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Study MBBS in Georgia

The Advantages of Studying (MD) MBBS in Georgia

  1. The fees of studying MBBS in Georgia is very cheap.
  2. The medium of instruction for MBBS in georgia is English.
  3. MBBS in georgia is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  4. The medical universitites in Georgia have experienced and dedicated faculties who guide students in preparing for the screening test.
  5. Indian students do not have to sit for any MBBS entrance exam. MBBS Admission in Georgia is based on the marks obtained in class 12th.
  6. The Indian students who have passed (MD) MBBS from medical universities are highly knowledgeable.
  7. Indian Food and Asian Food are available as indian students can find Indian restaurants easily.
  8. Travel Expenses amd Cost of living are affordable for MBBS in Georgia.
  9. Georgia has diverse weather conditions that can be easily adapted by Indian students for MBBS in Georgia.

What’s MBBS in Georgia?

Between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea there called an adorable place Georgia. After the separation from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russians had seized control of the country. Even after Georgia regained its independence, Russian influence and involvement can easily be seen in the living style, architecture and food of the country. Georgians love to eat, dance and drink and as soon as you land in this foodie country, you’ll get invitations to try a variety of food and drinks available here. Perhaps it is the delectable wines of the place and its legendary hospitality that lures visitors to the country. It is the world’s first cultivated Grapevines and Neolithic wine producing country in the world dating back for over 8,000 years. Georgians call their country Sakartvelo and the word has ancient middle age roots. Once when it was a part of the Persian Empire, the people here were known as “Gurj”. Same as India where we consider any guest as a god and we have a saying here – “Atithi Devo Bhavah” means the guest is like a god, in Georgia as well, there is a saying – “A guest is a gift from God.” Hospitality in Georgia makes people think that they are in their own country and consequently extend their stay in the country no matter for what reason they are in the country. Georgia is also renowned for its arts, culture and architecture, because of the combination of traditional and modern infrastructure and cities. Getting around in Georgia is easy too, and entry is even easier. There is no Visa requirement for many nationals and for those who require a visa; the formalities are uncomplicated and easily fulfilled.

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia comprises two levels of higher education, and students can opt to study with vocational programs and alongside they might need two more years of study for special training courses to attain diplomas, or continues studying in universities. This Eurasian country has the literacy rate of over 90% which is because of a prominent education system in the country. All the state and private Universities award Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctorate’s degrees to national and international students. There are no English test requirements such as IELTS or TOEFL to study MBBS in Georgia. Even there is no interview and funds required to acquire Georgian visa for many nationals. Georgia offers best studying opportunities without troubles and hassles to international students for MBBS in Georgia. Other important factors that compel international students to study MBBS in Georgia are the affordable course fee, economical living expenses and cheap travel expenses. Travelling in the country is relatively very affordable than travelling for MBBS in Europe and other western countries. On top of that, studying MBBS in Georgia is relatively very cheap as well. Whatever you spend in India for any medical or non-medical specialities, you will pay almost one-fourth of it when studying MBBS in Georgia.

Top 3 Reasons to Study MBBS in Georgia / MBBS in Europe

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

The expansion of medical education MBBS in Georgia has become massive from last many decades. Well-practiced and qualified doctors in the world have completed their medical studies from well-known Georgia Medical Universities. The country has now become a major player in providing medical education in the region and students from all over the world come here to become an expert in MD and MBBS courses for a lucrative and flourishing career opportunity. At Eklavya Overseas you will get all the essential information and study abroad services that help you in selecting the right medical university to study MBBS in Georgia. Six-year undergraduate MD degree in any of the renowned medical colleges in Georgia is equivalent to MBBS degree in India. The medical degrees provided by the Georgia universities are recognised by WHO and UNESCO and as such after getting the medical degree, you will have ample of job opportunities to work as a Doctor in many western and eastern countries.

Recommended Universities By Eklavya Overseas as per your budget

Are You Eligible to Study MBBS in Georgia?

To get admission in medical colleges in Georgia, the minimum eligibility criteria are to pass the 10+2 examination with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Georgia

Admission Procedure to Study MBBS in Georgia

The admission process is very simple and easy to study MBBS in Georgia. Educational Counsellors at Eklavya Overseas guide you through each and every step to apply in Georgian university to attain international education.

Are You Eligible for a Scholarship for MBBS in Georgia?

A great number of colleges and universities offer scholarships to Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS in Georgia. To get eligible for a scholarship program one has to have a basic language skill and the fields of study should promote cultural connection or social and political development within international relations. Some scholarships pay for travel and expenses only while others cover everything from tuition fees to miscellaneous expenses in a comprehensive package.
Speak to our counsellors to get expert advice on scholarships in Georgia.

Visa Requirements to Study in Europe

If you are planning to study in Georgia, you need a Georgian Student Visa. If a guardian is sponsoring the funds for the candidate then a letter of recommendation with sponsor details or the sponsor commitment form filled with all details is required. There is a need to keep two sets of original documents as required during the visa interview. Upon submitting the Visa application form, the candidate is also required to submit a copy of his/her passport. Original passports would be required for the authentication.

Documents Required for Georgian Student Visa

City Travel in Georgia – Best place to study MBBS in Europe

Georgia has a well-organized transportation system. Where trains are the most economical and popular mode of transportation, the metro system connects the major areas around the capital. Apart from that, the public transportation system in Georgia includes buses, minibuses and cars which are easily available and very economical. If safety, affordability and comfort required simultaneously then taxis are considered to be the best option to commute in the city. Apart from these, buses transportation within Georgia is cheap and convenient as well. Buses operating in Tbilisi are one of the cheapest ways to get around the city. If you plan to visit neighbouring countries during holidays, Georgia has direct bus services from Istanbul and Turkey. Same as in India, Minibus service called Marshrutka is used to travel within the city and operate between large towns and cities all over Georgia. Trains run from Baku, Azerbaijan and stop at various places during the journey at different stations and finally terminate in Tbilisi. Tickets prices can vary but are economical.

Accommodation While Studying MBBS in Georgia

Universities provide Hostel facilities to international students, while students who don’t opt to stay in a hostel stay off Campus and have various other accommodation options. Options like Hotels, lodges, homestay with a host family, private apartment, etc. are some of them. Speak to our study abroad counsellors to advise you on accommodation facilities in Georgia for students and assistance to confirm your stay in Georgia.

Things to Remember while Choosing an Accommodation in Georgia

Living in Georgia

Hospitality, food, wines and Dance is a crucial part of the Georgian culture. Georgian food is a perfect blend of the traditional style of cooking with the Middle East and European ingredients. Georgia is one of the most visited tourist destinations with ample of things to see and do in the country. Coastal attractions of the Black Sea, the spectacular landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains and the ancient and modern attractions in Tbilisi, Georgia offer a rich diversity. Alongside there are numerous national parks and nature reserves in the country like Lagodechi National Park and Nature Reserve, the Roshka Valley, the Tusheti National Park, Vashlovani National Park and Nature Reserve. If excited to taste some best wines in the world then the Kakheti province is the country’s lush wine-growing region and a must see the place. Georgia’s people are the richest asset to the country. Their warm welcome for foreigners has attracted hundreds of tourists and international students to visit the country.

Activities for a Student in Georgia

One of the great things about studying in Georgia is that you have a great number of recreational activities. The nation’s educational administration has always encouraged its students to take part in outdoor and indoor sporting and cultural activities. There are facilities for recreation all over the country according to the season. Snow in winters and water in summers is the base of many sports and activities in Georgia. However, there are many more activities for students than just playing sports. After a long and hectic week of studies, foreign students prefer to see the country and surroundings to explore its beauty and understand its culture by meeting people and visiting various tourist attractions. Others who just want to rest organise informal dinners with mates, listen to music and play indoor games. Universities and colleges have sports facilities on the campus where one can participate in various indoor and outdoor sporting activities. And if you love the nature then see the beauty of Tbilisi through cycling and tracks are spread all over the city. Apart from this, all the other places that you like visiting when you are in India like Cinemas, Restaurants, Amusement Parks and Shopping Malls are also available in the country.

Jobs While Studying MBBS in Georgia

Working in Georgia while studying is permitted but it relatively depends on your skills. There are various programs that place university students with organisations to work in the form of paid and unpaid internship. These programs help the students to learn and grow in many ways that exhibit personal and career development. Working abroad helps you mix into the nation’s culture and earning extra when already investing in global education.

Speak to Eklavya Overseas Career Counsellors to understand the opportunities to work while studying MBBS in Georgia and after completing MBBS in Georgia.


Q.1 Is it a safe place to visit and study MBBS in Georgia?

Yes, the country is safe for international students. People like seeing travellers from different countries. Law, order and safety have been an area of focus by the Government. More than 5000 international students from more than 10 countries study in Georgia and enjoy a comfortable stay in the country.

Q.2 Can anyone visit me from my India?

Yes, parents, relatives and friends can visit you and for this tourist, invitations can be issued.

Q.3 When are the Holidays in Georgia?

There are two major holidays in a year. 15 days Winter Holidays in January and two-month Summer Holidays in July and August. You can choose to come back in India for Summer Holidays. However, it’s a sufficient time to see new places in the host country and many students prefer to stay and travel in Georgia during holidays.

Q.4 Are MD / MBBS degrees in Georgia recognised all over the world?

Yes, all degrees from renowned Georgia Colleges are recognised globally and MD/ MBBS degrees are also recognised by WHO and MCI.

Q.5 How can Eklavya Overseas help me With MBBS in Georgia / MBBS in Europe ?

Eklavya Overseas incorporates proficient and experienced study abroad counsellors and other support advisors who can assist you in the admission process, Visa counselling, Scholarship opportunities, travel arrangements and accommodations in the host country. Alongside, our expert counsellors also assist you in screening tests and advise you on career opportunities. You can speak to our advisors to receive free detailing on the study abroad options.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia

  1. Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University
  2. “AIETI” Medical School
  3. Akaki Tsereteli State University
  4. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  5. David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
  6. David Tvildiani Medical University
  7. European University
  8. High Medical School “Ayeti”
  9. Kutaisi Medical Institute “Kutaisi”
  10. LLC Caucasus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  11. New Vision University, Georgia
  12. Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
  13. Tbilisi Medical University “Hippocrates”
  14. Tbilisi Public University “Metekhi
  15. Tbilisi State Medical University
  16. Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia

Source Link :- https://mciindia.org/ActivitiWebClient/informationdesk/forStudentstoStudyAbroad

About MBBS in Georgia – Best place to study MBBS in Europe

MBBS in Tbilisi State University 1340 4500 USD 5 Stars (5 / 5)
MBBS in Akaki Tsereteli State University 8973 3000 EURO 2 Stars (2 / 5)
MBBS in Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University 7916 4000 USD 2 Stars (2 / 5)
MBBS in David Tvildiani Medical University 11238 6000 USD 4 Stars (4 / 5)
MBBS in European Teaching University 11292 4500 USD 4 Stars (4 / 5)
MBBS in LLC Caucasus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia 9163 5000 USD 3 Stars (3 / 5)
MBBS in New Vision University, Georgia 11002 5000 USD 3 Stars (3 / 5)
MBBS in Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy 10367 5000 USD 3 Stars (3 / 5)
MBBS in Tbilisi Medical University “Hippocrates” 10981 5500 USD 4 Stars (4 / 5)
MBBS in Tbilisi State Medical University 7737 7000 USD 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia has Russia on it’s north, Black sea in the west, Armenia and Turkey to its south and Azerbaijan towards the south-east. The country’s capital city Tbilisi is also its largest and is home to some of the finest universities. There has been considerable development in the country for the past 10 or 12 years and the sector of education has shown very particular signs. The Ministry of Education and Science accredits 75% of all higher education institutions in Georgia which is what makes studying MBBS in Georgia a profitable investment. Not only are the courses here cheaper than most other European countries but they also provide quality education and facilities for international students.

Admission to Georgian medical colleges is simple as there are no admission tests or donations involved. The applicants need to keep their latest educational documents ready and apply for MBBS admission in Georgia. Once they get the admission letter and VISA clearance from the embassy, they just need to get their tickets and off they are to Georgia. The medical colleges of Georgia are all updated with the latest infrastructure and facilities required to impart a global standard of education. They maintain partnerships with other universities and colleges of the neighboring countries, USA, UK, Canada and Australia to facilitate healthy exchanges. Seminars and conferences conducted as a part of MBBS in Georgia, provide students with knowledge about the current global scenario of the medical field. They get to meet experts and specialists of international fame who would otherwise be out of their reach.

Studying MBBS in Georgia does not require students to clear IELTS or TOEFL though the medium of instruction is English. Indian students in Georgia thus do not face any communication problems – people here are also friendly and help international students to get along. The WHO recognized medical colleges in Georgia are the largest in number – they also have recognition from other international bodies such as
MCI, FAIMER, WFME and others. Some of the most famous medical universities in Georgia include Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi Medical Academy and David Tvildiani Medical University. The Tbilisi State University is, in fact, the oldest medical institute in the entire Caucasus region.

International students receive special attention at the MBBS colleges of Georgia. They are provided all kinds of support so that they are able to apply to universities in other countries for higher studies or are able to clear competitive examinations easily. In fact, the degrees and courses offered by these colleges are globally recognized which in turn means that students will be welcome in any country after they complete their MBBS in Georgia. No wonder then that it is fast becoming a destination for studying medicine as an alternative to the highly expensive countries in Europe. Students of MBBS in Europe will not have a scope to complain about their facilities or classes and this will be evident if one simply looks at the increasing number of students applying to these colleges every year.


Georgia is a country which is located on the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by Black sea in the west, Russia in the north, Turkey and Armenia in the south as well as Azerbaijan in south-east. The total area covered by Georgia is 69,700 kms and is inhabited by 5 million people.


In classical era, Georgia was known to be divided into separate small independent kingdoms. It was during the reign of King David IV and Queen Tamar that unified the kingdoms of Georgia and the country gained political and economic strength. During the beginning of 19th century, Georgia came under the rule of Russian empire. With the Russian revolution which took place in year 1917, Georgia gained independece, however, it was for a very short time period. In 1921, the country was occupied by Soviet Russia, and thus Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic came into existence. After gaining independence in 1991, communist Georgia came under civil unrest and suffered economic crisis during entire 1990’S period. In year 2003, Rose Revolution took place and helped establish new government which introduced new democratic and economic reforms.


Georgia is situated between latitudes 41 degree and 44 degree north and longitudes 40 degree and 47 degree east. The country is mainly a mountanious country with Likhi range separating the country in eastern and western halves. Georgia’s highest mountain is Mount Shkhara that stands at 5068 meters.

The eastern part of Georgia witnesses hot summers and cold winters; the cmimate in the western part is influenced by elevation. The lowlands of western Georgia are relatively warm while the mountanious regions experience cool, wet summers and snowy winters.

Admission Open for Academic Year 2017-2018 for MBBS in Europe


Study MBBS in Tbilisi State University


  • MCI Preparatory Courses
  • USMLE Preparatory Courses
  • German Language Learning Classes
  • High European Post Graduation Chances

Georgia’s independence came in 1991, after the fall of the Soviets in Russia. The country is located at the point where Europe and Asia meet, also known as the Caucasus of Eurasia. The northern part of the country is cold because of the high altitude, whereas the Southern and Western parts experience a more pleasant climate.

Principle Features

  1. No IELTS and TOEFL requirements.
  2. English as the medium of instruction.
  3. Approved by the United Nation’s World Health Organisation
  4. Indian Food readily available
  5. Applications accepted after 10+2 completion
  6. Monthly living expense not over US $250
  7. Separate living facilities for men and women
  8. Two intakes in February and in September
  9. Students with break of education accepted without any hindrance Guaranteed Visa
  10. Degrees and diplomas make students work eligible after MBBS in Europe
  11. MCI, PLAB, and USMLE preparatory courses
  12. German post-graduation options
  13. No Corruption
  14. No Donation
  15. Hospital Training right from beginning

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The university was established as early as 1918 and is one of the oldest Georgian universities and also the No. 1 University in Georgia. It was founded by Georgian historian, Ivane Javakhishvili. The faculty of medicine is an autonomous body of the university and is recognised by
the Ministry of Education Georgia and Ministry of Health Georgia.

  • TSU offers a lot of career scopes for its students and they can get employed by the university clinics itself.
  • The university has various student exchange programs all over the world including countries like the US and Germany.
  • The university is well equipped and has an excellent faculty membership.
  • The medium of instruction is in English and it is very easy for Indian students to adjust.
  • The university is extremely affordable and people can every strata of the society can now pursue their medical aspirations.

mbbs admission in georgia

Required Documents

  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. High School mark sheet attested photocopy
  3. Flight Tickets
  4. Accommodation details letter
  5. Insurance
  6. Letter of Acceptance in TSU
  7. Ministry letters
  8. Proof of DOB
  9. 5 Passport photos
  10. Bank Statement
  11. Medical Fitness Certificate
  12. Deposit details of university fees

Process of Admission

  • Receiving Documents
  • Offer Letter application
  • Receiving Acceptance letter
  • Payment of University Registration fees
  • Ministry of Education in Georgia approving the transfer of education fees
  • Visa application
  • Visa receiving
  • Flight to Georgia & Study MBBS in Europe


The student must be at least 18 years of age and must have passed 10+2 or equivalent qualification with at least 50 per cent marks in Science background and Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as compulsory subjects for MBBS in Europe.


There are separate hostel facilities at TSU for boys and girls with food facilities, including Indian food.


TSU has both electronic and physical libraries with immense collection of books and journals from all over the world. There is also photocopy, printing, and internet facility to accumulate the required hard copies for the curriculum of students.

Student Activities

There are various leisure and group activities at TSU that students can participate in. There are excursions, festivals, clubs, groups, and sports activities that are to be enjoyed by one and all.

Hospital Training

The students are given practical training at hospitals from the very beginning of their courses in various clinics and affiliated government hospitals.


MBBS in European Teaching University, Georgia

MBBS in European Teaching University, Georgia
European Teaching University is one of Georgia’s leading universities offering exceptional medical education to the students coming from every part of the world. The University was founded in 1995 with a goal of providing high quality medical education based on the Europeans\ principles of teaching and academia. Since then, European Teaching University (ETU) or European University has become a preferred destination for students wanting to pursue a career in medical sciences.

The university follows a highly effective study pattern focusing more on the practical aspects of being a doctor rather than following the ages-old patterns of route learning. WIth a well defined objective of preparing the doctors of tomorrow who are well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge, our students are also sent to exchange programs. We have partnerships with some of the best medical universities in the world and we encourage both our medical students and faculty to participate in medical conferences and seminars.

Medical Accreditation and Recognition of European Teaching University

European Teaching University has accreditations and recognitions from the following bodies/agencies:

  • The World Directory of Medical Schools (WHO recognised)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

Partner Clinics & Medical Centers

The university has collaborations with more than 20 premier medical institutes and clinics. Some of them are:

  • Chichua Medical Centre “Mzera”
  • Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • S. Virsaladze Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicines.
  • Balneological Resort Tbilisi SPA – National Scientific and Practical Center of Health and Medical Rehabilitation
  • Acad. O. Ghudushauri National Medical Center
  • S/R National Center for Dermatology and Venereology

Admission and Eligibility Criteria

For Indian students, securing a place in MBBS programs is very easy. The university does not conduct any exams. You need to meet the following criteria to secure a seat:

  • Higher secondary education certificate
  • Educational background in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (aggregate 50% Marks).
  • Medical Certificates and School Certificates (12th Mark Sheet.)
  • Applicant should be 17 years of age or above.
  • Passport-size photographs on white background.
  • Birth Certificate and a valid passport.

Fee Structure

The University asks for a very nominal fee when compared to other medical institutes. The fee structure is:

  • 1st Year: $4500
  • 2nd Year: $4500
  • 3rd Year: $4500
  • 4th Year: $4500
  • 5th Year: $4500

Study MBBS in Tbilisi Medical Academy, Georgia

MBBS in Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy, Georgia was started in the year 1992. Professors Dmitry Tsverava, Peter Shotadze and Tbilisi State Institute of Medical Development were the founding members of this institution. When Peter Shotadze died in the year 2000, the academy was named after him. In the year 2011, the academy was included in the World Health Organisation’s list of medical schools.

Country Georgia
Name of the University Petre Shotadze Georgia
Course General Medicine (M.D)
Duration 6 years
Medium of Instruction English
Kind of assessment Among the 100 points

allotted for student assessment every semester, 60 are kept aside for a student’s attendance, oral or written tests, quiz, review preparation, clinical skills and the like. The remaining 40 is for the final examination.

MBBS in Tbilisi Medical Academy Fees, Georgia

MBBS in Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy, Georgia 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000

All fees mentioned above are approximate and are subject to change according to the change in rules of the university.
1 Dollar = INR 63 (subject to exchange rate of US Dollar), Living Cost in Georgia – 200 to 250 USD Per Month, Insurance 70 USD
Around 250 to 500 students enrol their names to this university for studying MBBS. The teacher-student ratio is healthy with the number of teaching staff remaining between 100 and 190 at all times.

Study MBBS in David Tvildiani Medical University, Georgia

Dr. Dimitri Tvildiani and academician David Tvildiani started the AIETI Medical School around 1993. It happened to be one of the first non-governmental medical schools in Gerogia. The institution was renamed after its founders in the year 2011.

Country Georgia
Name of the University David Tvildiani Medical University
Course General Medicine (M.D)
Duration 6 years
Medium of Instruction English
Kind of assessment The assessment system 15

based on an original self-designed computer program which includes the complicacy number questions of the test.

MBBS in David Tvildiani Medical University Fees, Georgia

David Tvildiani Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 6000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year INR 378000 INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000 INR 315000

All fees mentioned above are approximate and are subject to change according to the change in rules of the university.
1 Dollar = INR 63 (subject to exchange rate of US Dollar)

The course is divided into three stages, namely – basic medical science lasting for the first 2.5 years, clinical science for following 2.5 years and finally a pre-diploma specialization or clinical clerkship for 1 year.

Pursuing MBBS in Georgia

There has been a latest boom in the educational field for MBBS in Georgia. The top quality educational programs is the vital reason behind its growing popularity. The functional environment and physical environment in educational institutions make Georgia a number one stop shop for the MBBS students, coming from India. There are different categories, followed in Georgian learning environment, such as, flexibility, energy efficient atmosphere, safety, aesthetic values followed, classroom space, furnishing, technology, organized administrative offices and top quality educational programs. The enhanced learning procedures help in encouraging social skills among the students. Moreover, the top Georgian medical universities offer space for developing complimentary and aesthetic values.Georgia welcomes students from all across the world to take admission in its medical programs. Student citizens of African continent like Kenyan, Nigerian, South African, Ugandan, Zimbabwean, Ethiopian, Cameroon, Ghana, Zamibian, Namibian and Botswana can take our assistance to seek admission in medical programs in Georgian Medical Universities. We also offer admission assistance to other students like Arabian, Iraqi, Irani, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Nepali, Bhutani, Malaysian, Ghana, Israeli, Egyptian, Syrian etc. The affordable fee structures of the courses have made it easy for the students world-over to complete their medical degrees from Georgia and get WHO and UNESCO approved certificates.


As the fees of MBBS in Georgia is quite less when compared with other western regions, therefore; students always try to opt for admissions in Georgian Medical Universities for MBBS courses for Georgia. Procuring higher studies from Georgia includes following the principles and procedures of funding and managing higher educational services. For pursuing a well-trained MBBS program in Georgia, students need to follow an MBBS courses in Georgia is of six years.

Moreover, MBBS in Georgia also offers special coaching programs, which follows during the last year of MBBS segment. This special course is made for those Indian students who want to practice in India after MBBS in Georgia


It is mandatory to have a good educational record if you want to pursue MBBS in Georgia. Interested candidates must go through a special entrance exam, depending on their interest in USMLE or PLAB. Maximum Georgian universities follow the European Union Credit Transfer System, for MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, MBBS in Georgia students need to be proficient in English language and must have passed their higher secondary studies from a reputed school with four major subjects under their sleeves, like biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry for MBBS in Georgia

Documents required

For studying MBBS in Georgia, students need to fulfill some basic criteria associated with documentation. At first, they have to submit a transcript from the previous educational institutions along with official GMAT or GRE test scores, which are sent directly from ETS. You also need a copy of your permanent residential card. The students also need to submit their passport size photos and photocopy of class 12 certificates with apostle. Other than that, students also have to submit living certificates of last 2 years with apostle. Other eminent documents are medical certificates, mentioning HIV analyzis and vaccination results.

Fee Structure

As mentioned earlier, the fees of studying MBBS in Georgia is quite less when compared with other western regions. For MBBS in Georgia, students have to pay 4300$ to 6500$. On the other hand, if interested in pursuing nursing or public health, the fees might ranges between 2500$ to 4200$. It all solely depends on your comfort zone and budget plans.

Language Requirements

The medium of instruction in Georgian Medical universities is English and Russian. The students have the full right to choose the language for their studies. However, they will have to furnish the language proficiency of whatever medium of instruction they choose for MBBS in Georgia

Career Scope

The faculties of MBBS in Georgia Medical Universities offer special attention towards the overseas students. There is a wide gamut of options available for the students after they pass out from these universities. They can easily apply for any high positions in different healthcare set ups and medical industry, with their own specifications. It is an inevitable truth that there is a significant rise in the healthcare industry nowadays, therefore; people are opting for this service more. The prospective doctors, passing out after MBBS in Georgia medical universities possess a fair chance of ending up with their dream jobs in high profile medical centers. The scope is high with proper backup from reliable faculties, associated with Georgian medical universities or educational institutions.

Check MCI Approved Medical Universities for MBBS in Georgia

Are you a MBBS aspirant hailing from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Namibia, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana Kenya, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Zambia, Botswana, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Syria and other African and Arab Countries? Then, you can rely on Eklavya Overseas for all admission related information on MBBS in Georgia programs. We are an official representative for students belonging to these countries, for the year 2015.

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