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MBA in Europe

Europe- what does it remind you of? Music, painting or architectural marvel.The continent and its diversity is just unique! The Greek follow their traditions. It is believed that Paris is the World. In late 90’s, it was a big thing for an Indian student traveling to Europe and study in the top universities like Cambridge or Oxford. Now, middle class students wanted to go Europe and study too! So, they started exploring new ways to travel Europe and study. UK is one of the most preferred destinations to go for. Indian students consider USA to be the best place to study MBA. An MBA is not just about theories and presentation. When it comes to the employers while hiring MBA graduates, then they look for candidates who can easily communicate and are enthusiastic to become an entrepreneur. An MBA from Europe is greatly valued.

But due to strict visa rules in UK, students are choosing other countries to study since the rate of job opportunities is declining too.

Did you know? The last 20-25 years have seen a spurt in the number of International students coming to study Engineering or MBBS in Russia. Now, students in India are given choices to opt German and French as their third language in schools. This could be very helpful for the students you want to pursue their higher studies in Europe.
Universities in Europe offer attractive study packages andscholarships for Indian students.

Why Europe?

Students will get to experience the various cultures that the countries offer. Universities in Europe provide programs in English now. So, the pressure of learning the local dialect shouldn’t be there but learning could help students to communicate well with the locals. It is like a whole bag of burritos since students get to learn new skills with advanced technologies.
Universities in Europe are partnered with universities in other countries which makes it easy for a student to swap after a semester to the partnered university.


Europe is the continent placed partly in the Eastern Hemisphere and fully in the Northern Hemisphere. It shares its border with the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. It incorporates the westernmost part of Eurasia. Considering around 1850, Europe is most usually taken into consideration as unconnected from Asia through the watershed. The land boundary is quite random and has motivated seeing that its first idea in classical antiquity. The division of Eurasia into continents displays a number of which range on spectrum in preference to with a quick dividing line. The boundary does not comply with political barriers, with Russia the biggest transcontinental country and Turkey.

The area of Europe is approximately 1, 01, 80,000 kilometres. Politically, Europe is split into approximately fifty sovereign states of which the Russian Federation is the biggest and maximum populous, spanning 39% of continent and comprising 15% of its population. Europe possesses population of approximately 741 million (approximately eleven% of global populace) as of 2016. The EU climate is essentially affected by high temperature Atlantic currents that swings summers and winters.

Advantages of MBA in Europe

  • Global Experience: It offers students to learn about new culture, customs, and new people from different countries. It helps students to shine in management. Also, it offers insight on IB (International business). Traveling in Europe is cheap and easy.
  • Shorter course: A student can complete MBA in just one year.
  • Low education cost, high-quality medical education and safe environment are some of the reasons behind the popularity of pursuing MBA in Georgia for an International student.
  • Work experience: Europe is vast. A student can study in one country and gain work experience in another. Say, a student who completed college in France can work in the UK or any other country. This helps students to understand different business environment. This varied experience is important for a student to understand international business.
  • Personal life and career: Accustoming to a new environment will give students a good experience which would affect personal life and career as well in a good way.
  • Various opportunities for building network: Europe is a centre, located between the international market of Japan and China, New York and London. Studying MBA in Europe is perfect
  • New language: If a student chooses a country where English is not an official language, then there is a great chance to learn new dialect. It will advance the education and understanding.
  • Indian students can easily find Indian food.
  • Students can easily find home stay accommodations if they don’t want to stay in a hostel.
  • The universities are subsidized by the Government.
  • The medium of the syllabus is in English.
  • The main reason of considering Europe for an MBA is getting high quality of course at low tuition fee. Also, it provides networking and good work experience.

Disadvantages of studying MBA in Europe

  • Some students experience cultural shock. Take time to adjust yourself to the environment.
  • Another enormous disadvantage can be the expenses. An MBA Europe can be costly. The cost of the course Europe will rely upon your major, the college and the nation or city you pick. Remember that numerous nations don’t enable outside students to work, so you need enough cash before your Europe semester/year or have somebody from home supporting you. Inquire as to whether you can stand to study Europe.
  • The Visa process is little tedious because the process takes over two months after submitting application to embassy.
  • Students indolent because the European curriculum doesn’t put pressure on the students.
  • The cities in the EU have modern lifestyle. There are cities in the EU with a several night clubs, discos, restaurants, sports entertainment and other clubs, internet which may be the distraction and even parents are not present there to keep an eye on the child.


Only a Bachelor degree holder is eligible to take admission in MBA. Eligibility also depends on what form of MBA do you want to apply for, if it is EMBA, then a student needs work experience of a few years, but if a student wants to apply for the regular MBA then no work experience is required.

Visa Process

The applicants who are not residents of any European country yet still want to visit and study in Europe ought to settle on a visa. if the duration of the course is more than 90 days as it happens with a substantial bit of the students who want to complete a whole educational year or significantly the whole MBBS term in Europe, students ought to moreover pick the stay permit that empowers you to live in the appointed country for a period of one whole year.

As a problem of first importance, the pupil needs to download the application form from the internet and fill it honestly and sincerely. The checked-utility outline should be trailed through other vital reports, gave earlier than long at the place of work/authorities office or the operator of the united states of America you are that means to have a look at in.


The European climate is the immediate result of the subtropical weight of the nation’s west and additionally the mainland obstructions that impacts the east. The rough territories direct the neighbourhood atmosphere of the zone by filling in as a boundary against the chilly quality of the north. This prompts a warm atmosphere helped with damp air from the Black highlights high mugginess and overwhelming precipitation that influences it to feel like home for the students from the north of India when they come in to study MBBS in European.

Religion followed in Europe

Religion in Europe has been a significant effect on the present society craftsmanship, culture, thinking and law. The greatest religion in Europe is Christianity. Three countries in South-eastern Europe have Muslim larger parts. Old European religions included love for divine beings, for instance, Zeus. Current rebuilding advancements of these religions consolidate Heathenism, Rodnovery, Romuva, Druidry, Wicca, and others. More diminutive religions join Indian religions, Judaism, and some East Asian religions, which are found in their greatest get-togethers in Britain, France, and Kalmykia. The Indian students won’t be totally kept away from their religions as there are some Indian settlements also praising all the Indian celebrations and customs.

European Credit / Balance Transfer System

European credit/balance transfer system is known as ECTS the full form is European Credit Transfer and accumulation System. It’s a kind of credit system which is designed for international students to make their transactions easier among various Nations. Hence, they are found upon the learning accomplishments and efficiency of MBBS course, the student can exchange their ECTS points or credits from one medical school or university to other colleges or universities so they can add to an MBBS degree program of an individual.

ECTS assists MBBS students to make their MBBS learning further student-centric. It is a principal tool when it comes to the Bologna Process that focuses to create national fund transfer systems more appropriate.
ECTS also helps with the planning, delivery and evaluation of study programs, and makes them more transparent.

How does it work?

ECTS credits signify the load or stress of courses of study and elaborate the learning results (“what the MBBS graduate understands and is capable to perform”) of a given MBBS program. If an MBBS student acquires 60 credits then it is equivalent to the complete year of work. In an average medical year, 60 credits usually divided into smaller modules.

A classic “first cycle” (or MBBS) Degree, contains 180 – 240 credits, whereas a Master’s (MD/MS) Degree, contains of 90 – 120 credits, having minimum 60 credits at master’s degree. The importance of ECTS at the PhD level differs. ECTS is famous and accepted in several countries in the European Union for higher education, whereas, (EHEA), and is progressively used other countries.

How are Credits Transferred?

Transcripts are being prepared containing the record of a student who is participating in this system. A duplicate of the transcript is given to the candidate also which is exchanged between the host and home institution after the completion of course in abroad.

How to Calculate ECTS Credits?

So, the credits depend on different countries. Not every country creates the credits equally. Depending upon a country one ECTS credit could be equal to 25-30 hours. For example:

  • Austria Spain and Italy – 1 ECTS = 25 hours;
  • Finland – 1 ECTS = 27 hours
  • Portugal and The Netherlands – 1 ECTS = 28 hours;
  • Romania, Germany, Belgium and Hungary – 1 ECTS = 30 hours

Types of MBA

Full Time:

This can be of 1 or 2 years. It’s an exceptional full-time program with an entry level position period amid the summers and requires time and monetary speculation, which prompts a superior occupation offer before the finish of the course, contingent on one’s scores obviously.

Executive MBA:

This is a full-time course which can be ofa year or two. The potential candidate must have an earlier work experience of no less than 5 years to be qualified to take up this program.

Part time MBA:

In this type of MBA, students are supposed to attend classes’ physically on weekends, in daytime or evening, this allows students to work and study.

Availability of Indian Food if You Have Chosen To Study in Europe for Indian Students

In enormous urban areas like that, you could most likely locate an Indian or a couple of Indian eateries, in spite of the fact that most of the people generally don’t know about every one of them. Here is a short analysis of the type of Indian food one

Gets in the continent:

Quality: don’t expect it will (dependably) be simply the genuine same nourishment as in India itself. It will most likely be made with more items the European individuals are more acquainted with.

Value: the cost will be significantly more than in India, since it’s simply not India. Everything is costlier. Particularly in huge urban areas, For instance: a pop in a bar in the focal point of Paris will as of now be more than 5 euros.

Elective: whether you are remaining in a lodging are leasing a loft or such, in light of the fact that then you could go too little nearby Indian stores and set up the nourishment yourself.