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More Information about Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe)

Know More about Tbilisi, Georgia

Know More about GeorgiaGeorgia is known for its quality teachings, as an abode to the best medical universities in the world and for its welcoming and relaxing nature. Georgia is frequented by a number of medical aspirants of the country, owing to their rich diversity of research and innovation carried out in medical sciences.

Not only this, but the place is a tourist hub spot for its clam and composed aura and its affordable lifestyle as well. Georgia is a home to world class medical universities that are constantly top ranked and has delivered some marvelous scientific innovations to the world.

Everything About Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country located in the Caucasus of Eurasia. The entire country is located in the Caucasus Mountains expanding the marvelous horizon of its culture and language with the other regions as well. The city is frequented by a number of travelers owing to their amazing landscape and picturesque beauty.

The official language of the country is Georgian and Abkhazian, however the course curriculum for MBBS is taught in English to both its national and international students.  The official religion of the country is Christianity and the currency of the country is Georgian Lari.

Georgia – Key Facts

  • Gross domestic product: 1,515.93 crores USD (2017) World Bank
  • GDP per capita: 4,078.25 USD (2017) World Bank
  • GNI per capita: 10,120 PPP dollars (2017) World Bank
  • GDP growth rate: 5.0% annual change (2017) World Bank
  • Gross national income: 3,763.51 crores PPP dollars (2017) World Bank
  • Internet users: 35.3% of the population (2011) World Bank

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Georgia_(country)

Georgia at a Glance

  • Country name in Georgian: Sakartvelo
  • Capital: Tbilisi
  • Languages: Georgian (official lang.) 71%, Russian 9%. English and German are used as common foreign languages in Georgia.
  • Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL), divided in 100 Tetri
  • Minority languages: Abkhasian, Armenian 7%, Azerian 6%
  • Time zone: CET +2-3, in Summer 2 hours, in winter 3 hours
  • Religion: Georgian Orthodox 83,9%, Moslem 9,9%, Russian Orthodox 2%, Armenian Gregorian 3,9%, Catholic 0,8%, Baptist, Protestant, Jewish the Georgian-orthodox Christianity
  • National anthem: Tavisupleba (freedom)
  • Climate: warm and sutropical-humid in the West, dry and mild in the East
  • Location: between 41° and 44° north latitude, 40° and 47° east from Turkey, south part of the Caucasus, east side of the Black Sea
  • National territory: 69.700 km² (incl. Samachablo (self-proclaimed South Osetia and Abkhasia); 7.215 km² (excl. Samachablo and Abkhasia) Geographical location
  • Telephone country code: 995, area code Tbilisi: 322

Ref: https://www.georgia-insight.com/georgia/at-a-glance

Weather in Georgia

Summer is hot while winters are short, cold, and wet. The temperature in the country varies from 35°F to 89°F. Students are easily able to adjust themselves in the prevailing weather in the country.

Indian Food in Georgia

There are many restaurants providing the taste of India. You can easily find tasty Indian food for lunch and dinner near you. You can also cook food on your own. All the essentials to cook meal are available easily. The foods are available at affordable cost.

Student Life

Student life is undoubtedly very exciting. Students enjoy cultural fest and love sports. Students participate actively in the different programs and get the chance to explore international culture. The university provides library, labs, internet, food, accommodation, clean and green surroundings, and a peaceful atmosphere to study.

Life in Georgia

People are welcoming and love to interact with international students. They are cooperative and respect you as a guest in the country. You would love to communicate and share your feelings. They love modern lifestyle and enjoy weekend and other activities.

Why Students from India Choose Georgia for MBBS Course?

  • Easy and simple admission process
  • No test or entrance test is conducted to confirm your seat for the MBBS Admission
  • The admission to the MBBS Course is purely based on your academic records and first cum first serve basis
  • Course duration for MBBS is 6 years. It includes 1 year internship in university affiliated hospitals and 5 year of academic studies for the theoretical understanding
  • 100% visa approval for Indian medical aspirants
  • Economical food, affordable facility for accommodation, and peaceful atmosphere
  • The country is free from crime and is safe for girls and boys
  • No language barrier as the language for instruction is English particularly for the international students
  • MBBS Course from Georgia is valid across the world
  • After completing MBBS course from MCI approved Georgian universities, students can return back to India, appear for the MCI screening
  • Welcoming people with good nature

Top Universities in Georgia

There are many universities in the country that provides MBBS Course admission to international students. Indian students from the different background prefer to seek admission to the MBBS Program in the following top universities in Georgia:

  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • European Teaching University
  • Caucasus International University
  • University of Georgia
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Akaki Tsereteli University
  • New Vision University
  • David Tvildiani Medical University
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

Reasons Which Make Georgia One of the Best Study MBBS Destination:

With the great number of benefits of studying in a location like this which has a better approach to medicine that any other Indian University. Georgia is a very beautiful place that will not only complement your study overseas but it also has a number of such advantages attached to it:

  • Studying is Georgia is really easy only for the reason that getting a visa for that country is not a tough thing to do.
  • The standard and quality of education in Georgia is very amiable and nourishing making you deliver a personality that will complement your growth as well.
  • The universities in Georgia are recognized globally by organizations like UNESCO, WHO and the EUROPEAN COUNCIL and even MCI.
  • The cost of education in the country is not very expensive and so it is really cost effective and affordable for everyone.
  • The method of instruction of any of the Georgian universities is widely accepted and accredited by all the universities and healthcare domains around the world.
  • The medium of instruction in the MBBS Program curriculum is in English and so it is easily understood and available for everyone.
  • The job prospects after you complete your degree is also very positive and so that is a relief for a number of international students studying there.
  • Every Georgian university in the country gives an importance to the practical method of teaching and so that it makes easier for students to grasp.
  • The facilities for international students are immense.

MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration in Europe 2020/21

CountryCourse DurationFees Structure in INR
Russia6 Years15 Lacs – 60 Lacs
Ukraine6 Years20 Lacs to 30 Lacs
Georgia6 Years22 Lacs – 35 Lacs
Kyrgyzstan5 Years13 lacs – 20 Lacs
Kazakhstan5 Years18.5 lacs – 25 Lacs
Poland6 Years60 lacs to 70 Lacs
Armenia6 years22 Lacs to 30 Lacs

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