Study in Europe

Introduction about Study in Europe

Study in EuropeEurope is one of the popular counties among Indian students. The world class education system helps the students to build their professional career here. So, if you are thinking of a good career, then it is the best place for you. There are many renowned professors, lecturers to guide you for your career. The expert guidance helps you to manage the upcoming challenges in your professional life. Here, you will be given the best, healthy environment to study.

The most amazing fact is that you do not spend much to study here. The tuition cost is lower here. The fantastic atmosphere of this country never makes you feel bore. So, if you compare the exposure, then his is the best choice for you. Here, the students are given a chance for global exposure. Many universities in Europe have international collaboration to maintain the education standard.


Courses offered by European Universities

The universities of Europe provide various types of courses to the students. Here you can get chance to study many subjects such as MBBS, Law, BBA, Nursing, Dentistry and many more. If you want to know about the courses offered by the European university you have to check below. The classes are:

  • MBBS course for six years
  • Md course of 6 years
  • You will get the chance to study Dentistry course here
  • In Europe, there is a scope to research pharmacy for four years
  • The dental program has been offered to the candidates for five years
  • Here, you will be given a chance to masters in International Business Law for two years
  • You can study administration from the universities of Europe for two years
  • The Europe universities offer the candidates the bachelor courses of engineering for four years.
  • You will be given the facility of nursing courses for four years
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Civil study
  • Architecture
  • Computer science
  • Environmental study
  • Courses of chemical research and so on.

Duration of Studying in Europe

The study duration is different for the different courses

  • The study duration for the MBBS courses is six years here
  • The same time will be taken for completing MD courses also.
  • If you want to study pharmacy here, then the study duration will be four years
  • In addition to this, it will take four years to study Business administration
  • In the case of International Business law, you have to study for two years in this country.
  • In the case of medical courses, five years will be taken for theory classes
  • Another one year will be given to the students for doing the internship

Medium of Teaching While Studying in Europe

If you are interested in studying in Europe, then you need to know about the medium of instruction.

  • The European university generally follow English as their medium of instruction
  • The students can read in different languages like  Spanish, French, German, etc
  • You have told the authority about your medium of study during the admission time
  • The universities will provide you the scope for learning European languages for your practical classes.

Intake for MBBS Study in Europe

The study intake in Europe is the same for almost all the courses.

  • Generally, the academic years in this runs between June and September
  • Therefore, the students will get two intakes for taking admission for their desired courses
  • The deadline for the application submission is different for the Europe candidates and the non-Europeans.
  • Therefore, it will be better for the candidate to drop the application as soon as possible.

Eligibility Criteria for Study in Europe

The universities of Europe have set the eligibility criteria.

The candidates must meet up with the eligibility criteria adequately for getting admission here.

  • The age of the desired candidates need to be a minimum of 17 years
  • If you want to study in this country, then your period should do not exceed 25 years
  • The candidates need to score minimum of 50 % marks in the 12th examination
  • You have to clear the 10+2 examination
  • The candidates who belong from the SC/ST/OBC category must have scored at least 45 % of marks
  • If you want to study in this country, then you have to carry Europe student visa
  • Few colleges of Europe may ask the students for the entrance exam for studying preferred subjects.
  • Some universities in Europe  may ask the students for giving the language test
  • Though there are some other universities that do not ask for a language tests, an entrance examination.
  • You have to give NEET exam if you want to do MBBS from Europe

Required Documents For Study in Europe 2020-2021

The candidates who want to build their professional careers from this country need to submit the necessary documents. If you want to know about the same, then you can check below.

  • You need to submit the certificates of the 10th and 12th
  • There is a requirement of Mark sheets of 10th  and 12th examination
  • School leaving certificates are needed for the submission
  • You need to score goods in IELTS examination
  • Letters of recommendation are also required.
  • The  candidates must have the European student visa
  • The certificates of the previous examination are needed to be notarized.
  • The students need to have a valid passport  to get admission in the European universities
  • You need to submit the birth certificates for the proof of your age.
  • You need to submit the confirmation letter given by your university
  • The clearance certificates from the police are required for the proof of no criminal records
  • Medical documents are needed for the submission as proof of physical fitness
  • You need to give the passport sizes photographs for securing your seats here

Admission Process for Study in Europe

The admission is the same in all European universities. Therefore, the desired candidates have to follow the admission process carefully for getting admission to this country.

  • The admission of European universities  is straightforward to follow
  • The candidates have to apply online to study in this country
  • In the first step, you need to fill up the online application form.
  • In the second step, after the completion of the application, you have to submit all the required documents
  • Once you are done with the documentation, you will get an invitation letter from your chosen university
  • In this step, you have to pay a visit to the concerned embassy for having the permission
  • After this step, the  students need to pay the fee for your chosen courses
  • Once, you are done with the payment of the courses fee you can apply for the visa
  • After the checking of all documents, you will be given a student visa
  • In this step, you are ready to set out for Europe
  • Now, you can fulfill your dream of studying in Europe.

Why Study in Europe?

You may think that while there are many other options for you, then why this country? Why don’t you choose another country? There are some reasons for choosing this country to study in. The reasons are given below:

  • Europe has gradually become the favorite destination to the international student
  • The excellent infrastructure of education attracts everyone to study here
  • The well-equipped library helps the students to enrich their knowledge level.
  • Here, you can get the facility of English medium teaching for study
  • You do not have to pay money for choosing your medium of instruction
  • The standard of education is very high here
  • The well equipped practical classes help you in developing your practical skills
  • The course of study is cheaper in comparison with the other counties
  • You do not have to pay a donation for getting admission here
  • There is a facility of direct access
  • There are to-notch universities in this count6ries
  • Her, you will get the chance for working under the guidance of renowned academicians
  • Some universities offer job placement facility to the students
  • The living cost is lower here
  • The Indian student will get Indian food here
  • The candidates are given the hostel facility
  • The duration of courses is not so long here
  • All the universities accredited by reputed bodies.
  • There is an option for you to do higher studies
  • If you wish you can do a job here
  • The degree provided by European universities are globally accepted
  • The art infrastructure of this county is world-famous
  • The medicine courses, practices are highly advanced here
  • The diverse culture helps you to explore new things

European Universities Education System

All the universities in Europe follow the same education system.

  • They always try to provide the excellent quality education to the candidates.
  • It has been observed that the structure of education may differ based on different countries
  • The union of Europe has near about 28 active members to supervise the education system
  • The European Higher Education Area ensure the Tertiary education system in this country
  • In addition to this, EHEA regulates this education system across the nation for the beneficiary of the students.
  • This education system helps the faculties to enhance the compatibility among the candidates, professors, and researchers.
  • This education system helps the candidates to enhance their professional skills here
  • The colleges of Europe follow the European Qualifications Framework to improve the educational standard.
  • In the case of medical courses, the students are given the chance of regular lectures, course works.
  • The medical students will be given a chance for getting involved in medical research projects.

Scholarships for Studying in Europe

  • The European university offers various types of scholarship to the students
  • The award will be given to the students based on their academic performance
  • The students are given financial back up as a scholarship that covers tuition fee and living cost.
  • As per the records there are more than 100,000 of scholarships schemes are available for the students
  • There are some economical schemes for the students that help them to cover the tuition fee completely.

Education Loan Assistance for Indian Students

  • In this country, you will get the facility of education loan
  • You will get up to 4.5 lakhs for the loan from the recognized bank
  • In addition to this, universities of Europe help you to get loan by giving you necessary documents

PG Options after Study in Europe

The universities of Europe offer the students various types of post graduation options

  • If you are medical aspirants you can easily get direct admission for the MD courses
  • In case of law, there is option for matters in business law for the students
  • The engineering students will be given the chance for
  • In this country you will be given ample opportunities for doing higher studies.

Career Scope after Study in Europe

There are millions of options for you to enhance your career here.

  • The medical candidates can do higher studies from this country
  • Apart from this, here is an options for doing job in private enterprises
  • Hospital management is the suitable option for the medical students
  • Her, you can set up your own hospitals
  • Here is an option for doing research works

MBBS Syllabus for Study in Europe

The syllabus is different for the different courses.

  • The universities of Europe has made the syllabus for providing the best knowledge to the students
  • The candidates will be given particular time for the practical training
  • In case of lab oriented subjects, the candidates are given the basic knowledge about their subjects.

Studying in Europe for Indian Students

It will be beneficial for the Indian students to study here.

  • The Indian students will get the best quality education here
  • The Indian students will get the facility of Indian mess
  • You do not have to worry about food as in hostel canteen you will get Indian food also.
  • The locals of this country is helpful
  • The level of competition is not so high as compared with  India
  • Here, you do not have to pay donation for confirming your seats
  • The course fee is also affordable here
  • The medium of studying is English here
  • If you want you can learn new languages
  • There are scopes of participating in international projects, seminars
  • Perfect balance will be maintained in theory and practical classes
  • The intensive training will be provided to the students.

Recognition of European Universities

All the universities o0f this country is recognized by the well known authorities

  • The medical colleges are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and MCI
  • Ministry of Education
  • The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • The universities in Europe are recognized by some prominent organizations across the world.

Things you should know before applying Study in Europe

If you want to study in this country, you need to know about certain things before applying here.

  • You need to check the fee structure to ensure that it will match your economic capacity
  • You need to know about the living cost also
  • The students must check whether your chosen university Government or private
  • You should go for MCI approved universities if you are a MBBS aspirant
  • You have to gather information about the number of Indian candidates study here
  • You need to carry warm clothes as it is quite cold here
  • The candidates have to know about the career scope in this country after completion of the courses

Benefits of Study in Europe For Indian Students 2019

The major benefits of studying in Europe are given below:

  • The high class education system
  • The tuition fee is affordable enough
  • The cost of living is also very low here
  • All the universities are accredited by renowned bodies across the world
  • There is a scope of getting international exposure
  • The students are provided with the facility of scholarship
  • Indian food is available here
  • The students are provided with the accommodation facility
  • The well equipped library helps the students to gain much knowledge regarding their subjects

Popular countries to study in Europe

There are many alternatives are available for the students in case of country choice. There are some countries that have become the booming places for the international students

Study in Kyrgyzstan

  • The cost of courses is competitively lower here
  • It is one of the best alternatives particularly for the Indian students
  • You will get direct admission here if you want to study in abroad

Some popular universities of Kyrgyzstan are:

  • Kyrgyz Russian Slavic university
  • Kyrgyz National University
  • International University of Kyrgyzstan
  • Kyrgyz State Technical University

Study in Georgia

  • Gradually , this country has become the host destination among the international candidates
  • The world class educational structure attracts many from all over the world
  • You will get several advantages if you study here
  • The students do not face any safety issue here as it is safest in Europe
  • You will enjoy the excellent academic session here
  • No requirements of giving IELTS, TOEFL
  • No need of entrance exam
  • No donation will be required for securing your admission
  • Travel expenses is affordable
  • Availability of Indian food

Recommendation for universities in this country:

  • Georgia State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Augusta University
  • Valdosta State University

Study in Armenia

It is the ideal options for the medical aspirants as they are offering high quality medical education

  • The cost of higher education is cheaper here than that of the others.
  • Excellent professional career
  • Opportunity to work after the completion of course
  • The faculties of  Armenia always try to maintain the international benchmark in case of higher education
  • Here, you will acquire the chance to work in private or Government Enterprises
  • Here, you need to have work permit to during the vacation time of your courses

Here are some popular universities of Armenia

  • National Polytechnique University of Armenia
  • Armenian Medical Institute
  • Yerevan State Medical University
  • Gavar State University

Disadvantages of Study in Europe For Indian Students 2020

If you wish to study in this country, then you need to know about the disadvantages also.  The disadvantages are given below:

  • The most common issue to study in this country is language barrier
  • Therefore, it might hamper the students for any type of field works
  • The students may have to learn new languages for internship period
  • As it will help the candidates to communicate with the patients
  • Homesick is another problems that is faced by many students every year
  • The medical students do not get dead bodies for practice
  • Lawyers might not get a lot of cases to handle in some European places during internship
  • There is a problem of being distracted by the guidance of frauds.

Vacations During Study in Europe

The students can enjoy a lot during the vacation period here

  • The students are given summer vacation for long days
  • The candidates will also get the vacation during the winter time
  • The compulsory vacation will be given on the 25th December and on the 1st of January
  • There are many local holidays for the students
  • The candidates can come back to their homeland during the time of vacation
  • If you wish you can freely roam about in different cities of Europe to explore new cultures

FMGE Passing Percentage after completion of Study in Europe

The FMGE passing percentage mainly has been measured in case of medical study.

  • As per the records, the passing percentage of this examination has been decreased day by day.
  • In accordance with the collected data, in the year of 2012-2013 near about 28. % students clear it
  • On the other hand, the percentage of passing has been increased in the year of 2016-2017.
  • The passing percentage of  2017 was 9.44 %
  • Though there is no clear data found about the passing percentage of the Indian candidates

As per the collected data of 2019, the percentage is given below:

  • Near about 13, 364 candidates appear in this exam
  • The number of passed candidates is 2767
  • As per the statistical data, near about     9006 students fail to qualify this examination.

About Europe

Europe is one of the beautiful countries and the picturesque beauty of this country can steal your mind. This country has the area of 10, 180, 000 square kilometer. Gradually this country has become popular destination among the students due to its high quality education system. The universities of this country use latest technology for providing the best practical training to the students. Here, in this country you will always get help in case of any emergency. You just need to contact 112 SOS emergency numbers for help.


  • There are near about 24 official languages have been used in the European Union
  • Here are many other languages like French, German have been used for the education purpose.


  • The currency of this country is Euro
  • The symbol of the currency is EUR
  • In case of exchange rate, 1 Indian rupee is equal to 0.013 EUR


  • The overall population of this country is14 crores.
  • The total population of this country is equal to the 9.78 % of population of the whole world.
  • The population density of this country is 34 per square kilometer
  • The population percentage in urban is 74. 3 %


  • Most of the people in this country follow Christianity
  • In the southern part of this country, the people follow Islam
  • There are many other religions that followed by the minority group.


  • This country has temperate climate
  • The temperature may vary based on the different regions
  • In the Amsterdam, the temperature remains 6 degree C
  • Whereas the temperature of Malta remains 22 degree Celsius.

Time Difference from India

  • The time difference for India and Europe is quite long.
  • The time of India is near about 4 hours 30 minutes faster than that of Europe.


There are several types of food available in this country.

  • Indian food is available here also
  • Most of the people in Europe prefers to have fruits
  • The typical fruits of this country are smoked salmon, bread, cold cut and many more

Safety of students in Europe

Europe is one of the safest countries in the world

  • If you have chosen this country for study then you do not have to face any kind of issue here
  • Therefore, it will be safe for the Indian students to study here.
  • Among the European countries, Georgia, Kazakhstan is the safest.

Accommodation for Students for study in Europe

The universities of Europe offer accommodation facility to the students.

  • Therefore, Indian students do not have to worry regarding the same.
  • The students can get the facility of student residence hall to stay here
  • If you want you can have separate flat here
  • The entire hostel offered by the universities is well furnished with the necessary amenities.
  • There are lounge, canteen, television room for the leisure time of the students
  • The students do not have to pay much for having the university hostel facility
  • There is a library in the hostel campus for the better education of the students.
  • The students are given food in their hostel
  • If you want to cook yourself then you can avail the shared kitchen facility
  • Generally, the hostel rooms are offered on the basis of twin-sharing
  • You can easily access the internet facility
  • In some colleges, you do not have to pay extra for suing their internet as it is included in the tuition fee.
  • In addition to this, the students will be given the facility of laundry in their hostel campus.
  • Though the cost of accommodation will be depend on the city.

Is NEET required for Studying in Europe?

As per the instruction of Ministry of Health and Family, NEET has become mandatory for MBBS aspirants.

  • If you wish to study in this country then you have to appear in this examination
  • However, if you fail to qualify this examination, then you can still study in the foreign countries
  • Some universities ask for qualifying marks in NEET examination if you want to study there
  • In case if medical studies, if you fail in NEET exam then you are not allowed to practice in India

Is study in Europe possible without NEET?

As per the recent rules of Medical Council of India NEET is compulsory

  • The students must appear in this examination if they wish to study here
  • The good marks in this exam help you in profession l career
  • If the students fail in the exam they can still study in abroad

Impact of NEET Exam on study in Europe

  • NEET examination is mandatory for studying in abroad
  • As per the rules, the students must have to appear in this exam

Medical seat in India after passing NEET exam?

  • Qualifying NEET is nothing but a formality  for studying in the foreign universities
  • The medical candidates will be given the seats on the basis of the rank
  • If you score good marks in this exam then you can get MBBS seat in India
  • In addition to this, you have to qualify in the MCI screening test

MBBS in Europe after NEXT Exam

  • If students pass NEET examination at the first attempt, passing percentage will be high in this case
  • The students will get the high quality education in Europe
  • The level of competition will be same for the Indian students and International students.


Q.1) Will the students get accommodation facility in Europe?

Yes, the students will get the accommodation facility here

Q.2) Is NEET examination mandatory for study in Europe?

Yes, the students need to appear in NET examination as I is mandatory based on the rules of MCI

Q.3) Is there any facility of doing post graduation in Europe?

Yes, the European universities offer you the scope for post graduation

Q.4) What is the medium of teaching here?

The medium of teaching is English here

Q.5) Are there scholarships schemes available for the students?

Yes, the students will get the facility of scholarship here

Q.6) Are the degrees provided by European university globally accepted?

Yes, the degree provided by the universities of Europe is globally accepted

Q.7) What about the accreditation of colleges of Europe

The medical colleges of Europe are recognized by many prominent medical bodies like MCI, FAIMER, UNESCO and so on.

Q.8) Is student visa mandatory to study in Europe?

Yes, the students need to have student visa for studying in this country.

Q.9) Is there any emergency number for getting help?

Yes, if you feel urgency for help you can call 112 for emergency help.

Q.10) Will the Indian students get Indian food in Europe?

Yes, the Indian student will get the option for Indian food here.

Q.11) Do the students need to have work permit for doing job in Europe?

Yes, the candidates need to have work permit from Embassy for doing job in this country.

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