italian language proficiency as per the program

Intakes for Higher Studies

There are two types of intakes of studying in the universities of Italy. The first academic year usually starts in the month of September or October and ends in January or February. On the other hand, the second academic year starts in February and ends in July. The accurate beginning and ending dates tend to vary from university to university. Hence, students are advised to check the latest information before planning to enrol in the Italian universities.


To support your financial requirement, you can apply for education loan. You can seek support from your parents or relatives. The students can get education loans from their home country. There are loan facilities in Italy as well along with scopes of scholarships. Student applying for higher studies from Italy need to have the necessary arrangement for financials to support his/her studies abroad.

Popular Universities

There are some of the top and very popular universities in Italy which can be considered by the students for admission. The lists of the universities are as follows:

  1. Sapienza University of Rome – One of the largest universities of Europe which is an excellent collegiate research university of Italy. The university came into existence in the year 1303, and students from different parts of the world come here to pursue higher studies. Sapienza University of Rome provides world class education along with taking pride of its modernity, world renowned faculty, and an environment that is intellectually conducive.
  2. SDA Bocconi – You cannot miss out SDA Bocconi if you plan to study management in Italy. This is one of the most distinguished schools of management in Italy which is recognised by several international associations. There are a very few universities in Italy that provides job security to the students and SDA Bocconi is one of them. Also, the students with entrepreneurial dreams should aim for SDA Bocconi without any kind of hesitations.
  3. University of Milan – It is one of the largest universities in Italy with about 60000 students. It is a public research university with about eight faculties, 2 schools, and 2000 professors. The university is quite popular because of its scientific productivity, culture, and art. The University has the entire modern infrastructure for providing the students with the premium facilities for top class education.
  4. University of Bologna – It is the oldest university on planet and it still operates. It provides top notch education to the students with all the essential facilities. The faculty members are well known and impart the best possible education to the students.
  5. University of Turin – Another of the very popular university of Italy which has both national as well as international recognition. At present, the university offers more than about 140 undergraduate as well as post graduate programs in different fields. The best thing for the international students in this university is that most of the courses here are taught in English.
  6. University of Verona – This is another of the most sought after university in Italy by the foreign students. The university focuses on constant evolution which adds up to its value. The university regularly invests in better resources as well as facilities for necessarily providing the students with the best possible education. Most importantly, the university offers a wide range of programs in various disciplines thereby making it easier for the students to make the selection.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees at the Italian universities tend to vary a lot but the fees are usually lower as compared to the other parts of Europe or North America. This is exactly what makes the Italian universities an enticing proposition for foreign students especially the Indian students. The international students in Italy have a chance to receive a top quality higher education that too at an affordable cost. The tuition fees at a private university tend to be much higher as compared to any public university. A bachelor’s course will cost 900 to 4000 euros on an average per year at a public university or institution. The fees at a private university or institution usually cost about 6000 to 20000 euros on an average per year. The international students should be expecting higher tuition fees as compared to the Italian citizens or the European students.

Cost of Living in Italy

Italy is a budget friendly study destination in Europe. The costs of accommodation in the larger cities like Milan or Rome are higher but in the smaller cities, the living cost is not too high. The larger universities offer a lot of support to the students in finding accommodation. The cost of accommodation on an average ranges from about 200 to 300 euros per month.

Admission Application Process

The application process for studying in Italy might be a daunting task but here we have listed in a stepwise manner which would necessarily make it much easier for the students to apply to the universities of Italy. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

The first and foremost step in the application process is the selection of the right subject. The choice of the right subject is of immense importance for achievement of success in the time to come.

Step 2

The second step is the selection of the University for studying in Italy. Once you have chosen the subject and the stream, you need to choose the university and make it a point to check your chosen subject is taught in the university.

Step 3

If you are a European student, then you would be considered like any other students of Italy and you can directly apply to the university with all the required documents that you have selected for higher studies. But if you happen to be a foreign and non-European student, you need to follow the step 4 as mentioned below.

Step 4

If Italian or English is not your native language, it is required to take the language tests accordingly. If you wish to study the course in Italian, you need to take CILS or CELI. On the other hand, if you are opting for the course in English medium, it is required to take IELTS or TOEFL or C1 Advanced Certification. However, if you have a bachelor’s degree in English, the Italian universities would not ask you for any kinds of certifications.

Step 5

Here you can apply to your selected university with your preferred choice of subject and stream along with the language test’s scores and all of the required documents for admission.

Part Time Jobs in Italy for International Students

Part time jobs in Italy are available for the students but the Italian law permits a student to work a maximum of four hours per day. With the possession of a student visa, a student can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week irrespective of the profile and experience. In general, the Italian companies hire the students as an intern with a pay of around 500 to 1000 euros.

Better to Learn Italian Language Before Going to Italy

If you are planning for higher studies in Italy, it would necessarily be a very good idea to learn Italian at least basic communication in Italian language. This would be of a great help in effectively communicating with the locals which is highly beneficial in a number of ways.

Scholarships in Italy for Studious Students

Scholarships for higher education are available to the students solely based on merit. Only the meritorious students are eligible to get scholarships which reduce the burden of the tuition fees on them. The scholarships are particularly beneficial for the international students opting for higher studies in Italy.

Indian Students in Italy

As an Indian student, if you wish to go for higher studies in Italy, there is just nothing to worry. You can be sure of finding a lot of Indian students who are pursuing some or the other courses in Italy. So, studying in Italy would give you a feel of being in your home away from home.

Disadvantages of Studying in Italy

There are a very few disadvantages of studying in Italy that are as mentioned below:

  • The first problem is the new language. If you do not know Italian it might be a difficult task to communicate with the locals since a major percentage of the population do not know English. Hence, learning the new language is essential which might be a difficult task.
  • The Italian cuisines are different and hence adapting to the new cuisines in Italy might be a challenging task when the international students come here to study in Europe. Getting used to the different Italian foods and doing away with the food of your homeland might be quite challenging.
  • Ultimately, homesickness is a major issue for many of the international students. In particular, it has been observed that a number of Indian students studying in Italy start feeling homesick after some time in Italy.

About Italy

Here are a few facts and figures about studying in Italy:

Capital Rome
Other Large Cities Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Verona, Padua
Population 60,918,000
Currency Euro
Official Language Italian
Listed Universities 56
Ranked Universities 52
Country Rank (2018) 9
Country Calling Code + 39
Time Zone GMT + 2

Some Interesting Facts About Italy

Italy is not only a very good place for the higher studies but it is also a preferred tourist destination offering a good time to the tourists from the world. If you have planned to study in Italy, here are a few of the most interesting facts about Italy you should know:

  • In the central part of Italy, there is a fountain where red wine flows round the clock which is found in Caldari di Ortona. Everybody is allowed to drink from the wine fountain, but it is primarily used for the quenching of thirst of in individuals who are taking the Camino di San Tommaso pilgrimage.
  • The Italian cuisine is the most spread cuisine all over the world as compared to any others. There is a saying that the Italians have taught the whole of Europe as to how to cook.
  • Italy is the home to the oldest university in the world that still operates today.
  • Italy has diverse nature and landscapes thereby making it a nation that is worth visiting. Italy is a country that has snow-capped Alps, mountains, islands, sunny beaches, beautiful lakes, and lush vineyards along with a fantastic coastline which makes it ideal for the tourists.


Q.1) Is Study in Italy the ideal decision?

Ans: Of course, the decision to study in Italy is an ideal decision for Indian students interested in doing course in management, medicine, and others.

Q.2) Is study in Italy expensive?

Ans: The course fee differs from one university to another. But the tuition fee and the cost of accommodation is inexpensive in comparison to the other developed nations.

Q.3) Is the living in Italy a big complication for international students?
Ans: In the universities of Italy, there is not even a bit of problem for the foreign students which are certainly a great sign of relief from my side. Before going to Italy, I thought that I would have to face a lot of difficulty for accommodation but to my surprise, everything was just smooth and perfect.

Q.4) Is Indian food available in Italy for Indian students?
Ans: At the time when students choose Italy as the future study destination, they are worried about the availability of Indian food. This is because many of them do not love Italian food and simply cannot do without Indian food at any cost. But there is just nothing to worry since Indian food is readily available both in campus as well as off campus.

Q.5) How is the quality of education in Italy?

Ans: The quality of education in Italy is incomparable to the other Western European countries both in terms of affordability as well as feasibility. Thus, I would recommend all my fellow Indian students to come for higher studies in Italy without even the slightest of hesitations.

Q.6) Is admission process in Italy complex?

Ans: Absolutely no! Getting admission in the universities of Italy is not at all a very difficult task. Almost all of the top universities of Italy have a very smooth and hassle free process of admission. In an addition to this, the admission process is completely transparent which is even more beneficial to the students.

Q.7) Why Indian students prefer study in Italy?

Ans: The environment of the Italian universities is just great for studies. Each of the universities has an excellent atmosphere which is ideally suited for studies. Most importantly, the faculty members are friendly and help each of the students with any difficulty in studies they face. It simply feels home away from home here in Italy.

Q.8) What facilities universities in Italy features?
Ans: The universities of Italy have excellent resources, quality infrastructure along with state of art laboratories to make sure that each of the students necessarily gets all the required facilities at the time of pursuing higher studies in the nation of Italy.

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