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University of Traditional Medicine

University of Traditional Medicineone of the best university in Yerevan, Armenia. MBBS in Armenia is a tough task due to its climatic and governmental issues, but the university left all the factors behind by providing world class medical education in the entire private sector universities and is able to build expertise by flexible courses which are competitive enough to reach the goal. The university is established in the year 1992 and is growing much faster than any other university in Yerevan. And after the tremendous efforts and productive outcomes that came after, the ministry of education and science gave an accreditation to the university in the early 2000. Followed by world health organisation which declare the university a legal and proclaimed entity in the field of medicine.


the university has celebrated 25 years of excellence in the field of medical education and is now heading into 26th year with continuation in implementing quality education with prescribed international and national standards. The university is now enriched with high end equipped clinical and research tools that are embedded in creating modern environment for scientists and researchers. They also involved in making recyclable medical plants to make best use of resources without creating harm to environment.

In 1988 conference of learning the best use of reforming medical techniques, the university were appreciated in Cyprus for their advanced techniques for integrative medicine.

Facilities offered

the university offered multiple facilities in both the departments of

  1. General medicine.
  2. Dentistry.

This includes clinical chairs

  • General and specific surgery
  • General and specific therapies.
  • Humanitarian subjects.
  • Medical and biological sciences.
  • Special and clinical subjects.
  • Stomatology.
  • Natural sciences.

And databases

  • “Arabkir” Joint Medical Centre & Institute of Child and Adolescence Health.
  • “Artmed” Medical Rehabilitation Centre
  • “Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery”
  • 5.”Stom Line”
  • Children’s Dental Centre in the name of Emma Mnatsakanyan
  • 8.Erevan Polyclinic
  • Centre of haematology in the name of Professor R. Yeolyan who served as minister of healthcare in the Republic of Armenia.
  • Medical Library of republican scientific.
  • Centre of Research Child Health Protection and maternal.

3. Accommodation and living facilities The university also have available hostel facilities both for faculties and students. They offer well equipped and furnished facility with hostel size depending on the availability of students in each department. They also allow flexible registration system for international students through online as the registration is done on first come first basis.

4. Library the university consists of more than 6000 copies of research and educational books and also offer electronic system specifically for university students to operate.
The university is also working on the project to make the system of education digitalised.

MBBS Fees in University of Traditional Medicine, Armenia – 2019-20

University Of Traditional Medicine4500 USD3000 USD3000 USD

Disclaimer:  Study Europe Consultants cautiously affirm that the given amount of Tuition Fees is not volatile and subject to change without any prior intimation to the students. Also, the amount is in USD, not in Indian Rupees. To know the exact tuition fees, Hostel Fees, Living Cost and Exchange Value of USD in Indian Rupees, please contact our experts at Study Europe.


1. General medicine This department was founded by the dean A. Karapetyan in the year 1992.
The university aims at preparing high- level medical scientists who are experienced enough to use research and scientific tools as well as are skilled to frame their knowledge to students. This department was specified by the ministry of education in the year 2001.

The university was preparing for the last 25 years for medical scientist so that they are able to adopt the modern techniques with traditional approach at work place and clinics. The majority of university graduates who are successful in their field are now researchers, physicians, leading clinic and medical institutions, health organisers and are practising in Armenia and abroad too.

2. Dentistry This department was formed in the year 1996 and being the head of department Mr. k vardanyan who is a renowned dentist the department gained so much of importance and scope in the university.
the department also accredited by the ministry of education and science in the year 2001. The education in this department is for 5 years and with total subject credit point of 300.

The university is preparing for 21 years in this field to establish the roots and skilful dentists who possess modern techniques with traditional methods in practicing and diagnosing in clinics with practical and theoretical knowledge of the subjects. The majority of the graduates from the university of this department owns a clinic.

3. M.A this program is specially designed for the foreigners and for the residential students having specific qualifications certified by state or non-state institutions are liable to apply for the course.

University code of conduct

1. Preparation course the education program of each respective course is approved by the university with a full classroom study of 8-9 months.

  • Once the student is expelled from the course is not admitted back and are non-transferrable.
  • Except illness a student is not allowed to sit in the main examination if absent.
  • Certification is made if student possess positive remark from the faculty and for unsatisfactory remarked students, university conduct the reference system so that they can enter in the preparation course.

2. Admission process students who possess physics, chemistry, biology is entitled to take admission in the university. The university declares Armenian language as a non- competitive part of the examination. For the residential students’ exams are conducted under the guidance of government and assessment testing centres.

Required documents- latest passport size photograph of the student approved by the secondary school.

  • 6 photographs of 3*4 cm.
  • Identity proof (birth certificate, passport, certificate of refugee, resident card)
  • Marksheet of the respective classes (10th & 12th)
  • Passport

3. Admission process for foreign students The mode of education for overseas students is in English language or they can opt Armenian language as optional. International students having a certificate (document) which signifies the secondary education has been completed and later on can register for the university’s M.A program. Those students, who have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or other professional degrees as well as contain corresponding documents, can register for MA medical program.

The application of registration for overseas applicants to the university is completed after the study of documents/certificates and the enrolment of best possible knowledge.

The admission time, course and the other essentials for foreign applicants’ 2nd specialty are defined by the university committee of certification.
successful application of the overseas applicants to the university is done once document examination is verified, information verification, even after the registration process, based on the remission orders of the Ministry of science& technology and education, and the reference of university’s rector.

Academic Curriculum

University having its clear policy by Implementing strategically, theoretically and practically based on the aim of generating skilled professionals in traditional medicine of diagnosis and treatment.

Academic curriculum includes a lot of things which are systematically proven quantitative to students like-

  • Scientific & research projects
  • Initiative from old century medical research with the idea of re-use and re-cycle of research methods of medicine.
  • National, international conferences, seminars and publishing of research papers.
  • To maintain the scientific directions at the university by the development of scientific capacity in the university, publication of research papers, monographs, scientific periodicals, textbooks, etc.
  • Development of “traditional medicine” as an integrative part of university by using traditional approaches to make medical base strong.
  • Development of new faculties of homeopathy, acupuncture, apitherapy, iridology, psychotherapy, manual therapy, leech therapy and many other programs.

International Connections

The university is having collaborations with many reputed medical institutions of multi nations.
The university offers exchange program with their partner university to maintain goo medical relationships and to promote cultural diversity to the university.

In the 6 years of tenure the student will able to get good understanding of various nations and would generate flexibility to sustain in any environment.

Why MBBS in Armenia?

Scope of MBBS in Armenia grows year by year and have gained importance throughout the world by its flexible courses, competitive environment, medical enrich atmosphere, skilled faculties, world class medical facilities, etc. all are available in a reliable budget.

Armenia is known for its low fees education with all required facilities in one roof. The growing medical culture in Armenia is a proof of their unprecedented and future leaders in the field of medicine. The country by its regular efforts is aimed to Overfished the international culture to be filled by their striking step towards accomplishing the masters of medicine.

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