MBBS in Romania

MBBS in Romania

MBBS RomaniaDo you want to study MBBS Abroad Romania?  Do you want to save thousands of lives? Is this your dream to be a professional doctor? Then, Romania is the wise choice for you. Gradually, it has become a hot destination for the MBBS seekers due to its quality education. Here, the medical candidates will get high standard of medical training. There are many top notch medical universities in Romania. Here you will get the excellent guide from the renowned faculties. So, it will be fruitful for you to opt for MBBS in Romania

MBBS admission in Romania is very easy to follow. You do not have to give any entrance exam to get admission here. The candidates have to score minimum of 50 % marks in the 12th examination. The Mbbs Fees in Romania is very lower than that of other foreign universities. The candidates do not have o spend much.  The students have to pay only 5000 EURO per year for the tuition fee. In addition to this, the hostel fee in Romania is near about 3000 EURO. So, he Indian students have to give only 15-20 lakhs INR for studying MBBS here.

Medical Education / MBBS  From Romania Key Features

Intake October
Score Required in 10+2 50% in PCB
NEET Requirement YES
Fees Structure 4000 – 7000 USD Per Year
Hostel 200 to 260 USD Per Month
Duration 6 Years
Medium of Instruction English
Top Medical University University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”
Recognition MCI and WHO approved

Courses Offered by Romanian Medical Universities

All the universities of Romania offer various types of medical courses to the candidates. The lists of the courses offered by Romania MBBS universities are given below:

  • They are offering 6 years of MBBS courses to the students
  • The students will get the chance to study MD for 6 years
  • The universities of Romania offer Dentistry courses of 5 years
  • Here, you will get the chance to study pharmacy for 4 years
  • The courses of nursing will also be offered to the interested candidates for 4 years.

Duration of Studying MBBS in Romania

In Romania, the study duration of Romanian MBBS courses is total 6 years

  • The candidates have to study first five years for completion of academic  education
  • The candidates have to study another 1 year for internship program.
  • The students have to do their internship in university affiliated local hospitals.

Medium of Teaching While Studying

  • The faculties of MBBS Universities in Romania use English as their medium of instruction
  • The candidates have taught dialects and local languages from the effective communication with the locals

Intake for MBBS Study in Romania

The study intake of MBBS in Romania generally starts from the mid of the August

  • It will be better for the MBBS seekers to apply for admission in June,July
  • There are limited MBBS seats available in MBBS Abroad Romania
  • You have to apply early as the seats will be allotted on the basis of first comer

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Romania

The medical aspirants needs to follow the eligibility criteria for Study MBBS in Romania.

  • The age of the Medical aspirants should be at least 17 years
  • The candidate’s age should not exceed 25 years before 31st December
  • The medical seekers need to complete 10+2 examination along with the 55 % marks.
  • The candidates do not have to give any language proficiency test for Romania MBBS
  • The candidates must be from science background to get admission in Medical Universities in Romania.
  • The candidate must read Physics, Chemistry, English and biology from the recognized board
  • If the candidates belong from SC/ST/OBC category then he needs to secure minimum 45 % marks in the same
  • It is mandatory to qualify in NEET examination if the students want to get admitted here

Required Documents For MBBS Admission In Romania 2020

It is mandatory to submit the required documents for Admission in Romanian medical colleges

  • Therefore, the students have to submit scanned copy of 10th mark sheet
  • The candidates need to submit the scanned copy of 12th mark sheet
  • You have to give all the scanned copies of certificates of 10th and 12th examination
  • It is necessary to submit the scanned documents of school leaving certificate
  • You have to send scanned copies of the first and last page of your passport
  • There is requirements of scanned copy of birth certificate
  • The candidates should give medical certificate as a proof of physical fitness.
  • Passport sized photographs are needed

Admission Process for MBBS in Romania

The MBBS Admission in Romania is very simple in Romania. It is very easy to follow for the MBBS seekers.

  • At first, the medical aspirants need to fill up the online application form.
  • There is a need to submit the scanned copy of the required documents
  • In this step, if your university accept your application, you will be given confirmation letter
  • After getting the confirmation letter you have to pay the MBBS fee for admission.
  • Once, you are done with the MBBS fee payment you can apply for student visa.
  • In this step, you have to wait for your visa for getting MBBS Seat in Romania
  • Once you get your student visa, you are ready to catch a flight for Romania
  • Now, you can fulfil your dream for becoming a successful doctor

Fee Structure for MBBS in Romania 2020

Name of The University Tuition Fees Per Year Hostel Fees Per Year
Gr Popa Lasi University 5000 EURO 30,00 EURO
Arad University 5000 EURO 30,00 EURO
Ovidius University Constanta 5000 EURO 30,00 EURO
Veterinary University Cluj Napoca 4500 EURO 27,00 EURO

Disclaimer: Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.

Top Medical Universities in Romania 2020/21

The top Romanian medical universities are quite popular among the international students who are planning to get admission in MBBS Program abroad. The entire duration of the program at the medical schools in the country is 6 year which is being offered to international students. The courses are taught in French, English, and Romanian languages. Various different English programs and courses offered by the medical universities in Romania are quite popular amongst the medical students coming from different parts of the globe.

Bucharest Medical University

Bucharest Medical University is considered to be one of the most prestigious and well-known medical universities in Romania and whole of Eastern Europe. Ministry of Education has classified Bucharest Medical University as advanced research and education university. The university has yielded more than 6000 students so far and comprises of more than 1654 experienced and talented professors.

Bucharest Medical University

Location Bucharest, Romania
Eligibility For Admission 55% in PCB, NEET
Medium of Instruction English
MBBS Fee (Total Cost) 30000 EURO / Rs. 2400000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission 31st August, 2020

Cluj Medical University

Cluj Medical University is regarded as one of the largest universities in Romania and Cluj is considered to be the most vibrant city in terms of education. The first titrated Romanian doctor is from Cluj Medical University whose name was Piuariu-Molnar. The university is incorporated in top 12 Romanian higher education schools which serve as one of the prominence factors.

Cluj Medical University

Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Eligibility For Admission 55% in PCB, NEET
Medium of Instruction English
MBBS Fee (Total Cost) 36000 EURO / Rs. 2880000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission 31st August, 2020

Constanta-Ovidius Medical University of Constanta

Constanta-Ovidius Medical University of Constanta is situated in Constanta, Romania and it was inaugurated in the year 1961. Having more than 16 schools in medicine including other specialization fields like pharmacy, dentistry Constanta-Ovidius Medical University is renowned for offering finest amenities in terms of libraries and professors.

Constanta-Ovidius Medical University of Constanta

Location Constanța, Romania
Eligibility For Admission 55% in PCB, NEET
Medium of Instruction English
MBBS Fee (Total Cost) 30000 EURO / Rs. 2400000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission 31st August, 2020

Craiova Medical University

Craiova Medical University has gained popularity and fame as it offers 6 years MBBS degree program at an affordable fee structure. Being inaugurated in the 18th century, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova is regarded as one of the best and finest medical universities in Romania. The university is a tertiary education institution and is famous for its medical programs.

Craiova Medical University

Location Craiova, Romania
Eligibility For Admission 55% in PCB, NEET
Medium of Instruction English
MBBS Fee (Total Cost) 30000 EURO / Rs. 2400000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission 31st August, 2020

Lasi Medical University

Lasi Medical University is recognized worldwide due to congressis which is the largest conference of medical students and young doctors concentrating on Surgery, Fundamental Sciences and Internal Medicine and Bioethics. Large number of medical students and doctors participate in this conference and the official language of the conference is English which is an added advantage for the Indian medical aspirants.

Lasi Medical University

Location Iași, Romania
Eligibility For Admission 55% in PCB, NEET
Medium of Instruction English
MBBS Fee (Total Cost) 30000 EURO / Rs. 2400000 (Approx.)
Deadline For Admission 31st August, 2020

Why MBBS Study in Romania?

Is this your wish to study MBBS in foreign university? Then, Romania is the wise for the medical aspirants like you. You need to check below for knowing the reasons of choosing Romania.

  • There are many top-notch universities in Romania.
  • The standard of education is high class Medical education in Romania
  • The Romanian universities offer various types of medical courses to the students
  • The cost of tuition fee is cheaper in Romania in comparison with other countries
  • Here, the candidates can get all the necessary amenities for their MBBS study
  • The favourable weather condition never makes the students feel homesick
  • The students will be given the accommodation facility
  • Here, there are ample opportunities for the MBBS seekers to get global exposure
  • Many Romanian universities have international collaboration with others
  • They have simplified their admission process for the benefits of the candidates
  • The medium of instruction for MBBS study in Romania is English
  • All the Romanian universities are accredited by MCI and WHO
  • The students will be given several choices for specialization
  • There is a chance for learning new languages
  • The high class education structure helps the students to acquire depth medical knowledge.
  • Here, the candidates will get the chance of the courses of  MD in Romania
  • The living expenses and food cost are cheaper here

Romania MBBS Education System

  • The students will get the high quality education in this country
  • In this country, the candidates have to study for 5 years fro clinical studies
  • On the other hand, 1 year will be taken for internship.
  • The universities use modern techniques for Medical Study in Romania
  • The well equipped laboratory helps the medical students to enhance their professional skills.

Scholarships for Studying MBBS in Romania

Here, in this country, the candidates  can have the opportunity for getting scholarship.

  • Even, Romanian university offers the facility of scholarship to the international students
  • Here, the scholarship facility  will be given to the candidates through the bilateral co-operation agreements
  • This facility will be given to the candidates based on  their performance of Medicine Study in Romania
  • As a scholarship, the MBBS candidates students will get 50 USD per month
  • In addition to this, the charge for education is free for the candidates  who will get the scholarship facility
  • The cost of international transport, personal expenses are not included in the scholarship
  • Even, the Ministry of Foreign affairs also provides the scholarship to the students
  • The Romanian students gives application to the Departments for Romanians abroad for the scholarship

Education Loan Assistance for Indian Students

It will be fruitful for the Indian students to choose MBBS Education in Romania. The MBBS students will get the facility of education loan here.

  • Here, Romanian financial institutions are offering students loan for MBBS Seat in Romania
  • The students will be given education loan in the National currency Romanian Leu
  • You can get the loan only from the financial institution that has agreement with your chosen university
  • There is no requirements of repayment of the loan until you have completed  your studies
  • The candidates will be given the grace period for repayment of the loan
  • The repayment of the loan is needed to be paid on the fixed interest rate
  • The students do not have to pay any commission for granting the loan
  • Generally, you have to repay your total loan amount of through the monthly installments

PG Options After MBBS in Romania

There are ample opportunities for the students to do post graduation studies

  • The students who wish to study post graduation courses have to study for 6 years
  • There are more than 25000 international students who are doing post graduation study from here
  • The tuition fee for post graduation in Romania may vary between 1178-11783 USD per year.

Career Scope After MBBS in Romania

There are ample opportunities for the medical students to find the best career options here.  The universities offer various types of options for  Study Medical in Romania.

  • Once, the student have completed their MBBS study, they can opt for the post graduation courses
  • The candidates can have the opportunity to do the research works after the completion of the MBBS courses
  • Even, the candidates can work in private or Government hospitals after their MBBS studies
  • In order to work in Romania after MBBS , you gave to apply for the work permit
  • He medical candidates can opt for part time job here during the time of higher studies.

MBBS Syllabus in Romania

The subjects that the 1st year students have to study are:

  • Gross anatomy
  • Biophysics
  • Cellular And Molecular Biology
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical Mathematics
  • Romanian language
  • Practical classes in summertime atleast 2 weeks ina month
  • Foreign language

The syllabus for the 2nd year candidates of medicine department are:

  • Virology
  • Genetical  Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Histology
  • Topographical Anatomy
  • Parasitology
  • Genetics
  • Romanian Language
  • Medical Pedagogy
  • Foreign Language
  • Medical Psychology
  • Practical classes for 30 hours in a week

The syllabus of Medicine for the 3rd year students are:

  • Sanogenetic Education
  • Anato-Pathology
  • Surgical Semiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Clinical Immunology
  • Medical Semiology
  • Pharmacology
  • General Immunology
  • Summer practical for 2 weeks

4th  year subjects of medicine are given below:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Child Abuse
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Traditional medicine
  • Radiology
  • Hygiene
  • Urology
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Traumatology And Orthopedics
  • Practical classes
  • Surgery

The subjects that 5th year students have to read are:

  • Oncology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pneumophysiology
  • Stomatology
  • Clinical Genetics
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Paediatrics
  • N.T
  • Infantile surgery and orthopaedics
  • 30 hours practical classes
  • Endocrinology

The subjects that the 6th yer students have to study are:

  • Obstetrics-Gynecology
  • History Of Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Family Planning And Sex Education
  • Psychiatry
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Epidemiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Balneophysiotherapy
  • Polyclinics
  • Public Health
  • Clinical Synthesis
  • Medical emergencies
  • Therapeutical Synthesis
  • Surgical emergencies
  • Practical classes

The optional electives that medical can choose for their medical studies are:

  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Immunopathology
  • Modern Methods For Morphophysiological
  • Infantile Neuropsychiatry
  • Tropical Diseases
  • Oncological Hematology
  • Bioethics
  • Chronobiology
  • Molecular Pathology

Studying MBBS in Romania for Indian Students

Romania has become the hot destination for the Indian student for studying MBBs courses. There are many reasons that attract the Indian students to study here. If you want  MBBS admission in Romania you need to check below.

  • The Universities of Romania offers high quality medical education to the students.
  • In India, it is quite tough to get seats for MBBS study in Romania
  • Sometimes, the candidates are asked for the huge amount of donation for getting the MBBS seats
  • One of the reasons is you do not have to pay any donation for getting admission in this country
  • Here, you will get the accommodation facility in the university hostels
  • You do not have to worry about the food as Indian dishes are available here
  • Moreover, there is no requirement of giving any entrance examination.
  • The admission process is very simple to follow in Romania
  • Here is the chance for the Indian students to get scholarship facility
  • The Indian will get the world class medical infrastructure here to study medicine
  • The intense training helps the candidates to acquire much knowledge in the same
  • The Universities of Romania pay more heed on the professional development of the students
  • In Romania, there is a chance for the Indian students to get international exposure
  • The Romanian universities have conducted many international conferences, events for the students.
  • The The Mbbs Fees in Romania is lower here
  • Here, Indian candidates will get the chance for higher studies as the chance of working
  • The Indian students will not face safety issue here as all universities have security systems

Recognition of Romania Medical Universities

The Romanian medical colleges are recognized by many medical authorities

  • Universities of Romania are accredited by Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • British Medical Council (BMC)
  • European Council of Medical Orders (ECMO)
  • World Health Organization(WHO)
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination(USMLE)
  • Romanian universities have internal collaboration with many other foreign universities
  • ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)
  • WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
  • FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)

Things you Should Know Before Applying MBBS in Romania

If this your dream of doing MBBs courses from Romania? Then, you should know about certain things before choosing Romanian medical colleges for MBBS.

  • It is mandatory for you to qualify the NEET examination for getting MBBs admission here
  • The summer seasons are hot here
  • The winters are very cold here so you have to carry many woolen clothes for the same
  • The students who wish o study here must submit medical certificate as a proof of medical fitness.
  • The candidates who have contagious disease are advised to consult doctors before applying in Romania
  • The medical aspirants must have student visa for Medicine Study in Romania
  • The students needs to have the capacity of paying 2000-7000 EUROS fro taking MBBS admission here
  • You need to know that Romanian universities provide the facility of installment payment
  • It will be safe for to contact Indian Embassy if you are planning for Romania
  • Moreover, you need to get in touch with the Romanian Embassy to be in the safe zone
  • It is necessary for you to have Temporary Residence Permit to continue your staying in Romania
  • If you are planning to work here you have to give application for work permit
  • It is necessary for you carry extra EUR 300-500 per month fro living vcost
  • The most amazing fact is that the candidates do not have to appear in any language test.
  • Every year, many candidates come here to study MBBS. The study duration is 6 years and you will get the chance for 1 years of internship.
  • It will be fruitful for you to build your career here as the GDP rate is 20264 trillion USD here
  • It will be safer for you to keep extra 300 USD for living  comfortable life here

Benefits of MBBS Course in Romania For Indian Students 2020

 The major benefits of MBBS Courses in Romania here are given below:

  • Here, you will get the high quality medical education.
  • The Romanian universities use modern technology for their medical practices
  • The tuition fee is lower here in comparison with other universities
  • You have to spend minimum amount for your living and food expenses
  • There are many top class universities in Romania for making your medical career
  • It is right for opting medical studies in Georgia at top medical colleges in Romania
  • The Universities of Romanian have simplified their admission process for the candidates
  • Here, the Indian students will get healthy and safe environment to study
  • The Indian students will not face any language barriers as the mode of instruction is English here
  • You will be taught Romanian language along with your medicine courses
  • The international partnership helps you to get global exposure
  • The degrees from universities of Romania will be accepted globally
  • The picturesque beauty of this country never makes you feel homesick
  • Here, you will get the chance to work during your studies
  • You will not get any safety issue here as the Romanians are very helpful by nature

Disadvantages of MBBS from Romania For Indian Students 2020

It is essentials for you to know about the disadvantages also before planning for studying MBBS here. The advantages of studying MBS here are given below:

  • There are few students who can pass the MCI screening test for Medicine Study in Romania
  • There is no facility for taking coaching guide for clearing FMGE examination
  • It might be difficult for you to learn Romanian languages after your MBBS classes
  • The visa process is tough in Romania as it will take more than 2 months for this
  • It may be tough for the Indian students to be accustomed with weather as it very cold here
  • If you want to work for extra earning it may hamper your studies

MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration in Europe 2020/21

Country Course Duration Fees Structure in INR
Russia 6 Years 15 Lacs – 60 Lacs
Ukraine 6 Years 20 Lacs to 30 Lacs
Georgia 6 Years 22 Lacs – 35 Lacs
Kyrgyzstan 5 Years 13 lacs – 20 Lacs
Kazakhstan 5 Years 18.5 lacs – 25 Lacs
Poland 6 Years 60 lacs to 70 Lacs
Armenia 6 years 22 Lacs to 30 Lacs

Vacations During MBBS in Romania

As per the rules of Romanian Government the students will be given holidays here

  • Generally the candidates will get summer vacation here on the month of June
  • Romanian Universities approve vacations for winter season
  • The winter vacation generally falls between Decembers to January
  • The spring holidays will be given to the candidates during the month of April
  • So, you can enjoy many holidays here

FMGE Passing Percentage After Completion of MBBS in Romania

  • It is tough for the medical students to clear FMGE examination. The smart approaches and hard works are required to clear this examination.
  • Few percent of medical graduates can crack this examination
  • The percentage of passing is decreasing day by day here
  • The maximum passing percentage of this country is 66.67 %
  • It has been recorded that the lowest passing percentage in this examination still now is 3.13 %

About Romania

Romania is one of the beautiful countries in the world. From the ancient , this country has deeply followed its tradition. The cultural heritage and picturesque beauty of this country steal your mind for sure. The amazing atmosphere never makes you feel homesick.


  • The official language of Romania is a phonetic language.
  • As per the records, the number of speaking English languages is increasing day by day here
  • Many people of Romania also speak French
  • So, you will not face nay language barrier issue here.


  • The currency of Romania is Romanian Leu
  • Therefore, 1 Romanian Leu is equal to 16.63 Indian Rupee


  • The current population of Romania is 19, 324, 454 as per the recent collected data.
  • As per the percentage of population, this country get 61 ranking in the world
  • The total population of this country is equivalent to the 025 % of the whole world population.
  • The density of population is 84 per kilometer
  • The total urban population is 54.4 %


  • There is no state religion in Romania as it is a secular state
  • Near about 80 % people of this country believe in Christianity
  • The 50 % of the total populations follow Catholics


  • The summers are warm here
  • The winter season is long here
  • Considerable snowfall through out the year
  • The timing of snowfalls generally falls between January to March
  • The yearly temperature in the mountainous areas fall 2.6o C
  • In the summer season , the temperature remains 25-30o C
  • The weather in the winter season remains -5o
  • Spring is the driest among the all seasons

Exchange Rate

  • The exchange rate of Romania  has generally dealt in Romanian Leu.
  • In Indian rupees 1 rupee means .060 Romanian Leu

Time difference from India

  • The time of India is 2:30 hours faster than the time of Romania
  • For an example, if it is 24th October, Thursday,4:40 pm in India
  • Then the time of Romania is 24th October, Thursday, 2:40 pm.

Travel Time from Delhi to Romania

  • The travel distance from Delhi to Romania is 4906 kilometer
  • The travel time from Delhi to Romania is 6 hours 36 minutes by flight.

How Safe is Romania?

  • If it is the matter of safety, then Romania has the record in students’ safety. So, it is safe for Medicine Study in Romania
  • Romania has ranked 25th in the world for safety.
  • So, the MBBS students do not have to worry about safety here

Accommodation for MBBS Students in Romania

The medical institutions of Romania offer accommodation facility to the candidates.

  • The medical aspirants can have shared rooms here to study.
  • The candidates can choose the private apartment at low-cost Romania medical colleges
  • There is a facility of having separate room for boys and girls
  • The cost of the hostel fee is competitively lower here
  • The students have to pay 50 EUR per month for hostel facility
  • The apartments, hostels are well equipped with all the essential facilities

Is NEET Required for Studying MBBS Romania?

Yes, there is a requirement for giving NEET Examination for Study MBBS in Romania.

  • As per the Rules of MCI, you must clear this examination if you want to study at low-cost Romania medical colleges
  • Therefore, the candidates fail to qualify the NEET examination cannot apply for admission in foreign.
  • The NEET examination is not so much easy to be cracked
  • It is tough to score 40 % marks in this examination.

Is MBBS in Romania Possible Without NEET?

  • The NEET examination has become mandatory for getting MBBS admission in foreign country
  • So, as per the rules of MCI it is not possible to study MBBS in  Romania without NEET

Impact of NEET Exam on MBBS in Romania

  • Generally, you have to appear in this examination if you want to study in foreign university
  • If you fail to clear this examination you can study in foreign university
  • However, the failed candidates are not allowed to practice in India.
  • You have to qualify the NEET examination with minimum score to study in foreign country

Can I Get MBBS Seat in India After Passing NEET Exam?

As per the MCI rules, it has become mandatory to qualify the NEET examination

  • If you can clear NEET examination with minimum score then you can have MBBS seats in India
  • You are eligible for the counseling process if you score minimum 50 % marks in NEET
  • Otherwise, it will become tough for you to get MBBS seats in India

MBBS in Romania After NEXT Exam

  • The candidates will not face any problem of getting admission in Romania.
  • The candidates have to clear NEXT examination MBBS Education in Romania
  • Now, the students do not have to give MCI screening test as it has been replaced by NEXT
  • There is no age limit for giving this examination
  • You are allowed for several attempts in NEXT examination

Why Choose Study Europe Consultants for MBBS in Romania?

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  • Facility of Installment payment
  • Helps in travel arrangement
  • Guides you in the visa renewal process
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  • Emergency support economic support
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