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European Teaching University

European Teaching University is a well-established organization in Georgia. teaching norms, standardized courses and good quality education is the part of the university.

Its distinctive and popular medicine program makes it stands world class medical university in Georgia.
Georgia is known for its medical courses within flexible fee structure throughout Europe which makes MBBS in Georgia to attract more traffic across the world. European teaching university was founded in the year 1995 and was formerly known as teaching university is focussing towards European methods and tactics for education which enables students to survive in competitive era by provide them enough opportunities to grow and learn.

The university is enriched with qualified and trained faculty members who have better understanding od course and are capable to pour their knowledge in students efficiently. The university has high quality, innovation based resources with international experienced researchers for guidance in practical aspects.

The system of university is fully digitalised which ensures learning practices, management system, administration, tracking, documentation, delivering online training programs effectively.
The university also maintains relationship with accommodation providers to provide international students homely shelter and food as per their preferences.

They provide education program of 5 years which ensures proper theoretical and practical exposure with the required training programs.

Accreditations and Recognitions

The university is recognised by various renowned governing bodies like-

  • NCFEQE (national centre for educational quality enhancement of Georgia).
  • Medical counsel of India.
  • World health organization
  • Ministry of higher education.
  • Counsel of higher education of turkey
  • An International association for medical education (AMEE)
  • WHED- international association for world wide database of higher education institutions.

MBBS Fees in European Teaching University, Georgia 2019-20

European Teaching University5000 USD5000 USD3000 USD

Disclaimer:  Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.

Why European Teaching University?

European teaching university works on the European norms and culture to make the students survive in competitive environment with understanding of international behaviour. The university provides a platform to research on several key areas of different cultures under one roof.

European teaching university offers the ultimate solution to the students to tender the emerging needs of coming generation. The university fee structure is affordable i.e., 4500 US$ per year including all the corresponding training programs, conferences, research and activities.

Mission and values of university

  • The faculty of general medicine of university is known for their well-known achievements and people-oriented structure that created value addition in the entire support system of university.
  • The university has gained excellence, in-built leadership qualities in medicine, research, hospitals and education.
  • The university works with the aim of serving best services and lifelong learning to the globe.
  • The university’s main goal is to survive on ethical grounds with accountability and transparency.
  • Provide excellence in academic program and faculty training.
  • promote high quality research methods, tactics and teaching skills.
  • To strengthen the essential academic support and infrastructure that ensures the full functioning of general medicine.

Facilities and offerings

The university offers various in campus and off campus facilities to students.
some key highlights of university are –

  • Totally 100% English mode of education to every student, optional to Georgian students to choose between Georgian and English.
  • Provides MCI and USMLE training classes for students who wish to see their career opportunities in INDIA or in US.
  • The university follows European credit transfer system (ECTS) which is flexible for all university in Europe.
  • University hostels also have Indian chefs who cooks according the taste of students.
  • Assurance for the clearance of USMLE test after getting trained in that particular course.
  • The university has library enriched with latest techno-savvy research manuals and more than 50000 books on general medicine and its principles, 20000 books on surgical principles ok modern medicine and many e-books as well.
  • University has 5 hostels in the campus strictly designed for boys and girls who wish to study in the university with full required living amenities.
  • Classrooms are equipped with projectors, display systems and all other essential resources that are required for learning and quality education.
  • The university has a specific system for documentation, administration, delivery of reports, educational courses etc all are directed by LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Training programs at European University

The university is allowing students to offer training program of 2 months which is in short, the 2 months summer program like other universities do.

The university is coming with the approach to offer the world full of opportunities to students in industrial sector. The faculty of medicine is largely supported by this. It takes students into real life exposure by allowing them to work practically and to get in touch with the nature of patients.

Clinical exposure- The university allows students to access the clinical facility provided as well as students are liable to grab the opportunity to practice in other hospitals. The university is meeting the need of medicine by providing classroom learning as well as practical exposure which is sufficient enough to produce wonderful outputs. The university’s foremost aim is to enhance the quality of education served with the best practical training allowance as well as focus on enhancing co-curricular activities by providing assistance in academic curriculum in meeting career goals.

Career Planning and Exploration

The university frequently schedule international conferences and meetings of world’s renowned physicians and scientists who gives deep insights which is the greatest add on in the learning. They also guide for future perspective of opportunities and spread awareness about the modern advancements and career opportunities in the field of medicine.
It offers wide range of services like, ?

  • How to build strategies related the job search
  • How to develop customised materials for applications for those who aims to enter in professional school.
  • Satisfactory preparations for the interview.
  • How to build long lasting networks with other industry or sector.
  • How to build internship search strategies.
  • Research on salary.

Indians at European Teaching University

Study Europe being the exclusive representative of European university from India put students at utmost care in flexible environment that European university possess. Indian students who are already studying at European university gives a good rating to the university as it is not bounded to make partial decisions. Indian students are treated like other students with allowing them to possess every facility and learning.

Career growth opportunities in European Teaching University

Career growth opportunities in European teaching university

This is the graphical representation of the career adopted by the alumni of the university who are doing wonders in their area of profession.

Contact person in the respective departments

Dean of the office
Alla Metreveli
Tamar Chkoidze, Administrative Coordinator
Room no. 201


Department of Pharmacy
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 203

Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 203

Department of Life Sciences
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 203

Department of Surgery
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 203

Department of Therapy
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 203

Department of Dentistry
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 203

Laboratory of Chemistry
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 208

Laboratory of Histology
EU Main Building, Floor 2
Room no 208

Centre for Academic Success and Achievement
EU Main Building, Floor 4
Room no 410

Clinical Skills Centre
EU Main Building, Floor 5
Room no 510

How to Reach University?

The permanent administrative address of the University is-
76 D, guramishvili avenue, Tbilisi
0141, Georgia
Declaration it is hereby declared that the above given information of the university is up to date and legal to the consent of the university.

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