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Introduction about MBBS in Europe for Indian Students 2019

MBBS in EuropeMBBS in Europe is a six-year course which often attracts medical aspirants from Asian countries, especially Indians. In India, where private medical institutions charge you millions for an MBBS degree, MBBS course in Europe will cost you only around 15 to 25 lakhs INR. Globally recognized degrees, international exposure, top-notch universities, high-class infrastructure, fresh environment, and lower tuition fees are some of the prime factors that make Indians to study MBBS in Europe. MBBS universities in Europe have produced prominent physicians and researchers who have contributed to several groundbreaking works in the field of medicine.
The procedure of MBBS admission in Europe is also simple. There is no requirement of paying hefty donations or qualifying English language tests for getting MBBS admission in Europe. To study MBBS in Europe, all you need to do is to clear 10+2 in Science with 55 percent marks, score 50 percent in NEET, and apply for a student visa after filling in the application for MBBS in Europe. If you want to avoid the admission hassle, contact Study Europe now.

 MBBS Admission

Confirmation prerequisites depend on various colleges. The base condition is to have secondary school certificate with great checks in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. While it is sufficient to have no less than 2 C (Biology and science) some MBBS colleges require at least BB or even High school capabilities proportional to UK A-level grades of AAA.

Some MBBS colleges acknowledge candidates with a professional or voluntary experience and eventual university qualification. Other may conduct selection test (Multiple decisions in Biology and science or English/French).
Regardless of whether there are no age limitations, the students must be not less than 18 years old to attempt certain clinical positions, for example, Paediatrics (so it is possible to get into medical college being under 18 years).

Study MBBS in Europe with English as the Primary Language

A medical aspirant can contemplate studying MBBS abroad in English (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc.), based on the MBBS College’s educational cost expenses, confirmation criteria, living expenses, etc.
Places like Italy, Malta, and Cyprus offer MBBS courses in English. Educational cost expenses are for the most part around €25,000 per annum at private colleges however Malta does not charge educational cost charges at all for European students. The Italian open medical colleges show the solution in English (Pavia, Milan, Bari, Rome, and Naples) at extremely sensible educational cost expenses (800 to 3,000 euros each year).

Annual Course Fee of the Top MBBS Universities in Europe

 Name of UniversityAnnual MBBS Fees (INR).  
 University of Traditional Medicine1.70 Lakh/Year
 Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University3.40 Lakh/Year
 Akaki Tsereteli State University3.40 Lakh/Year

Disclaimer:  Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.

Study MBBS from Eastern Europe

MBBS in Eastern Europe is politically separated into 2 parties: Member and non-member of EU (European Union) and EEA (Eastern European union). The greater part of these nations offer a decent MBBS program in English (German and French) and the educational cost charges and living expenses are exceptionally reasonable.

International MBBS students must remember that regardless of whether the MBBS program is nearly the same all over the place, there is confinement about certificate acknowledgement after graduation. Medical students transferred on from different nations of European Union EU/ Suisse confederation and EEA approach promote training or openings for work in EU/ Suisse confederation and EEA hardly (with the danger of being come up short on!). By and by, MBBS Degree from the most European MBBS colleges is accepted outside Europe.

Amongst surely understood goal of International MBBS students in Eastern part of Europe, there are MBBS colleges in Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Scheck Republic, Romania and Slovakia ( as individuals from EU/EEA and Suisse Confederation), and colleges of MBBS in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia (non-EU/EEA nations) and so on.

In most European Countries, it is anything but difficult to get into MBBS College yet difficult to wind up noticeably a doctor (roughly 85 % of students are prohibited within the initial 2 years!). It is hard to get in medical school in East European nations, yet when the student is conceded, if he is a diligent worker and has a decent training foundation; then the possibility of becoming a doctor is high.

Study MBBS in Europe: Medical Credit transfer

In ECTS framework, each learning result is communicated regarding credits, with a student workload, extending from 1500 to 1800 hours for a scholastic year, and one credit, by and large, compared to 25-30 hours of work.

Credit transfer in the field of medical education in most European medical colleges is possible just between similar projects. In this way, an MBBS student can exchange from one medical college of a 6-year program of MBBS to 6-year program in the other college; dentistry program in one college of dentistry program in different colleges.
To study MBBS in Europe, maximum colleges acknowledge medical college exchange just amid on the preclinical years (initial 3 years). It is quite possible to exchange medical college exchange up to the fourth year of prescription or course of 6 years.

A Brief about the MBBS Course Structure

The whole MBBS course comprises of 360 credits. It is isolated into 10 semesters that involves 5 years of MBBS course work including 300 credits (30 credits each) and the practical year which is the sixth year containing 60 credits. All the ten semesters are similarly dispersed between addresses, aggregate work, free hours and semester insightful exams.

General Requirements for a prospective MBBS Student

Candidates introducing optional school, Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education, the International Baccalaureate, or college/school undergraduate qualifications will be surveyed independently and will be considered for fitting passage into the MBBS program. The secondary school leaving confirmation is required to apply to medical college. This implies you more likely than not finished twelfth Grade in the US/Canada and somewhere else.

UK: Advanced Level; Ireland – School/College Leaving Certificates; England – Certificate of Secondary Education ; France : Baccalauréat (lycée); Scotland – Scottish Higher/Advanced Higher ; Spain: Baccalaureate (Bachillerato) American/Canadian – Graduate Equivalency Degree; General Diploma Education, General Diploma Equivalency, or Germany : Abitur;

Language Requirements:

Medical examination manages work with prospective students who have a better than average comprehension of the English, French or are prepared to follow one year Romanian/Bulgaria course. Actually, prospective students who don’t have enough command of English or French dialect can follow one-year medical year of prescription in English or national language(Romanian/Bulgarian )sorted out by some MBBS colleges. Toward the finish of the first year the students can begin medical college study.

Age limit

You should be no less than 17 years of age at the season of applying to medical university. There are no formal set age limits for section to medicinal school and choice and affirmation arrangements are matters for singular foundations to decide. In any case, medical schools will assess the length of the college class and postgraduate preparing (no less than 9 years) in connection with the length of administration the hopeful could give.

Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths

For admission to MBBS School, the minimum marks required in Biology, Chemistry, as well as Physics and Maths, must be not less than 62% for more colleges. Be that as it may, those with fewer marks can be also conceded considering supplementary records.

Additional Requirement:

  • Specific University course
  • Letter of Recommendation from your guide,
  • Statement of Purpose (reasons for wanting to become a doctor),
  • Academic achievements,
  • Previous work experience or internship experience
  • Computer literacy
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills

MBBS Syllabus in Europe

The lessons of MBBS are of 66 months including one year of region-level position. The essential year incorporates one-year demonstrating critical science subjects – Bio-science, Physiology and Anatomy with some learning of society prescription. Next are clinical subjects – Pharmacology, Pathology, Community Medicine and Microbiology with Forensic Medicine. The third year is distributed in two domains. Part I is only of 1 year with themes for the exam are ENT, Community Medicine and ophthalmology. Part II is 1 year with points in the exam is Surgery, Medicine, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Paediatrics.

Visa Process

The applicants who are not residents of any European country yet still want to visit and study in Europe ought to settle on a visa. Joined with the visa, if the length of the course is over ninety days as it happens with a substantial bit of the students who want to complete a whole educational year or significantly the whole MBBS term in Europe, students ought to moreover pick the stay permit that empowers you to live in the appointed country for a period of one whole year.

As an issue of first significance, the student must download the application form from the web and fill it absolutely and truly. The checked-application outline must be trailed by other necessary reports, gave before long at the workplace/government office or the operator of the country you are meaning to study in.


The European climate is the immediate result of the subtropical weight of the nation’s west and additionally the mainland obstructions that impacts the east. The rough territories direct the neighborhood atmosphere of the zone by filling in as a boundary against the chilly quality of the north. This prompts a warm atmosphere helped with damp air from the Black highlights high mugginess and overwhelming precipitation that influences it to feel like home for the students from the north of India when they come in to study MBBS in European countries.

Religion followed in Europe

Religion in Europe has been a significant effect on the present society craftsmanship, culture, thinking and law. The greatest religion in Europe is Christianity. Three countries in South-eastern Europe have Muslim larger parts. Old European religions included love for divine beings, for instance, Zeus. Current rebuilding advancements of these religions consolidate Heathenism, Rodnovery, Romuva, Druidry, Wicca, and others. More diminutive religions join Indian religions, Judaism, and some East Asian religions, which are found in their greatest get-togethers in Britain, France, and Kalmykia. The Indian students won’t be totally kept away from their religions as there are some Indian settlements also praising all the Indian celebrations and customs.

Performance of Students Availing Low-cost Europe MBBS colleges in Passing Percentage in FMGE

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) also called the Medical Board of India is an examination coordinated with the help of a national driving assortment of examination in India, The examination is one of the required necessities for the locals of India who has a medical review from a school outside India to practice medicinal in the country.

There are numerous colleges in the landmass of Europe that offer the best medical educationwhich encourages students to pass these FMGE exams easily and it is a cake stroll for the students who have taken the course on a genuine note. For the most part, the students who have considered in Europe for Indian students finish this exam soundly. As per the measurements, the alumni from Europe showing up for FMGE exams and passing them are 25%.

Most Affordable Places to Acquire MBBS in Europe

1. Poland

Home to fascinating beetroot dishes and tough drinking spirits, Poland offers relatively shoddy courses of MBBS in Europe that are well known – demonstrated by the way that every year, medical schools in Poland promotes MBBS in Europe for Indian students, Scandinavian nations and Saudi Arabia, among numerous others. Students run here on the grounds that they’ll be given an exceptionally extensive, very much respected MBBS in Europe, however will pay impressively not exactly in the event that they were examining in Western Europe, Australia or North America. The degrees offered by Polish colleges for MBBS in Europe are perceived worldwide and the organizations regularly work with others around the world. A decent place to begin with study MBBS in Europe would be the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, where one of the specialists who played out the principal full face transplant examined.

2. Georgia

Georgia works a free college framework for EU students and has as of late presented charges for students of medical studies in Europe outside of the European Union. Along these lines, for European students, it doesn’t generally get substantially low cost of MBBS in Europe, in spite of the fact that it’s best to check with the college you’re applying to on the off chance that its approach is distinctive for top Europe medical college. Furthermore, Georgia’s MBBS education in Europe is a standout amongst the most noteworthy on the planet, so your MBBS in Europe degree will have been earned in a foundation like no other. The ordinary charges for things like course books, gear lodgings still apply, however that appears like little sear when you consider what you’re getting MBBS course in Europe for-cash astute. For what reason not investigate the MBBS in Europe at this college and see what you think?

3. Krygyzstan

Put your wallet away: Krygyzstan’s MBBS in Europe courses are highly cheap. This makes it outstanding amongst other spots to go in case you’re considering on a shoestring spending plan and can’t stand to reveal the enormous checks after every semester for MBBS programs in Europe. Rather, you can joyfully chug along, safe in the learning that you’re getting a fabulous, world-class European MBBS degree in India from a standout amongst the most mentally thorough nations on the planet. Be careful, in any case, as decent European MBBS colleges of the Kryg dialect will presumably be required and you’ll need to finish a progression of preparatory tests to get onto the course where these etymological capacities will keep you in great stead.

4. Belarus

Studying MBBS at medical colleges in Europe for Indian students in Belarus medicinal courses are lower than those in the UK and the US, however aren’t really the least expensive when contrasted with Germany or Sweden. In any case, the generally minimal effort of living in Belarus, contingent upon where you are in the nation, more than compensates for it and the courses aren’t difficult to get on to; there’s a confirmations exam for most students who plan on to study MBBS / MD in Europe, however the framework isn’t as thorough as different countries in Western Europe.

5. Armenia

The costs for pursuing MBBS in Armenia for international students change uncontrollably relying upon the college and where you’re going from, however for an EU student the cost is more often than not around 800 Euros for the year. This is extraordinary news for European students; however those originating from America or Australia may need to watch that the costs for European medical college for MBBS in Armenia aren’t expanded excessively for them. Be that as it may, it’ll be justified, despite all the trouble since Armenia is home to some energizing top university in Europe for MBBS and the nation is an excellent goal to spend a length of an extreme Duration of MBBS course in Europe.

How to Travel to Europe from India

The process is fairly simple. First of all, you need to be sure that you have the assured seat at a university in Europe. That can only happen if you get the help of any European Embassy, New Delhi. can help you in that process. Now, once you have the documents with you that confirm the seat, you need to apply for the visa based on these documents.

These are the necessary documents needed for the visa to study MBBS in Europe:

  • A legitimate travel report/identification (At minimum 3 months up to its lapse date)
  • A Documentation to demonstrate your plan to stay in Europe: You may exhibit the accompanying as a proof of methods for subsistence: trade out convertible money, explorers checks, check books for a remote cash account, charge cards or whatever other implies that ensures subsidizes in hard cash.
  • Confirmation with respect to your convenience: This isn’t really required in the event that the students demonstrate that he/she will have adequate assets to keep up themselves amid their stay in the remote Schengen nation.
  • Two current international ID estimated photographs (Appropriate for the assigned government office/department)
  • Travel schedule
  • Medical/travel protection legitimate for your whole remain in the Schengen nation
  • Letter of acknowledgment from your college
  • A bank receipt to demonstrate you have paid the handling charge

Contingent upon the international safe haven/office that you will apply to, they may require extra reports to guarantee the demand and the data are bona fide, as, a few government offices/offices require a declaration that demonstrates you have no legitimate issues pending or a criminal record. As, the students appearing for admission to study MBBS in Europe should by and by hand the documentation at the already made arrangement (as generally it is required), the individual in control at the government office/department will tell you if there is any extra documentation required and the idea of that documentation.

Availability of Indian Food if You Have Chosen To Study in Europe for Indian Students

In enormous urban areas like that, you could most likely locate an Indian or a couple of Indian eateries, in spite of the fact that most of the people generally don’t know about every one of them. here is a short analysis of the type of Indian food one gets in the continent:

Quality: don’t expect it will (dependably) be simply the genuine same nourishment as in India itself. It will most likely be made with more items the European individuals are more acquainted with.

Value: the cost will be significantly more than in India, since it’s simply not India. Everything is more costly. Particularly in huge urban areas, For instance: a pop in a bar in the focal point of Paris will as of now be more than 5 euros.

Elective: whether you are remaining in a lodging are leasing a loft or such, in light of the fact that then you could go too little nearby Indian stores and set up the nourishment yourself.

Prerequisites for Pursuing MBBS in Europe

The most basic requirement is that you will need to have a student visa before you enter the country. You can apply for a student visa with the Consulate of the Republic of Europe here in India. If you avail a short term visa, you can stay up in Europe for three months, whereas a long term visa gives you the freedom to stay in the country for about a year. You will need to clear your preliminary exams like SAT before you apply for a university in Europe.

How Can You Secure Your Seat for MBBS in Europe?

Below mentioned is how the students who desire to study MBBS in Europe face issues:

  • There are several agents who will show you the tuition fees for a course that is taught in European language. There are also probabilities that the fees for the course taught in European language will be lower than if the course is taught in English. Which means you will have to pay a higher amount of fees.
  • There are some agents who will offer you with false details. For instance, if the course is bilingual, they might promote it as an English syllabus. While it might seem like a small thing, this can eventually hamper with your education. So you require to be careful about it.
  • It is also probable that the professionals will urge you and push you to take up a course just because they are getting a big money out of it. Make certain that you acknowledge all information before you sign up for anything. realised the problem that the students are facing while taking an admission for MBBS in Europe and do their best to guide and assist students to overcome these problems. Study Europe helps future doctors realise their dreams of studying MBBS in abroad. We have a group on expert consultants who can help you with any problem that you face as well as give you proper guidance for selecting the universities.

Admission Process for MBBS in Europe

Step 1. Once the student has satisfied himself or herself with the advantages and disadvantages of the medical universities in Europe can fill the application with correct information required.
Documents required to apply online are:

  1. Scanned copy of 10th Mark sheet.
  2. Scanned copy of 12th Mark sheet.
  3. Scanned copy of school leaving certificate.
  4. Scanned copy of the first and the last page of the passport.

Step 2: Once the application of the student is accepted by the university, the university issues the letter of confirmation of admission.

Step 3: After the student receives the confirmation/offer letter. The next step includes the payment of fees.

Step4: After the payment of the MBBS fee, apply for the student visa.

Step5: Get the Visa!

Step6: Book your tickets to Europe, pack your bags and fly.

Note: In addition to these documents, each college may have its individual requirements.

Required Documents for a Visa to Europe:

  1. Passport with minimum 18 months validity.
  2. 10th Certificate + Mark sheet
  3. 12th Certificate + Mark sheet
  4. Birth Certificate in English or translated into English and notarized.
  5. Photo – 10 ( 4.5 x 3.5 cm, 70% Face )
  6. Official Invitation letter from the respective Medical University
  7. HIV test Reports
  8. Authorization of all archives by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  9. Legalization of all documents by the respective European Embassy.
  10. Visa fees
  11. Bank receipt of University 1st year Tuition fee payment (required for some Universities).

MCI Preparation

The MBBS students studying in Europe can benefit selective training offered by advisors to set you up for MCI or FMGE screening test. Just those Indian specialists are permitted to practice medicine in India that effectively clears the FMGE/MCI exam from recognized colleges abroad. We give MCI test instructing to all students for all subjects as devised by MCI. Since it can be hard to increase viewpoint of Indian examination and be set up for 19 subjects upon return, numerous students incline towards taking their MCI coaching while they’re pursuing their MBBS in a foreign country. By taking the right choice at the perfect time can enable you to keep the energy alive and proceed onward to the following level without losing time in the middle of transition stages.

Some imperative highlights of this exam include:

  • This non-competitive exam covers MBBS exam syllabus only
  • The examination paper comprises of 3 areas
  • The design is MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) style
  • Students must acquire 50% marks to clear the examination
  • The examination is directed in June and December every year
  • Students can take the exam unlimited times

You can converse with our training specialists at to find out about the accessible bundles for our Indian students. We give online examination material, video lectures and lots more, helping the students get ready for the MCI screening test.

Pursue Medical Pg. (MD / MS) In USA After MBBS In Europe.

Numerous students wish to seek after an education in the field of medicine in the United States of America. Nonetheless, it is a significant costly program. When you are in your third year of MBBS, you can show up for USMLE.

USMLE Stage 1

Stage 1: exam from Europe itself. USMLE Stage 1 is an online exam. In the event that your score is over 230 imprints (out of 308), you are nearly ensured your place for Medicinal PG (MD/MS Degree) in the USA.

USMLE Stage 1 evaluates whether you comprehend and can apply imperative fundamental sciences ideas utilized for the act of prescription, with extraordinary accentuation on standards and systems hidden wellbeing, malady, and methods of treatment. USMLE Stage 1 exam tests your establishment for the equipped routine with regards to the drug in the present yet, in addition, the logical standards required for the upkeep of fitness through long-lasting learning. The fundamental testing measurements of Stage 1 are framework and process.

USMLE Stage 2

In your sixth year of MBBS, you are qualified for showing up for the USMLE Stage 2CK Exam. On clearing this qualifying exam, you are qualified for the residency (Clinical PG in the USA).

After effectively passing USMLE Stage 1 with 230 imprints and after you have finished your 2 years of Clinical Green book revolution from an ACGME endorsed showing healing facility in the Unified Conditions of America, the subsequent stage is to clear USMLE 2 exam. Likewise named as Stage 2, it is isolated into two sections. USMLE 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge – Theory) and USMLE 2 CS (Clinical Skills – Oral and Practical). Stage 2 is a qualifying exam prompting the residency. The Letter of Recommendation got by your guide specialist at the hospital carries an immense weight to prevail in fruitful residency match.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

ECTS is a credit framework intended to make it less demanding for students to move between various nations. Since they depend on the learning accomplishments and workload of an MBBS course, a student can exchange their ECTS credits starting with one college then onto the next so they are meant to add to a person’s degree program or preparing. ECTS makes adapting more student eccentric. It is a focal apparatus in the Bologna Process, which means to make National frameworks better. ECTS likewise assists with the arranging, conveyance and assessment of study projects, and makes them more straightforward.

How does it function?

ECTS credits represent the workload and characterized learning results (“what the individual knows comprehends and can do”) of a givenMBBS course or program. 60 credits are what might as well be called an entire year of study or work. In a standard scholastic year, 60 credits would be normally separated into several components.

A run of the mill “first cycle” (or Bachelor’s) Degree, would comprise of 180 or 240 credits, while a common “second cycle” (or Master’s) Degree, would comprise of 90 or 120 credits, with no less than 60 credits at second cycle level. The utilization of ECTS at the “third cycle” (or PhD level) shifts. ECTS has been embraced by a large portion of the nations in the European advanced education region (EHEA) and is progressively utilized somewhere else.

Please do not look to study and work!

Some agents are misleading the students by spreading wrong information that the students can study and work simultaneously, hence covering up their living expenses. However, that is not true and no student should adhere to that advice.

This is on the grounds that the Medical Education isn’t a simple undertaking. The lectures are long, tiring and to a great degree requesting. There is a requirement for self-study and this does not leave any amount of time for the students to work. On the off chance that they begin working amid the MBBS course of their education then it will unassuminglyaffect their exam grades. Along these lines, we earnestly encourage all prospective students to not search for study + work undergrad programs when taking up MBBS.

Our Services

We also offer the following services for MBBS in Europe :

  • We provide students with reliable and authentic study notes and FMGE Test Series to ensure that students get success in the Test.
  • When it comes to educational counselling for MBBS abroad, we are the best in the industry.
  • Through our in-depth knowledge, extensive research and expertise, we help you get the best in class education at the top-notch medical universities for Indian students in Europe .
  • We also offer university selection guidance to help you pick from a list of cost-effective and leading universities in Europe for MBBS.
  • Get assurance for successful MBBS admission in Europe in top-ranked, MCI recognised MBBS Colleges in Europe .
  • We help you with the documentation and VISA application like stamping from Embassy & Ministry along with translating academic documents and notarisation. Get zero rejection of VISA issuance.
  • Study Europe Consultants arranges safe travel coupled with travel insurance and appropriate accommodation abroad.
  • We also provide education counselling services to those who have completed their MBBS Degree in Europe or elsewhere and are willing to continue their Post-Graduation program in medicine.
  • We give you complete information on PG programs in Medicine offered by different medical universities in the world.

We at Study Europe Consultants focus on being your trusted ally for your admission related queries on obtaining an MBBS degree in Abroad. We are pleased to inform you that we are the authorized representatives of MCI Approved MBBS Universities in Europe for medical aspirants belonging to any of the above mentioned nations for the year 2019-20.

Why Choose Study Europe Consultants for MBBS in Europe ?

There are plenty of reasons that make us one of the most reliable study-abroad consultants in Delhi. We at Study Europe Consultants ensure that all our clients get the complete solution to their MBBS admission needs in international medical universities under a single roof. We are here to support you at every stage and treat you as a family member. With an experienced team of education consultants, we have managed to send hundreds of students to study MBBS in Europe and many other countries across the globe.

Benefits you get with Study Europe Consultants include:

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We take pride in serving more than 500 Indian students and sending them to the medical universities of their choices. Whatever problem you encounter related to MBBS in abroad, Study Europe Consultants is there for you with the complete solution. If you are an aspiring candidate seeking MBBS admission in Europe in top medical university in Europe or any other country and belong to countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Iran, Malaysia, Israel, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, other Arab Countries, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia along with Singapore, Turkey, Zambia, South Africa, other African Countries, Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe, then feel free to contact us to clear your doubts about studying MBBS abroad.