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Cost of Living in Georgia for Medical Students

Cost of Living in Georgia

Living cost in Georgia for the International StudentsGeorgia is a wonderful nation located in Central Europe covering a territory of 357,021 km. The country, whose capital is Tbilisi, is home to the third-largest international migrants coming from different parts of the world. The country’ education system is vast with more than twenty-four state higher education institutions and their fourteen branches in Georgia.

Also, 81 private higher education institutions are accredited by national and international agencies in offering distinct courses to the national and international students. Studies in more than 300 different specialities are offered in higher education institutions and besides reduced tuition fees, the cost of living in Georgia is also quite affordable which urges international students to apply at these universities.

These are many other advantages of studying in Georgia. The education system in Georgia meets international standards and is worthy place to get educated. The country offers a variety of educational programs and also professional training courses that are being run by different colleges and universities.

Study Expenses in Georgia

The standard of living in Georgia is somewhat similar to other European countries, but the cost of accommodation, food, transport, and leisure activities is much lower as compared to many other countries which thus make Georgia one of the popular destinations for the international students for pursuing higher studies from Georgia.

Students coming from different parts of the world prefer to do MBBS, masters or any even their graduation as well as a country not only welcomes international students but the fees structure at the universities or colleges and living expenses as well is quite affordable.

The cost of living in Tbilisi is at least 10 percent lesser inexpensive as compared to other cities which inspires many international students to come to Georgia for high-quality graduate studies. Besides, tuition fees, students need almost GBP 20,610–27,910 each month to cover food, transportation, cell phone, and other personal expenses while studying and living in Georgia.

Cost of Living in Georgia

Living Cost Expenses
FoodINR 6480 (monthly) INR 64,759 (annually)
ElectricityINR 1650 (monthly) INR 16420 (annually)
AccommodationINR 9,120–16,420 (monthly) INR 109,430–196,970 (annually)
TransportationINR 640 (monthly) INR 6390(annually)
WaterINR 190 (monthly) INR 1830 (annually)

Studying Cost in Georgia

Studying is one of the most preferred international destinations for international students due to low tuition fees and quality education that is offered at both, public and private universities/colleges located in Georgia.

Depending on the field of education, an undergraduate degree will cost between 1500 and 3000 EUR, though the amount of fees varies from university to university and the international students need to visit the official website of the university to have exact information regarding the fees and other expenses.

Living and Accommodation Costs

Georgia is one of the most affordable countries to live and study and students come from around the world to get world-class education besides making a great saving in their education-related expenses as well.

Here the students can explore different accommodation options; most of the universities offer on-campus accommodation to the students so that they can get affordable residing options. Even if the students share an apartment in the most expensive city to Tbilisi, it will not be more than 300 USD per month which is worth the quality services students get over there.

Cost of Groceries & Restaurants in Tbilisi

While the most significant portion of the overall living cost in Tbilisi will be spent on the rent and utilities, the next second-largest part of your amount will go towards the food. Most of the universities, while offering accommodation also charge for the meal plan which is included in the overall amount.

Besides, the college canteen there are many local restaurants in Georgia where buying the food will not be that expensive. In some cases, buying imported products at the international supermarket chains might cost a little expensive, that’s why it is recommended to purchase them from local shops so that you can make great savings.

Cost of Transportation in Tbilisi

When it comes to transportation in Tbilisi,  the Georgia public transport system is quite good with metro connectivity that covers a good portion of the city centre and can make it easy enough to get around. The metro ride will cost you almost 2 GEL (0.70 USD) for a one-off price. In case you book a taxi, it will cost you anywhere around 5 GEL (USD 1.75 USD) in Tbilisi. The students are advised to download a taxi app rather than walking on the street to book a taxi.

What are the Benefits of Studying in Georgia?

There are numerous benefits of studying in Georgia out of which some are mentioned underneath:

  • The international students don’t have to give IELTS or TOEFL examinations to get admission to a Georgian university.
  • Getting student visa is not that difficult, post completing some of the formalities; the international students can get Visa to study in Georgia. The entire processing of visa takes anywhere between 45 to 60 days.
  • Georgia offers the best quality education to all the students including national and international students.
  • In Georgia, there are many public and private universities and colleges where international students can get education.
  • The Georgian universities offer a friendly environment to the students and they don’t face any kind of difficulty while studying with many national and international students.
  • Georgia has got some of the world’s top technical and hospitality universities where numerous international students apply each year.
  • There are many international study programs as well that offers amazing teaching facilities to the students, along with classroom training, practical classes are also offered to the students.
  • The international students can also opt for part-time jobs that are for at least 20 hours per week and can sponsor their education along with getting work experience as well.
  • The students post completing their studies in Georgia can take some paid internships as well which give them a chance to work in some of the top multinational companies that can further result in full-time placement as well.
  • All the classes will be taught in English so that international students can easily understand what is being taught in the classes.

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MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration in Europe 2020/21

CountryCourse DurationFees Structure in INR
Russia6 Years15 Lacs – 60 Lacs
Ukraine6 Years20 Lacs to 30 Lacs
Georgia6 Years22 Lacs – 35 Lacs
Kyrgyzstan5 Years13 lacs – 20 Lacs
Kazakhstan5 Years18.5 lacs – 25 Lacs
Poland6 Years60 lacs to 70 Lacs
Armenia6 years22 Lacs to 30 Lacs

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