Duration for MBBS in Ukraine

Duration for MBBS in Ukraine

Duration for MBBS in UkraineAfter completing 10+2 level of education, we all wish to make a professional career. We all want a career where we could help in the betterment of our society. Some choose to be a Chartered Accountant or an Engineer or a Fashion Designer. But, the noblest and honest profession is that of a doctor. Doctors are like next to God whom people blindly trust in their despair times. Making a career in medicine is like earning brownie points from God. Earning a medical degree is considered as one of the most robust and most prolonged degrees. MBBS, or any other medical degree, is the most designated degree of doctors. Doctors are not online seen as a lifesaver but are also worshipped for the same reason. So, studying a medical course is not a joke, and only serious people can follow.

As we all know that studying MBBS in India is about luck. There is so much competition in the Indian medical field. Aspirants whose stars are shining bright at the time of admission can study MBBS in India. There are many other reasons for which studying MBBS in India is not possible for all. Like, capitation fees, limited seats, reservations for reserved categories, private colleges, etc. But, a medical aspirant does not need to worry about his medical career. If they are not admitted to any Indian medical University, they should not be sad about it. Because pursuing MBBS abroad is now a day becoming a trend.

Studying medical courses abroad is not only cheap compared to India, but also very competitive and like, pursuing MBBS in Ukraine, allows an aspirant to make an excellent career in medicine. Studying MBBS will get you a good education along with a high-quality system. The best part about MBBS abroad is that there is no entrance exam to get admitted. Currently, over 50 thousand students are pursuing a medical course in Ukraine. Medical college fees in Ukraine are also deficient. And, they have a teacher to student ratio of 1:20.

Now, we must focus on the courses and its duration provided by Medical Universities in Ukraine.

Popular Courses Offered by Ukraine Medical Universities

The most popular MBBS courses provided by the best medical colleges of Ukraine are:-

  • Medicine: The duration of the medicine course in Ukraine is six years.

    The degree awarded under this course is a Doctor of Medicine (MD or MBBS).

  • Dental: The duration of the dental course in Ukraine is five years.

    The degree awarded under this course is a Bachelor of Dentistry (BDS).

  • Pediatrics: The duration of the pediatrics course in Ukraine is six years.

    The degree awarded under this course is a Doctor of Medicine (Pediatrician).

  • Nursing: The duration of the nursing course in Ukraine is four years.

    The degree awarded under this course is a Bachelor of Nursing.

  • Dental Orthopedic: The duration of the dental, orthopedic course in Ukraine is six years.The degree awarded under this course is a Bachelor of Dental Orthopedic.
  • Pharmacy: The duration of a pharmacy course in Ukraine is four years.The degree awarded under this course is the Diploma of Pharmacist.
  • Prosthodontics: This is a full two years program under Ukraine’s medical courses.
  • Post Graduate Studies: The duration of postgraduate medical courses in Ukraine is 2-3 years.

The post-graduate training courses in Ukraine include the following aspects:-

  • Master and Ph.D. Programs.
  • Internship
  • Clinical Research
  • Post Diploma and Specialization for Doctors.

A student has to complete a full six years medical course to earn a Physician/Surgeon degree. This six years course is divided into two parts. The first part is the learning module at the University. And, the second part is the internship period. Let’s have a glance at the MBBS internship period in Ukraine.

MBBS Internship Break-up in Ukraine

  • For Medicine Course: One and a half months.
  • For Surgical Course: One and a half months.
  • For Rural Course: Three months.
  • For Pediatrics Course: One month.
  • For Obstetrics and Gynecology Course: One month.
  • For Casualty Course: One month.
  • For Anesthesiology Course: Fifteen days.
  • For Ophthalmology Course: Fifteen Days.
  • For Elective Course: Two Months.

MBBS Syllabus in Ukraine

First Year (Pre-Clinical Phase):

  • Foreign Language; Latin language and Medical Terminology; History of Medicine;
  • Fundamentals of Psychology; Fundamentals of Pedagogic; Medical Biology;
  • Medical Chemistry; Biological and Bio-Organic Chemistry; Human Anatomy;
  • Histology, Cytology, Embryology; Physical Training; Palynology;
  • Medical and Biological Physics and Elective Courses.

Second Year (Para-Clinical Phase):

  • Philosophy; Human Anatomy; Histology, Cytology; Embryology; Physiology;
  • Biological and Bio-Organic Chemistry; Microbiology; Virology and Immunology;
  • General Surgery (With Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy);
  • Medical Computer Science; Patient’s Care (Practical Training); Emergency Medicine;
  • Personal and Social Safety; Physical Training;
  • Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety.

Third Year (Para-Clinical Phase):

  • Microbiology; Virology and Immunology; Path Morphology; Path Physiology;
  • Pharmacology; Hygiene and Ecology; Propaedeutic of Internal Medicine;
  • Propaedeutics of Pediatrics; Radiology; Nurse Practice;
  • General Surgery (With Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy);
  • Fundamentals of Bioethics and Biosafety; Physical Training / Foreign Language.

Fourth Year (Clinical Phase):

  • Internal Medicine; Tuberculosis; Pediatrics; Surgery; Social Medicine;
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology; Health Care System Organization;
  • Biostatistics; Urology; Otolaryngology; Ophthalmology; Neurology; Medical Psychology;
  • Clinical Postings.

Passing in all the subjects opens the door for a paid internship for the student.

Career after Completing MBBS Course in Ukraine

There are lots of career options in Ukraine after completing the MBBS course from a Ukrainian University. Some of these post MBBS completion options are mentioned below-

  • Masters in Medicine.
  • Personal Practice either in Ukraine or in your residing country.
  • Since the MBBS degree is recognized across the globe, students can join any hospital in Europe.
  • Set-up their own medical-related business, such as pharmacy, coaching centers for MBBS students, etc.

Career Options after Completing MBBS Course in Ukraine

  • After receiving his MBBS degree from Ukraine University, Indian students can sit for the MCI screening test.
  • This MCI screening test is known as a Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) exam in India.
  • FMGE exam is a licensure examination conducted twice a year in June and December.
  • In India, the examination is directed by the National Board of Examination (NBE).
  • Students can even pursue a post-graduation course from the US, UK, or any other European countries.

Destination US after Completing MBBS from Ukraine

USA provides a broad scope for medical students completing their MBBS course from Ukraine. To start a medical career in the USA, students need to pass the licensing examination called USMLE. The full form of USMLE is United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). USMLE investigation is for those who want to start their medical careers in the USA. The passing percentage of USMLE candidates from Ukraine country is higher than any other country. This is because of Ukrainian Universities’ high-quality education to medical students.

The USMLE examination is a 3-step medical licensing examination. With this, any medical student becomes eligible to pursue a medical career in the USA. The National Board of Medical Examiners and the Federation of State Medical Board conducts USMLE.

  • Step I: Exam fees Rs. 66,634.
  • Step II: Exam fees Rs. 1.12 Lakhs.
  • Step III: Exam fees Rs. 62,026.

The examination not only checks the student’s knowledge of medicine but also evaluates his practical skills. The three steps of USMLE examination is explained below:-

Step I:

  • USMLE is a computer-based examination, which is to be completed in 8 hours duration.
  • The examination paper consists of 280 multiple-choice questions.
  • The examination tests the basic principles of Science, Anatomy, Pathology, Microbiology, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Immunology.

Step II:

  • Clinical Knowledge
  • The exam tests the student’s knowledge of medicine and understanding of clinical science.
  • Evaluation of the above knowledge is essential as it provides provision for patient-care operation.
  • Clinical Skills- The following areas are evaluated under the clinical skills of the student-
  • Gathering of Information
  • Decision-Making Power
  • Supporting the Patients Emotionally
  • Making provision for Information
  • Enabling Patient Behaviors.

Step III:

  • This third step is a computer-based examination consisting of 500 multiple-choice questions.
  • In this step, the student is evaluated on his medical ability to assess-
  • Physical exam information,
  • Selection of initial therapies,
  • Order diagnostic tests, and
  • Management of patients.

Ukrainian Medical Universities’ Hostel Facilities

  • Every student gets to choose a room of his or her choice in the University hostel.
  • The hostels at the University have fully furnished rooms.
  • They have a proper bed, bed sheets, curtains, study table and chair, A.C., tube light, fan, etc.
  • The rooms even have a sofa with cushions for a student’s comfort.
  • Washing and ironing of clothes are also provided to the students every week free of cost.
  • All the rooms have attached toilet and bathroom facility.
  • The single bed, as well as double beds rooms, is available.
  • Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms are also available.
  • All the rooms have centralized heating, which keeps the room temperature warm during winters.
  • Internet facilities or WI-FI is also provided across the hostel.

So, what are you waiting for??? So many things being offered at one place at a minimum cost should not be wasted. An aspiring medical student would surely make a prospective MBBS career in Ukraine. In the last twenty years, Ukraine has witnessed a considerable rise in its foreign student count. The only reason behind this is Ukraine’s quality education at minimum cost. For any further information, contact us today.

MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration in Europe 2020/21

CountryCourse DurationFees Structure in INR
Russia6 Years15 Lacs – 60 Lacs
Ukraine6 Years20 Lacs to 30 Lacs
Georgia6 Years22 Lacs – 35 Lacs
Kyrgyzstan5 Years13 lacs – 20 Lacs
Kazakhstan5 Years18.5 lacs – 25 Lacs
Poland6 Years60 lacs to 70 Lacs
Armenia6 years22 Lacs to 30 Lacs

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