Studying in Poland

Study in Poland to Explore the World of Growth Opportunities

Studying in PolandWhy Poland has become one of the hottest destinations for higher studies is interesting to learn. In the last few decades the standard of education has increased remarkably. Today, students from the different corners of the world travel overseas particularly in the countries like Poland for their higher studies. Poland is known for its scenic beauty and beautiful tourist destination. Tatra Mountain and Masurian Lake District are some of the best places to visit in Poland. This is one of the reasons why everybody likes to visit Poland.

For the students from the different parts of the world, Poland has some of the oldest Universities in the world. The country has more than 400 universities with approximately 1.5 million students studying every year.

What are the Reasons to Study in Poland?

If you start counting the number of reasons that makes Poland one of the best places to study then chances are that you will lose the count. However, some of the essential points are being highlighted. Firstly Poland is one of the most cost-effective places for studies. This place offers a peaceful place to study with scenic beauty embraced by nature. People in Poland are welcoming. Alongside Poland have some of the World’s best universities.

Benefits of Studying in Poland

There are several benefits of studying in Poland. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • The tuition fee, the cost of transportation, and food expenses are very less as compared to the other countries of the world.
  • High-quality education offered in Poland
  • The place has some of the best scholars and professors
  • Cooperative and qualified faculties to assist
  • Instruction in English for the international candidates
  • Both tuition fee and accommodation cost are comparatively low
  • People are very welcoming and respect international students
  • A student would come across many cultures
  • Safe and engaging environment for all
  • Welcoming people who valued education
  • Infrastructure is modern and highly advanced
  • Climatic conditions is favourable
  • A great place to witness the beauty of nature

Types of Education Programme

  • Medicine: The Country has some of the best universities offering medical education. Studying MBBS Programme from the Italian medical universities approved by MCI is a very good option for the Indian students looking for the medical studies from international universities.
  • PG Specialization: The country has been considered to be one of the most reputed places for the completion of PG specialization. For the medical candidate, the option to do Post graduate studies is always open. It opens your door to a rewarding career and endless growth in life.
  • Bachelor in Engineering: For Engineers, this country is considered to have the best of the infrastructure. Students interested in the field of engineering can chose from the many specialisations available to study. The course curriculum is of international standard and you would love the study atmosphere around you in Poland.
  • Masters in Engineering: Master Degree in Engineering from Poland needs advanced infrastructure which is being offered by the universities. The universities are safe, clean, green, and good for the engineering studies. Candidates from the different field of engineering enrol in the different Poland based universities and colleges for the Masters in engineering at a highly competitive cost.
  • MBA: Some of the top MBA colleges are in Poland. When it comes to the master studies in business administration, the education institution in Poland are given the first preference by students from India. There are several advantages provided to the international candidates enrolling for the MBA study programme in Poland.

Documents Required for the Admissions in Poland

Here is the checklist of documents that are needed for studying in Poland:

  • The application form that is being issued by the university
  • IELTS/MOI score
  • Statement of purpose
  • Recommendation letter
  • A complete resume or CV
  • Scanned copies of all the documents of education
  • Scanned copy of the Passport
  • Letter of any work experience if available
  • Various other documents as per the need of the course

The entire document needs to be kept ready before the application process starts.

Admission Requirements

The requirement for admission is dependent on the course in which the student is interested. Certain criteria need to be fulfilled to ensure the fact that the application is being processed by the university. While all the above-mentioned documents are being presented to the university the additional document is completely based on the specific course in which the student had applied for. A candidate is required to gather the complete information related to the admission process, documentations, and more. Students can contact us at Study Europe anytime for the counselling and study in Poland support services at our centre in Delhi.


When it comes to the intake of students Poland usually is faced with a huge rush every year. This is one reason why it is necessary that students planning to apply in Polish University needs to be prepared beforehand. One of the good things about Polish University is that in a Polish University the intake happens three times a year.

The following are the timing of university intakes:

  • Fall semester (beginning of October)
  • Spring Semester (mid-February)
  • Summer semester (beginning of July)

Visa Requirement

To apply for a student visa in Poland certain document needs to be submitted:

  • Application form with the signature of the student
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of acceptance from the college
  • Resume of the applicant
  • The certificates and diploma provided by the school
  • A certificate stating the proficiency of the language
  • Bank details stating the fact that you have sufficient funds to study in Poland
  • Health insurance from a recognised medical organisation
  • Passport size photographs
  • Application fee for Visa
  • Documents of transportation like air tickets or other modes.


Polish embassy in India has never mentioned about a fixed capital that needs to be there to live in Poland. However, it is important to furnish the documents stating the fact that the individual is capable of sustaining in the country without any external help. The student should be able to show a specific amount of bank balance which is good enough for the student to sustain there for one year.

Popular Universities

There are some of the best universities in Poland. Students from different parts of the world reach Poland to complete their higher studies.

Mentioned below are some of the best universities in Poland:

  • University of Warsaw
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Wroclaw University of science and technology
  • Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University
  • Medical University of Lodz
  • Medical University of Lublin
  • Medical University of Wroclaw
  • Medical University of Gdansk
  • University of Warmia and Mazury
  • Medical University of Warsaw

Tuition Fees

No tuition fee needs to be paid by the Polish students but for the international students, there are tuition fee applicable. For professional studies and Master Degree courses, the average tuition fee is 2,000 EUR and for any specialized vocational course, the tuition fee is around 3,000 EUR. However, when it comes to the private universities in Poland the tuition fee is around 50,000 EUR a year. This also depends on the level of education that is being applied for.

Living Cost

Poland is one of the best places in Europe where the cost of living is affordable. For a student studying in Poland, the cost of living is around 450 EUR to 600 EUR. The budget is adjustable depending on the city in which a student is willing to live. If you are planning to live in cities like Krakow or Warsaw then the average cost of living is 500 to 850 EUR.

Process of Application

The process of application is a set of steps that need to be followed.

Below you can have a look on the study in Poland application process:

  • Find a Study Programme: One of the most important things that need to decide is the right programme that you are willing to apply for. Finding the details of the programme is important. It is important to understand that there many similar programmes available in the universities. For the same reason, it is essential that a student goes through a detailed analysis of the course and find out the most suitable course.
  • Meet All Requirements: There are certain requirements for application in the course. One of the most important requirements for studying in Poland is that a student needs to complete a secondary level of education and needs to have the certificates of school leaving. Another important requirement is the availability of resident Permit in Poland. This can be obtained by the Polish representative of in the native country. As the health service in Poland is not free this is the reason why health insurance from an authorised and recognized organization must be needed.
  • Learn The Country Language: Learning the local language of the country helps communicate in the country. The basic idea of the language would allow a smooth way to navigate through the country. It is also essential that you learn English and have proficiency in the language. Some of the universities have their test of language and the student needs to be prepared for the dame.
  • Find Financial Resources: Students belonging to the low-income households can avail benefits associated with a free meal, leaving and various other social benefits. Disabled students are also eligible for the social grants and almost all the students who produce the disability certificates can avail special grants from the universities.
  • Apply For Admission: Once the student decides to go for a specific course then the process of application for the course needs to be initiated. The application for the course can be done online. The documents that are needed for the application can be sent over the email. Once the student’s information is being verified then a letter of confirmation is being sent to the student. After the reception of the confirmation letter, the student needs to apply for the Visa.
  • Get Your Country Student Visa: Once the process of application is being initiated the student must apply for the Visa. It takes some time so it is better to apply early.

The Process of Applying for a Visa is Elaborated Below:

There is a certain requirement that needs to be fulfilled to apply for the Visa. Following are some of the important documents that are needed:

  • A properly filled and signed application for a visa
  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of acceptance from the college or the university
  • A resume of the candidate
  • Certificates from the school or the college
  • Evidence of proficiency of the language
  • Evidence that states the fact that the candidate has enough funds to study in Poland
  • Health Insurance from a recognised organization
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Application fee for Visa
  • Accommodation proof
  • Documents for transport like the railway or flight tickets
  • Find Accommodation: Once you reach Poland you need to find a suitable place to stay. In most of the universities, the accommodation is available. These accommodations are comfortable and offer the best places to study in the city. However, if such accommodation is not available than the student can apply for PG or Hostels where they will be able to stay comfortably.
  • Enrol At the Chosen University: The process of enrolment initiates with the procedure of producing all the necessary documents. Alongside the student also needs to pay the enrolment fee which would allow the students to complete the process of enrolment. This needs to be done as soon as possible. Once the student reaches Poland the student needs to initiate the process.

Part-Time Work Options in Poland

Alongside studying, student also works in Poland. There are several job opportunities available for the students in Poland. The country offers a great opportunity for students to work and study at the same time. Various paid and unpaid internships are available where the students can get the opportunity to enhance their skills and earn money as well. The jobs being offered to the students are not very difficult and tedious. Part-time job as a language teacher, bartender waiter, and child caretaker is available as some of the good options to support your expenses overseas.

Scholarships in Poland

The bilateral agreement between India and Poland is one of the reasons why the Polish government encourages Indian students to study in the country. The government provides various financial aids and opportunities for Indian students to study in Poland. To enhance the exchange of education in the country, the government comes forward to offer education to the students from the other parts of the world.  This is the reason why scholarships are made available to students from foreign countries.

Indian Students in Poland

Poland is a country where the people are of welcoming nature which makes the Indian student feel like home. The time spent by the Indian student during the studies is some of the best days of their life. Many of the students have stated the fact that living in a country like Poland is one of the best choices that they have made in their careers. Many facilities like the availability of Indian food and connection to the Indian community makes the life of Indian student easy in Poland. As the cost of living and the expenses in Poland are comparatively less than the other parts of Europe, Indian students find it the best place to complete their higher education in the country no matter if it is MBBS in Poland, MBA in Poland or other courses.

Facts and Figure about Studying in Poland

Capital: Warsaw
Other large cities: Katowice, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Gdańsk
Population: 3.84 crores (2017)
Currency: Polish złoty
Capital: Warsaw
Other large cities: Katowice, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Gdańsk
Population: 3.84 crores (2017)

Disadvantages of Studying in Poland

  • There are no specific disadvantages that can be mentioned when it comes to studying in Poland. However, a student who is not having proficiency in the language and is not able to adapt to a new culture will find it difficult to stay in the country for a long period.
  • There are also temperature differences with India and this is one of the reasons why the students studying in Poland may face some of the difficulties.  However, everything depends on the determination and mindset of the student.
  • If the student is determined that the student will complete their higher studies in one of the best universities in the world then all these factors and disadvantages will be of lesser importance.
  • Alongside providing the best education in the world, this country offers peaceful living and the cost of living in the country is affordable for a middle-class Indian family student.

Some Interesting Facts About Poland

  • Poland is situated in the western part of Europe. This country is situated on the Baltic Sea.
  • This is the country which is surrounded by seven neighbouring countries.
  • Poland is known for its sandy beaches, hills and snow-capped mountains.
  • The Carpathians and the Sudeten are the major mountain ranges of Poland.
  • There are 1300 lakes in the country which includes some of the famous lakes like Oder and Vistula.
  • The country is a land with vast Geography which is the reason why there is a diverse climate in the country.
  • The winters are chilly and you may encounter snow falls during the winters alongside the summers are warm and rainy.
  • The land is blessed with natural beauty with more than 2250 species of plants. This land is also the home for more than 400 species of animals.


Q.1) What is the time needed for completion of Masters and Bachelor degrees in Poland?

Generally, it takes 3 academic years to complete the bachelor’s degree which includes 6 semesters. For postgraduate and master degrees is one and a half years although it depending on the course being applied for, which means that the completion of postgraduate or master’s degree would take 4 to 5 semester.

Q.2) Is it compulsory to know the Polish language to study in Poland?

Proficiency in English is the first criteria that are mandatory for studying in Poland however if the student is intending to complete a course in the Polish language then the student must complete a Polish language course before applying to the university. Knowledge of Polish can help interact with the local people easily.

Q.3) What are the scopes of scholarship to study in Poland?

A student with Polish origin can apply for scholarships to study in various Government Universities of Poland. List of scholarships available in the Poland University is provided in the mentioned website which is www.buwiwm.edu.pl.

There are various other scholarships available in different universities. It is advised to the students that the student goes through the detailed scholarship availability on the website of respective university.

Q.3) What are the basic requirements for enrolment in the universities of Poland?

To enrol for the higher education in Poland, a student needs to complete their basic education which is matriculation or equivalent from the native countries. Intermediate level of English proficiency is also one of the most important criteria that need to be fulfilled. There are certain fields of studies for which the university may take an aptitude test for enrolment. A valid passport and required financial to support you studies abroad.

Q.4) When the academic years start in Poland?

There are two semesters when the admission for the courses opens in the universities of Poland. The first semester starts in October and lasts until the mid-week of February. The spring semester starts in the mid-week of February and lasts till June.

Q.5) What are the requirements of visa to study in Poland?

  • EU/EEA Students do not have to apply for a visa to study in Poland however they have to get their state permit done if they are willing to stay in Poland for more than 90 days.
  • Non-EU/EEA students need to apply for a Visa from their native Poland embassies. However, it is important to note that a person having a visa can leave for a maximum of 3 months in the country.
  • To ensure the fact that they stay there and complete a course the student needs to apply for a stay permit in the country.
  • The stay permit can be taken from the Voivodeship office.
  • For the detailed information about the Visa and stay permit in Poland, the students are advised to get in touch with the International relationship office of the university.

Q.6) Is Health Insurance necessary to stay in Poland?

Health services are not free in the country; this is one of the reasons why Health Insurance is extremely necessary for a student who is living in Poland. The students belonging to the EU/EEA category can buy health insurance from the native countries however if the student does not belong to this category then the student needs to pay the health insurance fee from Poland. If the student is a citizen of the UK, Slovakia or Sweden then the medical facilities are free for them due to the bilateral agreement which is there between these countries and Poland.

Study Europe Services for Study in Poland

We provide a range of services for students who are willing to apply for higher education in Poland. Often it is seen that a student applying for a foreign university gets confused about the approaches that need to be taken. For the same reason, we provide a complete assistance to the students to ensure the fact that they can complete their process of enrolment and studies smoothly.

Following are some of the necessary services that are being provided by us for the students:

Profiling: A good and systematic Profiling increases the chances of admission for a student.  Development of a perfect profile for students helps the student to get enrolled in the universities easily and smoothly. We are a team of professionals who take care of the students profiling which would increase the chances of admission to a major extent.

Standardized Tests: Standardized tests are taken by our experts that not only help us understand the student’s skills and talent but also help the student to understand the ways through which the application in the foreign university is being done.  It helps the student to appear for the aptitude test with confidence wherever required.

Study Visa Assistance: Applying for a visa is a very difficult and tedious process.  There are several steps need to be taken to ensure the fact that this application is successful.  For the same reason, there must be proper assistance. We are a team of professionals who would ensure the fact that your visa is being rightly applied to extend the chances of approval in the applied educational institution in Poland.

Financial Guidance: Financial guidance is necessary for students who are willing to apply to foreign universities. A student needs to know the basic criteria in terms of Finance when it comes to the application in the foreign universities. This is one of the reasons the proper guidance is needed. We would ensure that the student is being guided in the right way which makes their way through the university smooth and easy.

University Shortlisting: Choosing the right university for the enrolment to MBBS course, MBA study, other bachelor or master degree programme in a complex task. We at Study Europe help you shortlist the appropriate universities after your profile analysis to ensure the right decision making.

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